The Future of Exercise/Therapy – Whole Body Vibration

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I can honestly say I love working out
on this equipment. Next time you see
me ask me about my six pack and guns.

Kindest regards,

Dr. Robert O. Young

Vibration therapy began in 1857 by a
Swedish doctor, Gustav Zander. He built
70 different exercise machines some of
which were a type of vibration exercise.
After exhibiting at two Worlds fairs,
he started the Zander Institutes, which
were an early form of today’s health clubs
and proved to be very popular through out
the world. The Netherlands had 9 centers
at one point.

A little later in 1895 in Battle Creek,
Michigan, the developer of corn flakes,
Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, invented a
whole-body vibration machine. This was
a unique chair design that shook violently
and claimed to cure constipation, headaches
and back pain. To stimulate the inner
organs, he also developed a standing platform.

In 1960 the beginning of today’s vibration
exercise techniques was begun in East Germany
with a technique called rhythmic neuromuscular

Russian scientists began the real studies
of Whole Body Vibration and fine-tuned this
technology for years. They used this
technology for many years to help rehabilitate
their cosmonauts after returning from space
to help repair muscles from atrophy and bone
density due to the weightlessness of space.
Many were so weak that they needed assistance
in walking after emerging from the aircraft.
The scientists reasoned that providing a form
of therapy that focused on hyper gravitational
force it could yield an effective treatment.

These Russian researchers found that not only
did that stop the loss, but amazingly it also
increased bone density and strengthened muscle
tissue. They also used this technology then
to prevent injury to their Olympic athletes.

In the event one of their athletes did injure
themselves, they were put on a whole body
vibrational plate to rehabilitate the injury.

After the fall of Communism in Russia, Whole
Body Vibration technology made its way east
and west. This technology continued to be
studied and enhanced. It has taken both the
Orient and Europe by storm. Even though there
were meager beginnings in the United States,
vibration exercise really has not been in the
United States for very long.

In the past only wealthy, sports teams, or
doctor’s offices were the only places you
could find a whole body vibrational unit.
These units usually cost $10,000 or more.

After decades of research, NASA, many
professional athletes, sports teams, medical
centers, spas and health clubs have embraced
this technology.

The Whole Body Vibration technology centers
on a recurrent change of position on a vibrating
platform with the specific physical factors
of amplitude, frequency and time.

The muscles are stimulated to work by the
stretch reflex. You are probably familiar
this type reflex when the doctor taps the
patella tendon below the kneecap and the
lower leg moves upwards without the brain
being able to prevent the movement.

When the muscles are activated with the
stretch reflex we get a number of benefits
not seen during regular exercise. Normally,
we do not use all our muscles for standing
or moving. With the Whole Body Vibration,
the stretch reflex ensures that all muscle
fibers are being stimulated at one time.
This is important when you understand that
these fibers are the acid catchers of the
blood and when stimulated by the vibration
the acid is released for elimination.

Also, the muscle responds to vibration by
contracting to offset the stress it imposes
and is ensured to produce effective results
for your physical therapy needs.

That is why I am happy to announce the first
affordable whole body vibrational plate, called
the pH Miracle VibraTrim.

The pH Miracle VibraTrim is your Whole Body
Vibration source. Simply put, Vibration training
can do something for every body. Regardless of
your health or age, you can improve your strength,
flexibility and range of motion in just a few
minutes a day.

Product Features

* Ergonomic construction, compact design
* Extra large console with 3 LED display
that delivers feedback of Time, Speed and
Body Fat Value
* 3 preprogrammed workout programs
* 50 speeds to accommodate different
* Dual steel Frame
* High quality motor delivers smooth
workout with maximum user weight of 300
* Overload current protection,
anti-jamming, and anti-static.
* Wheels underneath the unit, making it
easy to move.
* Convenience – Use it in your home

What can VibraTrim do for you?

Improves your fitness

* Increases muscle strength,
flexibility, mobility and coordination
* Strengthens and enhances posture
* Increases bone strength and density
* Increases tendon strength
* Improves muscle strength and tone,
enhancing athletic performance
* Enhances balance, coordination and
post ACL repair

Improves your Health

* Gentle training – no physical strain
of the joints
* Improves circulation and increases
blood oxygenation
* Decreased diastolic blood pressure
* Strengthening of muscles –
particularly the back/spine
* Reduces back pain and stiffness
* Improves cellulite reduction
* Improved collagen production
* Stimulation of the metabolism
and lymph drainage
* Decreases level of Cortisol
(hormone released when we’re under stress)
* Highly effective body fat combustion
* Strengthening of bone tissues
Combats osteoporosis
* Rehabilitate injuries and ailments
* Rapid recovery after exercising

Improves your well being

* Boosts levels of Testosterone and
natural HGH
* Reducing the effects of stress and
treatment of stress incontinence
* Positive results on neurological
conditions such as Parkinson’s
* General improvement of skin quality
* Revitalization
* Creating a balance of body and mind

You can learn more about the pH Miracle
VibraTrim by going to:

The following is the corrected site:

Please try this link at:

or go directly to my website at:
and then to the “Products” page.
Scroll down until you
see the heading: pH Miracle Vibratrim.

Several months ago Shelley and I purchased a
Professional Power Plate that we paid over
$10,000. We use it every day and love it.

We have shared this exercise/therapy technology
with many of our clients but found it was too
expensive for most people.

So, we now have a less expensive option for you
without compromising on quality or features of
the whole body vibrational equipment –
The pH Miracle Vibratrim.

The pH Miracle VibraTrim has all the same
features of the Power Plate at 10% the cost.

Check it out on our website.

Kindest regards,

Dr. Robert O. Young

Copyright © 2007 by Robert O. Young, Ph.D.

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  1. Thanks a lot for explaining the detailed information about whole body vibration therapy. Whole body vibration machine is a latest technology in fitness. The machine is also said to be weight reduction machine and a stress reliever. It helps to increase blood circulation, metabolism and your endurance. Whole Body Vibraiton


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