One Man’s Incredible Journey – I No Longer Have Diabetes

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In love and light,

Dr. Robert and Shelley Young

My name is Larry Vermillion. I live in Thousand Oaks, CA. I have
been obese for over 45 years. I did diabetes for almost 15 years.
It was not fun–you live with the fear of what’s next, heart disease,
stroke, blindness, amputation, gout, kidney stones, kidney failure,
nerve damage.

In my case it was and I quote my doctor ‘If you don’t go to UCLA
and get your stomach stapled, your going to die’ end of quote. I did
not get my stomach stapled.

I did change my lifestyle. I no longer do diabetes. I have removed
over 125 pounds. I am 63, but I feel and move like I am 21. At one
point my blood sugar levels were in the 350 to 400 range during the
day and around 280 first thing in the morning. I was taking insulin
shots four times a day and 8 other drugs related to my diabetes.

Now, I no longer take any of those drugs. Most of the time, my
sugars range between 100 to 130 and on bad eating day into the
140’s. I am a product of the product. If you want to enjoy the
same energy level you had at 21, become a product of this product.

Have a great day.

Stay healthy and be wealthy!

Larry Vermillion

PS To learn more about the pH Miracle for Diabetes visit our website at:

“Diabetes is a Choice NOT a Disease” Dr. Robert O. Young
ph Miracle Center

16390 Dia Del Sol
Valley Center, California

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