The Current Illusion of Flu’s, Colds, Viruses and Vaccines

Tonight I will be discussing flu's, colds, fevers, viruses and
vaccines in an interactive web-based teleseminar at 6 pm Pacific.
To sign up and get your access code call: 760 751 8321

The purpose of this teleseminar is to reveal the illusion of the
germ theory that imprisons many us and to study the history of
how this illusion was created.

One must challenge everything in the modern construct of
immunology and what is said to be the immune system. The basis
of modern immunology is founded on Louis Pasteur, the fraud,
impostor, deceiver and self promoter. There is a serious problem
to where every word and part of the anatomy must be questioned to
find their use and function because of the fraud of Louis Pasteur.

For example, the word influenza means influence. Originally,
influenza was said to come from the stars or heavens. The Avian
Influenza is an influenza of a bird influence. More specifically,
it is an influence of bird waste. The bird consumption industry
in Southeast Asia is overcrowded to the point that the chickens
are consuming their own waste, producing an over-acidification
of the birds and workers that must work in the acidic air and waste.

It could be more accurately called Acidic Bird or Chicken Excrement
Influenza that is only contagious to those consuming acidic birds,
like chicken or breathing chemically altered air from chicken
excrement. Because chickens do not have a urinary tract system,
like humans and animals they are more likely to absorb their own
acidic urine into their tissues. I guess you could say that's what
makes chicken flesh or turkey flesh taste so juicy and why chickens or
turkeys should never be consumed by humans!

Here is a second example of Pasteurian scientific dogma. The word
virus is originally Latin meaning poison, as in snake venom,
(being too acidic). When a serious snake bite releases venom or
acid into the skin and soft tissues, the small sweat vessels become
so enlarged that red corpuscles can flow into the tiny seat glands,
showing red skin patterns and allowing the venom or acids to escape
through the skin. Acidity dissolves and enlarges blood vessels for the
movement of acidic fluids or gases. Alkalinity constricts and normalizes
the blood vessels.

The point being that viruses are molecular liquids or gases (venom)
that can be created by chemical imbalances in humans, plants and
animals (by malnutrition or toxic acidic food and/or drink consumption),
also created in humans, plants and animal glands, sometimes used in
defense (snake venom) or emergency (overactive adrenals), also can be
crystalized in laboratories, rarely, if ever crystallized in vivo,
and foolish to call viruses contagious when viruses are nothing more
than acidic liquids or gases from biological transformation or rotting
matter. In snake bites, lifestyle choices and diets -- it is not the
bite or food that kills it is the venom or acid from the food that
kills. Ultimately, it is inones personal choice that gives life or
takes life!

My final example is in defining the truth about antibodies and antigens.
Antibodies are chemical clusters or alkaline buffers to a typical acidic
condition properly referred to as antigens or enzymes. So called
antibodies are released from healthy organ cells, such as the liver,
in response to buffer and neutralize the acidity or liquid acid antigen
that was first introduced. It must be noted that the word, antibody and
antigen, are a Pasteurian dogma construct. The mind set being that an
antibody or now even antibiotics, are defending or responding to bodies,
microbes or invisible bodies or what I call phantom viruses, like
Avian, SARS, or even HIV -- even though HIV is not a virus but an
alkaline antibody to buffer acid or antigens. The chemical response is
actually due to an introduction, vector or antigen of a chemical nature,
typically acidic, not a body, microbe or bacteria or yeast.

If bacteria, yeast, fungus or mold are transferred into another
individual it must be made in a balanced liquid medium to support
that fragile microbe or insignificant entity in order to survive.
The main point here is that bacteria, yeast, fungus or mold do not
cause sickness and disease --- sickness and disease is a result of
excess acidity or antigens that have not been properly buffered
by antibodies or bases such as sodium bicarbonate. These fragile
microforms are the expression of cellular transformation from once
healthy human, plant or animal cells due to an over acidic environment.
Sickness and disease can only be caused by the over acidification
(abundance of antigens) of the fluids of the body due to our own
personal lifestyle and dietary choices.

So this Holiday Season, as we contemplate the flu season (no coincidence
that they occur at the same time considering the ingestion of all the
acidic foods and drinks) may I suggest that each of us take personal
responsibility for the consequences of our choices, rather than blame a
phantom Avian Influenza virus. If we get sick it is our own fault and not
the cause of a phantom virus that we can blame to cover our own
transgressions. Save your money and save your life by making alkalizing
and energizing lifestyle and dietary choices. This is where true immunity
is found -- not in a vaccine which are all acidic and poisonous to
the body.

I love the words of Hippocrates when he said, 'Let your medicine be
your food and your food be your medicine.'

In closing, I quote Abraham Lincoln who said ' . . . but you can't
fool all the people, all of the time.'

Is it now time that we wake up from the fraud and deception of
Louis Pasteur's medical science and break the chains that can prevent
us from incredible outstanding good health, energy and a long a
prosperous life free from all sickness and disease? Is it not time for
us to be truly free in all ways -- physically, emotionally and spiritually?

I believe with all my heart that the answers to these questions can be
found and realized in understanding and choosing truth, light and life
over deception, darkness and death. For the truth can and will always
set us free in all ways!

I hope you will join me tonight at 6 pm Pacific time for an interactive
teleseminar where you can even ask questions. Give us a call NOW at;
760 751 8321

In love, light and life,

Dr. Robert O. Young

PS For more information on flu, viruses, and vaccines I refer you to our
book, 'Sick and Tired: and the technical essay called, 'A Second Thought
About Viruses, Vaccines and the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis.'
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