HIV is NOT the Cause of AIDS!

No scientific literature exists that proves HIV is the cause of AIDS or any other illness. Its validity is based on officious pronouncements by a one-time authority at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and based on a narrow range of behavior in lab-controlled environments.

It is the same supposed authority, Dr. Robert Gallo, head of key NIH cancer labs, beginning in 1974, who would become the driving force behind the expenditure of more than $1 billion in cancer research. This is the same research that has produced much faulty research while accompanied by the growth of an AIDS epidemic out of control.

During this time, the same authority was granted two patents whose value depended upon the belief or perception that HIV is really the cause of AIDS. The patents involved the development of blood tests for HIV and the mechanism behind the screening of huge volumes of blood donated for treatment of this so-called virus.

With western medical scientists and researchers possessing little or no understanding of the acid-alkaline foundation of the body, AIDS became a modern-day label applied to a combination of immune deficiencies that highlight a group of symptoms. The symptoms were then said to be related because they occurred together much like a headache and a backache and an upset stomach might all occur together. They were then labeled with the AIDS terminology and accompanying faulty explanatory system.

To further energize this medical fiasco, public attention was then sparked by using statistical manipulation and juxtaposition of data, faulty research methodology, and media sensationalism to fuel the creation of public fear. The errors were also bred, in part, by a lack of scientific depth and breadth as well as a narrow understanding of health and disease and the alkaline design of the human body.

By conceptualizing and referring to this many-faceted syndrome as a unitary disease, irresponsible public health leadership has reinforced the notion that this simple yet misunderstood phenomenon can somehow cause the entire collapse of the powerful human immune system. Logical questions would query whether the collapse of the immune system can be blamed on a nearly undetectable virus or a virus that has even yet to be identified. Upon objective examination using appropriate research hypotheses and controlled methodology, it would be discovered that the cause of the constellation of symptoms lies elsewhere, and the virus simply does not exist!

They key word is “objective.” Once billions of dollars are spent to create a new disease entity and a complex series of supposed treatment regimens, the objectivity of daylight quickly fades into the dark shadows and narrow dead-end alleys of the self-interested mind.

The Elastic Bandwagon The HIV/AIDS theory is so elastic that it literally begs for criticism from reasonable people. Historically, the lack of objectivity by parties with vested interests have led to unreasonable assumptions and a sort of “conceptual elasticity.” Typical of this elasticity is the latent period of the virus which was originally extended from one year to 12 years and in 2007 has been further extended to over 20 years.

The HIV dogma is nearly impossible to swallow by knowledgeable scientists who are willing to take the time and effort to look closely. So-called experts explain that in spite of the extremely low incidence of HIV in the body, it somehow mysteriously tricks the immune system into attacking itself!

Thus, I refer to it as the “HIV/Elastic Theory” (HIV/ET)

The HIV/ET public preoccupation diverts the responsibility for a health epidemic away from the misconduct of a pharmaceutically-controlled, conflict-ridden medical tradition. As much as any other factor, a century of medical practice based on the flawed germ theory—a theory from which much misdirected thinking begins—contributes to the AIDS epidemic as much as any other factor. If only one, single, independent research hospital or laboratory was to begin clinical research and investigation with open mindedness about the germ theory, entirely new findings would result over time. Another contributing factor of the HIV/AIDS debacle has been the oppressive socioeconomic and political conditions that exist in the Third World, and to a lesser degree, in parts of North America. Unique constellations of symptoms found in various parts of the world create factors that are poorly understood by scientists half a world away.

These factors include:

a) the corporate dumping of banned drugs on unregulated Third World markets,
b) pesticide manufacturing conducting inadequate research,
c) the lack of chemical control education by the general public,
d) commercial pesticide use determined by economic and not human concerns
e) the lack of publicity for science-demonstrated alternatives to insect control,
f) a general misunderstanding of the nature and value of so-called pests,
g) poverty and squalid living conditions, and
h) rain forest destruction.

Factors such as these, and not HIV, must be included as primary agents when discussing the cause of AIDS and unique clusters of bodily symptoms. As a microscopist, nutritionist, and public health educator, I have worked with many HIV-positive individuals who have remained free of AIDS symptoms for years. Yet, when treated with prescription drugs like AZT, patients have become ill and died from a wasting disease in a short time. When this occurs, the cause of death is blamed on AIDS. Yet AIDS death and AZT then become virtually indistinguishable.

