Use It or Lose It!

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association once again indicates that keeping mentally active improves you memory and cognitive capacity.
About 3,000 seniors from six cities (ranging in size from Boston to State College, Pennsylvania) participated in a five-year study involving short sessions of “brain exercise” over six weeks.
Some patients took classes involving memory, reasoning or faster mental processing. then refresher classes at the one- and three-year marks, while others were only tested, but weren’t exposed to mental training.
Seniors benefited from exposure to such classes, especially those taking speed training; 90 percent of those study participants showed immediate improvements. Moreover, those improvements lasted the duration of the study, and were especially long-lasting for those who took refresher classes.
In addition, may I suggest our latest super-antioxidants, DetoxipHy I and DetoxipHy II, two liquid water soluble forms of glutathione and cysteine designed to support the alkaline design of the human body and healthy brain function.
To learn more about DetoxipHy I and II and glutathione and cysteine go to:
Journal of the American Medical Association December 20, 2006; 296(23): 2805-2814
Yahoo News December 19, 2006

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