An Email Concerning The Controversy Over Soy

Hello Ana

I was especilly busy today as I prepare for a trip, and I asked one of our microscopists, a hospital med tech in Pennsylvania, to help me in preparing a response to your questions.

According to the pH Miracle Program, the best soy product is soy sprouts. These young plants have alot of life energy and one of the reasons for the pH Miracle program is to give our body energy instead of robbing the energy from the reserves we have when we are consuming the acidic foods. There has been much controversy about soy and I understand it to be due to the GMO (genetically modified organism).

The purity of the soybean altered will create an unnatural substance and when we are eating this, we are not able to break it down naturally. Species that have been fed a diet of GMO foods were unable to reproduce themselves after a few generations.

The fact that girls and boys are maturing earlier can be attributed to the hormones injected into the animals, stored in their fat, and then our children are eating these animal products.

The compounds in soy do not cause cancer; cancer is an acidic liquid.

The fact that the hormones are not balanced when we consume too much of one hormone can be attributed to the acidic residue from these hormones that are not being eliminated. So, “how much is too much,” takes us to the 80/20 rule. Maintain a diet of 80% alkalinity and you will be following the program.

A person with a health challenge, however, may need to go on a “liquid feast” and go 100% alkaline, plus detoxification, at the beginning. Dr. Young discusses this in The pH Miracle book.

Soaking seeds such as flax before eating them releases acidic enzyme inhibitors, partially digests the protein, and allows the food to be less demanding on the alkaline potential for digestion. Sprouting is usually better than soaking. They have a high-water content with a lot of chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals.

Dr. Young has helped pregnant woman through their pregnancy following the same 80/20 rule. Patients following this program have had easier births and pregnancies. As always, avoiding highly acidic foods during pregnancy is best.

“Sick & Tired” written by Dr.Robert and Shelley Young is a much more technical, scientific book for understanding.

Both Back to the House of Health I and II are excellent books with recipes for children and elders, as well as middle-age too. There are recipes in each of the Young’s book too.

Please go to and sign up for Dr. Young’s free email newsletter. You will find it on the home page. I wish we had more time to respond one-on-one to all questions and related needs.

However, there is a tremendous wealth of information on Dr. Young’s website, and he is very available during group retreats at Rancho del Sol.

Best of luck.

Patrick & Denise

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