Eat, Drink, Take Drugs, and Be Merry for Tomorrow You ?

From time to time, you hear me ranting andraving, yes, in my own inimitable style, about the wrong-headed, misinformed, head-in-the-sand, un-scientific manner in which a great amount of allopathic medicine, both clinical and research, is conducted.

Yes, I said, ‘unscientific.’ I don’t know for sure if I’ve actually said that to you before. I don’t care how many billions of dollars you spend on research, but if your underlying theory is wrong, if you already have a bias about the outcome of your research, if you have a vested interest in certain results, if you stand to make a lot of money based on findings in one direction versus the other, or if you are unwilling to look at other ideas or theories that challenge your basic assumptions…. THAT’S UNSCIENTIFIC.

Most of the medical research done in America is funded by the pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies have a VESTED INTEREST in demonstrating that their drugs are safe and effective. They WANT the tests to come out a certain way and they want their drug to be approved by the FDA. They want to be able to show certain results because, among other things, there are billions of dollars riding on outcomes and because it costs hundreds of millions of dollars in research to get a drug approved.

And yet we know the entire system is flawed. Even if every single drug ever produced by Big Phama were NOT acidic and detrimental to your general health, the system is still totally flawed.

The Truth About Current Medical Research

Let me give you my example of what I am talkingabout when I take current medical findings and then distorttheir meaning to come up with my own desired result or outcome:

Fact 1: Japanese eat very little fat and have fewer heart attacks than Americans

Fact 2: Mexicans eat a lot of fat and have fewer heart attacks than Americans

Fact 3: Chinese drink very little red wine and have fewer heart attacks than Americans

Fact 4: Italians drink a lot or red wine and have fewer heart attacks than Americans

Fact 5: Germans drink a lot of beer and eat sausage but suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans

Medical Reserach Conclusion: Eat and drink what you like being American is what kills you! 🙂

Is Your Medicine Killing You?

In a recent year, the American Medical Association reported that there were 125,000 deaths related to medication problems. That doesn’t sound ‘safe and effective’ to me. How is it that so many drugs get pulled off the market every year because the so many deaths have begun to rack up from the use of certain medications? Does that sound like good research or good science to you?

In my 25 years of alternative health education, I have seen a number of persons who have come to the center after months or years of ingesting multiple toxic medications and/or radiation treatments. Some of them did not get the health information and guidance that they needed in time to make the changes that the needed and to avoid their death. Yet, I have never seen even one person whose death was related to any health educational information that they learned about pH balancing, diet, food-combining, exercise, prevention, supplements, blood analysis, detoxification, gastro-intestinal cleansing, or related nutritional programs.

Now allow me to be more specific for a moment. The # 2 highest-selling drugs peddled in the world today are anti-depressants. They are only second to antacids. The anti-depressant reactions are an illusion and the illness they purport to treat are an illusion. At least the antacids like TUMS are an attempt to address a real problem–a state of acidity–even if the overall treatment approach is being conducted in an incorrect and unhealthy manner.

‘There are NO cures for disease because there are NO diseases. But there are states of dietary and nutritional ‘balance’ or ‘imbalance’ that can cause a health problem or that can become sufficiently out of proportion to turn into a symptom. But symptoms are not diseases.

The concept of the existence of hundreds and hundreds of diseases is an illusion. The body is so vast, so complex, and so miraculous that it can exhibit a seemingly infinite number of symptoms and clusters of symptoms–indications of a health challenge.

Yet, because of the way our health system is operating by the government, in large part via the auspices of the Food and Drug Administration, the reason that you hear about more and more ‘diseases’ is that once a symptom or set of symptoms are classified as a disease, there can be no legal, natural, inexpensive, or simple way to address it. By administrative law, there is no way to ‘prevent’ a ‘disease’ or ‘cure’ it–except with a drug. Some day an ‘avocado’ may become a ‘drug.’

The FDA says that only drugs can prevent or cure a disease. If you claim to have a ‘natural’ cure such as an herb, plant, vitamin, or preventive regimen, you are in danger of breaking the law. Once symptoms are called diseases by the FDA, then there is great competition to make drugs to cure the disease. Yet, at the pH Miracle Center, we know that disease is an illusion. Only states or levels of acidity or alkalinity are real.

The only ‘disease’ I know of would properly be called acidosis. The symptoms that allopathic medicine calls diseases are consequences of personal lifestyle, dietary choice, misinformation and mis-education.

For instance, mental illness is NOT a disease but a symptom of an over-acidic lifestyle and diet. And yet, it has created the #2 most prolific selling plethora of prescription drugs and even a few non-prescription drugs to combat it.

Now, perhaps for the first time, you will hear AMA medical doctors admit that there is NO DISEASE, NO TREATMENT and NO CURE for one of the biggest, illusionary, rampantly diagnosed, profitable diseases in the world – MENTAL ILLNESS! Please view the following short 5 minute video of interviews with many psychiatrists attending the American Psychiatric Association convention.

In this video, you heard prominent American psychiatrists at the 2006 APA convention in Toronto explain how symptoms are voted on by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual committee in order to determine if some symptom, health challenge, problem in living, or behavioral anomaly will be classified as a new ‘disease.’

Yet, there are no chemical tests or ways to measure and validate a cause or causes in the brain for psychiatric disorders. There are, however, disease entities ‘identified’ such as ‘caffeine-related disorders’ or ‘mathematical-disorders.’

International sales for so-called psychiatric medications have reached $76 billion dollars. Also heard was information related by many psychiatrists that testifies to the fact that chemicals actually introduce health challenges into patients’ bodies because the pharmaceutical medications are toxic to the body. This occurs despite the many warnings around the world that drugs used in psychiatry can cause suicide, violence, psychosis, mania, heart attacks, and sudden death.

Is it any wonder that your friend, Dr. Robert O. Young, gets upset from time to time. Is it any wonder that you hear me say that cancer is NOT a disease but a symptom of an over-acidic lifestyle and diet’ or that heart attacks and strokes are NOT diseases but are symptoms of an over-acidic lifestyle and diet or that AIDS is NOT a disease but a symptom of an over-acidic lifestyle and diet?

Just remember, as you go about your daily life, as you go about caring for your children and families, as you go about trying to provide valuable work and service to the world around you–remember that the human body is alkaline by design and acidic by function. That means that the body was designed by Mother Nature and her Helpers to run on mostly alkaline fuel, and the many functions of the body that burn that fuel are acidic events.

It takes a great deal of alkaline fuel so that the acid residues of our food intake will not overwhelm the body over time and create symptoms and bodily challenges.

Also, remember that to maintain the alkaline design of the human body is to experience energy, vitality and eternal life.

In love and healing light:

Dr. Robert O. Young

PS To learn more about pH Miracle Living:

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