I’ve Been Telling Myself A Big Fat Lie For Years!

My journey began in earnest when I had a reality check at Leslie’s 50th Birthday Bash back in April. It was such a wonderful, fun opportunity to reconnect with precious people from our past.

I assumed 50 something meant middle-aged spread and comfort foods to soothe a guilty conscience. What I discovered, much to my total amazement, were three people who came to celebrate with us who defied all logic (yeah, right!) and every foolish assumption I had ever entertained about that 50 something group! Bobby, Mimi, and our cousin Kathy were three very attractive, fit, confident, HEALTHY 50 somethings that looked twenty years younger than their age!

Obviously, they had found something I totally missed on the journey to mature wisdom!!! I had been telling myself a BIG FAT LIE…for years!

Thus began my quest for the ‘missing link’ to health and balance. I did some serious praying and God answered. My very dear friends, Jeremiah and Kristi, sent me an email about the pH Miracle thing and it all finally ‘clicked’ into place. I KNEW this was the answer to all my health questions.

www.phmiracleliving.com and www.articlesofhealth.blogspot.com

The pH Miracle has revolutionized how I look at and think about daily choices. I have a new very clearly defined goal…LIFE!

That’s right – I want my life back! This means I have made significant changes and no longer embrace blatant stupidity in light of the evidence!

Cheers to those who have gone before me and discovered the truth…GOOD health IS a CHOICE! I salute you, respect you, and LOVE your wonderfully disciplined minds!!! I’m on the road to an Extreme Makeover of my own intelligent choosing…watch out!

I’ve started moving my ‘elderly’ assets 30-45 minutes every day and I made up a neat little poem to help me stay focused on better food choices.

I’d like to share it with all those I love, which means You!

Allyoop’s Munching Mantra

We Do Not Eat Dairy or Meats
Greasy Fried Food or Sugary Sweets
We Drink Lemon Water and We Eat Lots ‘o Green
Raw and Organic Veggies are King!
We Do Not Turn to the Left or Right
My Eyes Are Set and the Goal’s In Sight
No Longer in Bondage, I’ve Been Set Free
To Walk in Truth and Reality!

Blessings to all, and thanks for allowing me to share my paradigm switch!

Allyson, the ‘oop’

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