What Causes Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Despite this decade’s medical explanation, a description of the ‘real’ Multiple Sclerosis occurs when the myelin sheath becomes sufficiently damaged from over-acidity. The myelin sheath is an electrically insulating phospholipid layer that surrounds the axons of many neurons. It is kind of like the rubber coating on a power cord that keep the electricity traveling forward rather then shooting out in all directions–virtually all over the place.

The main function of a myelin sheath is to increase the speed at which electrical impulses transmit and spread along the myelinated fibers. Along unmyelinated fibers (which are those nerve fibers that lack a fatty sheath) impulses move continuously as waves. But in myelinated fibers, they hop or advance quickly by leaps. Myelin increases resistance across the cell membrane by a factor of 5,000 and decreases the ability to collect a charge of electricity by a factor of 50. Thus, the impulses keep moving and are not absorbed.

Myelination also helps prevent the electrical current from leaving the axon. When a peripheral fiber is severed, the myelin sheath provides a track along which regrowth can occur because it is essential that the body be able to repair itself. Myelin is composed of about 80% lipid fat and about 20% protein.

Remember that fat is a major buffer of acidity! From the perspective of ‘New Biology,’ the loss of the myelin sheath insulating the nerves, otherwise known as demyelination, is caused by glucose, acetlyaldehyde,lactic acid, alcohol and other acids stripping this ‘fatty sheath’ off the nerves. When myelin degrades, conduction of signals along the nerve can be impaired or lost.

The nerve then eventually withers.

One of my foundational theories is that the body uses fat as a primary buffer of acidity. This is the hallmark of nerodegenerative autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Alzheimers or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Medical science believes that the immune system plays a role in the demyelination associated with such diseases as MS or ALS but the ‘New Biology’ does not support this.

The predominant theory of today’s medical science is that MS results from attacks by an individual’s immune system on the nervous system and is therefore usually categorized as an autoimmune disease. To the contrary, it is actually caused by the consumption of excess sugar (acid), carbohydrates (acid), artificial sweeteners (acid), heavy metal poisoning (acidic toxin), animal proteins (acid) and even from toxins that come from taking medication which includes mercury (more acid). Even small amounts of mercury have been shown to be particularly destructive to nerve sheaths. The white blood cells actually function like ‘garbage collectors.’ We can observe this in live blood analysis.

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But modern medical science perceives the white blood cells as acting more like ‘soldiers.’ This is their word and their metaphor because they believe the white blood cells are ‘attacking’ the nervous system when in fact they are attracted by the need to perform their normal function–the need for a clean up.

Would Mother Nature send a garbage man to fight a war? No. Me neither! Tigers don’t change their stripes, and Mother Nature is consistent as to how body cells go about their job, despite how aggressively man shoots himself in the foot with his wayward nutritional lifestyle.

Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, ALS are all inflammatory dis-eases. Inflammation is just another word for acidity that affects the central nervous system and causes a variety of symptoms including changes in sensation, visual problems, muscle weakness, depression, speech and coordination difficulties, severe fatigue, short term memory loss, balance impairment, overheating and pain.

MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers and ALS will cause increasingly impaired mobility and disability in more severe cases. (Just like in Polio years past. Did scientists change the name from Polio to MS so we could declare some illusionary cure?)

Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers as well as ALS affects neurons. Neurons are the cells of the brain and spinal cord that carry information, create thought and perception, and allow the brain to control the body.

The name multiple sclerosis refers to the multiple scars (or scleroses) on the myelin sheaths. This scarring causes symptoms which vary widely depending upon which signals are interrupted. Whenever a patient is experiencing many symptoms that medical science can not otherwise fit into a particluar diagnosis, there is the tendency at this time in the historical unfolding of medicine to fall back on the convenient MS as the ‘multiple’ symptom diagnosis. (Even though the diagnosis may well be something else, likePolio. By the way, even Polio is caused by acidity!).

Thus, what is said to be MS, Parkinson’s Alzheimers, or ALS is a misunderstanding of the body’s alkaline design and acidic function and the use of a throwback catch-all diagnosistic category when no other present-day medically accepted explanation or cagtegory seems to fit. Every cell in the body regenerates itself over time, especially when the body receives the proper nutritional resources.

This means that the body must have plenty of living waters and foods like green vegetables and healthy fats which not only neutralize acids but provide the raw materials for building new red blood cells and, therefore, bodily cells which also include the rebuilding of nerves and the myelin sheath.

An all natural, non-nutritive liquid Glutathione, as a super antioxidant, will be directed at neutralizing the acids related to these particular imbalances while providing additional resources for red blood cell production.

However, no non-nutritive product is a magic bullet and a focus on appropriate nutrition and lifestyle is essential.

This means that one must take on the challenge of providing a responsible way of living, eating, and thinking including the reexamination of the various environments in which we most often find ourselves.

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9 thoughts on “What Causes Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)”

  1. Hi Robert,I was diagnosed with MS in Aug 2006. In Aug 2007 I started on an antibiotic treatment for a bacterial infection, Chlamydophila pneumoniae, following the steps laid out by David Wheldon (a micro biologist whose wife developed MS). http://www.davidwheldon.co.uk/ms-treatment.html.I only just come across your book and I think it is directly relevant to me. The antibiotic protocol that I have been following certainly seems to have helped me a great deal and I was wondering how that might fit in with your understanding of acidity and MS?Kind RegardsMaclom Robinsonmalcrob @ gmail.com


  2. I post this out of desperation. My friend was diagnosed with ALS about a year ago. As you know the outlook isn't good. I am familiar with your book and I would have to agree with want you have written. I am in the tree,shrub and turf business and I know how important Ph is to plants. Has their been any studies and or test done with ALS patients?


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  5. Wow this ia all great information, but it seems like it needs to be put in a more simple context for it most people to really understand.


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