My Self-Care to a Self-Cure From Lupus

get-attachment-1.aspx“Hi, my name is Ida Kolader from Amsterdam. It always amazes me that people are so skeptic, almost afraid it seems, about a natural approach. And yet, have complete faith in traditional medical doctors, synthetic drugs, the pharmaceutical industry and their search for a miracle cure or better yet THE miracle cure.

Education NOT Medication! Education NOT

Education NOT Medication! Education NOT Vaccination! Health Care NOT Sick Care!

60 Lab Studies Now Confirm Cancer Link to a Vaccine You Probably Had as a Child

To learn more about viruses and vaccines read, Second Thoughts About Viruses, Vaccines and the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis –

UCLA Lifestyle and Diet Study – An Alkal

UCLA Lifestyle and Diet Study – An Alkaline Diet, Exercise, Mediation, Yoga, Omega 3 Oils, Melatonin and D3 Supplements May Reverse Memory Loss in Alzheimer’s Patients!

UCLA study: Non-drug treatment may reverse memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients

Dr. Robert O Young’s Latest Publication

Dr. Robert O Young’s Latest Publication –

“The cure for cancer is found in its prevention NOT in its treatment” Dr. Robert O. Young


An anti-cancer lifestyle and diet is an important strategy you can use to reduce your risk for ANY cancerous condition. The American Cancer Society recommends, for example, that you eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables daily and eat the right amount of (alkaline) food to stay at a healthy weight. In addition, researchers are finding that certain plant foods or herbs may be particularly useful in protecting and reversing many cancerous condition. The following article covers several of these medicinal herbs and their benefits in the prevention and treatment of brain cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, blood cancers, prostate cancer, oral cancer, liver cancer thyroid cancer, kidney cancer, bowel cancer, stomach cancer, skin cancer and pancreatic cancer.

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Make room in your diet for the following foods and drinks to prevent cancer. Why? Because an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. The following are eleven herbs or spices that have been shown to be effective in the prevention, treatment and reversal of many cancerous conditions.

You can order Dr. Robert O. Young’s publication at:

All Cancers Are Preventable and Treatable!

“95% of ALL sickness and disease, including cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are caused by what we eat, what we drink and what we think! These factors are ALL under our control! Therefore ALL cancers, diabetes and heart disease are ALL preventable and ALL treatable!” Dr. Robert O. Young –

“The cure for ALL Cancers, Diabetes and Heart Disease is found in their prevention NOT their treatments!

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