Pharmaceutical companies are heavily involved in the broader economy including the chemical industry which is also responsible for pesticide research and manufacture. The incestuous corporate relationships among industries extend broadly and the inter-connections include the majority of chemical, pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, petroleum and international banking companies. No “conspiracy theory” is needed here. The relationship among industrial despots is not the malevolence of active collusion but the evil that stems from the absence of integrity.

Ask yourself. Is there any major industry in America that has not seen horrendous front page scandals directly related to problems of moral character, grasping materialism, bottom-line obsessions, and leadership integrity? Corporate executives do not have to talk to each other on the phone. That’s dangerous, illegal, and to be avoided. Monsanto does not have to call Merck who calls Cargill who calls Archer-Daniels-Midland who calls British Petroleum who calls the Industrial Commercial Bank of China. That’s not how it works. They all arise at 5 a.m. to check the same overseas markets while still on the morning treadmill and first cup of coffee. They all study the same Wall Street Journal, analyze the same markets, track the same world trends, and study the same forecasts before they make their same capital-based decisions and send their lobbyists to Washington D.C. and the same financial capitols across the world.

All major industries have bought into the values dictated by obscene executive compensation, ruthless world markets and the cut-throat, competitive marketplace. It is not as if the HIV/ET apologists and protagonists did note have enough self-enriching motivation to maintain the economic status quo. Even those individuals who understand the nature of bodily health and those who have made a commitment to an alkaline lifestyle must continue to live in a world dominated by massive environmental influences which work against the establishment of a correct science leading to a healthy medical and personal science of health.

The bottom line is that AIDS toxicity as well as cancer and other degenerative symptoms are produced by large amounts of toxins (metabolic acids) from many sources in the body along with poor nutrition, poor sanitation and prescription and recreational drugs. Toxicity is a result of drug abuse, faulty diet, and poisonous overgrowth of fungal microorganisms. Fungal organisms are inherent in the body. Their purpose is to recycle dead material. This is done by digestion of tissues and further breakdown via acid waste products. These microorganisms are kept in check by a balanced biochemistry and are present when our internal terrain becomes acidic. The problem begins when, prematurely, the organisms receive a chemical or biological signal that the host is dead and spring into action. Their poisons cause the body to produce the symptoms of what we call disease.

A real-life AIDS Scenario One of the first five AIDS cases in history, a 33 year old Los Angeles male, was engaged in a high-risk lifestyle. He admitted taking aphrodisiacs used during the 1960s and 70s known as “poppers.”

Poppers are made from animal nitrite, a poisonous mycotoxin (acid). Some people are familiar with nitrites used in deli meats which are regulated as potential carcinogens. Few nitrites are more toxic than the nitrites in poppers which react violently with almost anything.

Nitrites (nitric acid from animal proteins) and the products into which they break down have long been known to scientists for their ability to mutate DNA. According to a former nitrite researcher with the United States Centers for Disease Control, dosage from popper inhalation is likely to exceed that from eating processed deli meat by one million times! In addition, these elements are not considered as critical factors by the so-called scientific community. But neither are drug abuse in general, dirty needles, over-the-counter and prescription drugs such as antibiotics, alcohol-consumption, anti-fungals and other immunosuppressive chemicals, many of which are present in the HIV positive population.

Popper use has been associated with an AIDS indicator called pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP). PCP is responsible for half of the AIDS mortality rates in North America and Europe. Candidiasis is responsible for another 17%. This means that yeast which is primarily a symptom of dis-ease contributes to 67% of all AIDS-related deaths in those countries. However, the drug factor increases susceptibility to an immune system-destroying “virus,” even though no one has ever proved that one actually exists.

In the first recorded AIDS patient, a yeast infestation of the lungs brought on pneumonia and oral thrush. This thick overgrowth of candida with their acidic mycotoxins choked the patient to death. He died from an overdose of mycotoxins (acids) rather than the ravages of the retrovirus. A Way Home Cellular immunity is not the first line of defense against out-fections.

Fallout from the false germ theory has created the confusion of symptoms and disease.

