What Happened To That Imaginary Bird Flu Epidemic?

What Happened to That Imaginary Bird Flu Epidemic?

The strain of bird flu that can be deadly to humans appears not to have moved through the world with migrating flocks of wild birds, despite scientists’ fears.

Thousands of wild birds were tested in a wide variety of countries. There was no sign of the virus at all in Africa, and only sparse detections in Europe. It is unknown to scientists why bird flu is not spreading in the wild more widely and quickly. (But not unknown to us when we understand the New Biology)

More than 13,000 wild birds were tested since February in the Netherlands, a major bird migration route. None have carried the virus. The EU has started to ease restrictions in recent weeks, but continues to strictly regulate poultry in farms near wildlife water reserves and river deltas.

Despite all those ‘Chicken Little’ warnings from so-called ‘health experts,’ that rumored bird flu epidemic — predicted to kill some 2 million Americans — turned out to be a whole lot of hot air.
When you know the true cause of dis-ease which is the over-acidification of the blood and tissues due to an inverted way of living, eating and thinking then you understand this imaginary bird flu virus has more to do about selling more drugs and making more money for big business then protecting our health.

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