The Three Essential Tissue or Cell Salts

It is often stated that we have enough ‘sodium’ in our diets because of common salt added to food. However, keeping in mind that salt is at the foundaton of creation in all major elements of the body, and further keeping in mind that in order to have a healthy body we must balance salt, chlorophyl, water, and fat, there are good reasons that I believe that table salt is NOT a complete nutritional source of sodium.

There are twelve tissue or cell salts of which three are sodium cell salts – sodium phosphate, sodium sulphate and sodium chloride. Common table salt (sodium chloride) is only one of three of these very important salts in the body.

Sodium chloride (nat mur) is the foundational element in the production of sodium bicarbonate for buffering or neutralizing gastrointestinal and metabolic acids. Sodium chloride (nat mur/chlor) is also very effective in mediating acids associated with housedust allergies, allergic rhinitus, wheezing, sneezing, watery eyes and itchy-sore throat.

Further, sodium phosphate (nat phos) and sodium sulphate (nat sulp) cell salts may help to alleviate rheumatic conditions such as stiff muscles, rheumatic aches and pains and gout.

Sodium phosphate and sodium sulphate can be taken in milligram form or they can be obtain through our liquid colloidal pH Miracle pHlavor Liquid Salt.

The pH Miracle pHlavor Liquid Salt contains sodium chloride, sodium sulphate and sodium phosphate in a liquid colloidal form. These three cell salts can also be taken in homeopathic form, known as nat mur, nat phos and nat sulph respectively. It has been said that common table salt has some nutritional qualities, especially for treating heat cramps in the tropics.

However, from my own experience I’ve never seen it used effectively to alleviate any sodium deficiency symptoms, even the sodium chloride ones. I personally use only the colloidal form of sodium chloride (The pH Miracle Liquid pHlavor Salt) which contains 78 colloidal minerals including all the 12 inorganic tissue or cell salts.

The following simply states the benefits of the 3 sodium cell salts in maintaining the alkaline design of the human body.

1. Sodium phosphate/Nat Phos: Known as the acid neutralizer which neutralizes body acids such as lactic acid and uric acid.

2. Sodium sulphate/Nat Sulf: Removes poisonous charged acidic fluids from the cells.

3. Sodium chloride/Nat Chlor: Known as the water carrier, distributes and carries alkaline water into the cells. It is also the element necessary for the creation of sodium bicarbonate which is the major buffer of gastrointestinal and metabolic acids in the body.

These 3 sodium salts are important natural minerals found especially in leafy greens, celery, seeds, carrots, and cabbage.

To learn more about the benefits of eating healthy salts go to:

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