Our immune function is our body’s (white blood cell) janitorial service that keeps the body clean and recycles dead material. In neutralizing the acids from germs and outside toxins, this system may easily become over-worked or suppressed and is already busy enough in a healthy body.

The key is not to stimulate the immune system, but to restore it. The first line of defense is an alkaline balanced and nutrified system that will prevent biological transformation of body cells to bacteria, yeast and finally the mold that create the symptoms we call disease.

I have developed a drug-free natural protocol with special liquid antioxidants known as Glutathione ( which will cleanse the body of acidic toxic overload, control the population of recycling micro-organisms to help renew and balance the body’s alkaline system enabling it to maintain health. It has been successful in a number of individual cases.

To learn more about viruses, vaccines and HIV/AIDS related symptomologies, read “Sick and Tired”, and “A Second Thought About Viruses, Vaccines and the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis.”

To learn more about the powerful anti-oxidant benefits of Glutathione go to:

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18 thoughts on “HIV is NOT the Cause of AIDS!”

  1. So, having said all that, would you then allow yourself to be inoculated with HIV? I would think that would be the biggest endorsement of your opinion, and perhaps a valid way of proving your argument.


  2. Facing the Challenges of HIV/AIDSAround the world, more than 47 million people are now infected with the HIV/AIDS, It is now a weapon of mankind destruction. It has killed more than 30 million people worldwide according to UNAID and WHO reports since the 1st of December 1981 when it was first recognized. This makes it the worst recorded pandemic in the history of pandemics against mankind. In 2006 alone, it was reported to have killed between 2.5 to 3.5 million people with more than 380000 as children. The large number of these people killed is from the sub Saharan Africa. In some Sub-Saharan African countries, HIV/AIDS is expected to lower life expectancy by as much as 25 years.AIDS is no longer a problem of medication. It is a problem of development. It is not just an individual hardship. It also threatens to decimate the future prospects of poor countries, wiping away years of hard-won improvements in development indicators. As a result of the disease, many poor countries are witnessing a worsening in child survival rates, reduced life expectancy, crumbling and over-burdened health care systems, the breakdown of family structures and the decimation of a generation in the prime of their working lives. Bangladesh’s socio-economic status, traditional social ills, cultural myths on sex and sexuality and a huge population of marginalised people make it extremely vulnerable to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Everyone buying sex in Bangladesh is having unprotected sex some of the time, and a large majority don’t use condoms most of the time. Behaviors that bring the highest risk of infection in Bangladesh are unprotected sex between sex workers and their clients, needle sharing and unprotected sex between men.Though the country overall has a low prevalence rate, it has reported concentrated epidemics among vulnerable population such as IDUs. There are already localized epidemics within vulnerable groups in, and the virus would spread among the IDUs’ family or sexual partner. According to the social development specialist and AIDS researcher Mohammad Khairul Alam, “It should be realized that there is no alternative to develop and enhance life skills of vulnerable girls and women to cope with epidemic. They may be assisted on the various levels to become engaged in grooming their confidence and organized. At the same time, their voices should be allowed to be heard loud and clear. Thus the collective effort of women is born with the sense or purpose that they will be stirred up to share perceptions improving their access to reproductive health related information and services.”In many poor countries, commercial female sex workers are frequently exposed to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs/STDs). Where sex workers have poor access to health care and HIV prevention services, HIV prevalence can be as high as 50-90%. Evidence shows that targeted prevention interventions in sex work settings can turn the pandemic around.Bangladesh is a high prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases, particularly among commercial sex workers; there are available injection drug users and sex workers all over the country, low condom use in the general population. Considering the high prevalence of HIV risk factors among the Bangladeshi population, HIV prevention research is particularly important for Bangladesh. It is very awful, several organization in Bangladesh are working only to prevent HIV/AIDS but few of them like as ‘Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation’ try to develop proper strategic plane, so should increase research based organization recently.Poverty in Bangladesh is a deeply entrenched and complex phenomenon. Sequentially, the HIV/AIDS epidemic amplifies and become deeper poverty by its serious economic impact on individuals, households and different sectors of the economy. Poverty is the reason why messages of prevention and control do not make an impact on a vast majority of the vulnerable population.Sources: World Bank, UNAIDS, UNICEF.Kh. Zahir HossainM & E Specialist (BWSPP)The World BankDhaka, BangladeshMobile:


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