The pH Miracle Healing Program in London, England

In my life as a scientist, microscopist, and healer,
I have seen many people wanting to gain a clear picture
of their health, yet reaching out to many isolated
sources that only treat symptomologies. Working with
The Wyndham Centre, in London, England, we have created
The Cancer Haven which offers an integrated approach
to health.

The Cancer Haven, is a brand new charity that offers the
pH Miracle Living protocol to its cancer clients.
We understand that taking an alternative route to
conventional medicine is often quite costly and we aim
to relieve the burden of that cost by providing access
to protocols and treatments that you may not otherwise
be able to experience.

Kate A’Vard, one of my lead microscopists in London,
England, takes you through my ‘no kidding’ pH Miracle
Living approach to cancer, at The Wyndham Centre,

where you will work with her, and others in your healing

“We aim to raise as much money as possible to support
clients wishing to take this approach”.

Kate has created a set of limited edition prints on
canvas from her blood work to form an exhibition.
Her artwork has been hailed as ‘a beautiful abstraction
of the river of life’, ‘intense’ and ‘stunningly

Each purchase is a contribution to someone else’s life
with 100% of proceeds being given to the charity.

The exhibition is on Saturday 4th August from 12 – 4pm,
at The Wyndham Centre, 86 Hatton Garden, London,
England, EC1N 8QQ.

Kate will be at the exhibition to answer your questions
on alkalizing and The pH Miracle Living protocol, and
next steps to being invited into the pH Miracle program
at The Cancer Haven.

If you are not in the UK and would like to donate, please
go to

or to:

We hope to see you there at the Wyndham Centre,
August 4th.

In love and healing light,

Dr. Robert O. Young

PS You can visit our website for more information or
to donate at:

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