The End Result of Metabolic Acidosis – Death

There is only one sickness and one dis-ease
and that is the over-acidification of the blood
and then tissues due to an inverted way of living,
eating and thinking. A medical term for
over-acidification is metabolic acidosis.

The following is an unsolicited testimony of
metabolic acidosis:

Dr. Young,

My very first client was Miguel O. He was 79 years
old in 2004 when I heard you present The New Biology
in Las Vegas. Miguel was doing diabetes (for 18 years),
over weight, sick and tired with pains and aches,
headaches, fatigue, doing high blood pressure, high
cholesterol, acid reflux, etc. etc. etc.

He started your products in October 2004 and in 17
days he was totally off all medication. Over 6 months
he became another man not taking meds, he lost weight,
his aches and pains were gone, he slept well, he had
energy to ride his bike and walk around in the
neighborhood, he was happier, and his personality
was kinder.

Over a few months he went back to his old ways with
the occasional cookie, some fruits, milk in a little
coffee, cheese and crackers for snacks… she was not
drinking as much… Since May 2005 he was admitted
to our local hospital 7 times with symptoms of
dehydration, confusion, renal failure, kidney failure,
acute diabetes, high blood pressure, poor circulation.

Every time he was discharged from the hospital the
recommendations were the same… take all these
meds and eat in moderation. These were the
recommendations Miguel followed.

On June 19th, 2007 Miguel drove Edward and I to the
West Palm Beach airport as we were going to NY to
our granddaughter’s elementary school graduation.
After Miguel dropped us off at the airport, he was
going to the local supermarket and he never made it.

He experienced difficulty breathing, he was very
confused, he foamed via the mouth… He managed to
park the car… A local sheriff called Rescue and
he was admitted for the 8th and last time at our
local hospital.

A 3 day stay at this first hospital determined that
Miguel’s kidneys had petrified, his bowel was totally
congested and warranted immediate surgery. He was
transferred to a bigger hospital.

The surgery showed the bowel was collapsed and could
not be brought back. A couple of days later Miguel
had a quadruple bypass because the doctor detected
blockage in the arteries. He was in the intensive
care unit for 5 days and a total of 7 days in the
second hospital.

Miguel died on June 29th, 2007 with injections of
morphine to keep his pain down.

The Humana/Medicare bill for these 7 days was
$227,799.00! In itemizing the charges, $59,140.25
were for “Supplies” and $ 43,184.50 were labeled
“Pharmacy”. “Laboratory Services” were $31,210.25
and the second surgery and recovery were $32,464.50.

Here’s the bottom line: 3 weeks after Miguel’s
death, the certificate of death came to his widow.
There were 2 certificates… one with reason of death
and one without.

On Part I, Line A, the immediate cause or final
condition resulting in death was “METABOLIC ACIDOSIS”.

The death certificate states on a separate line
“Sequentially list of condition leading to the cause
listed on line A were… hypertension, indenic bowel
and CAD or CAO. On another line, “significant
conditions contributing to death but not resulting
in the underlying cause given in Part I are:
shocked liver, renal failure on dialysis,
respiratory failure.”

Miguel’s wife, Rosa, started the your products
approximately 1 month after Miguel. She understood
that the pH Miracle Living program would bring her
inner light and she transitioned to an alkalarian
lifestyle over the next 3 months. She has been
faithful to her new lifestyle ever since.

Rosa is 87 years old, medicine free, aches-and-pains-free,
alert, happy, energetic and from 162 lbs, she is 126
pounds and size 6. Rosa’s 62 year old daughter
acknowledges publicly that her Mom looks better than
she does.

Thank you so much, Dr. Young, for teaching us about
acidity vs. alkalinity. Thank you ever so much for
“The New Biology,” your nutritional products and for
emphasizing the issue of choice. Thank you so much
for always being ready to serve, to teach, to explain
to us the science. You are a gem and Edward and I
bless you and your family every single day of our
lives. We are with you 100% on this mission to
alkalize and energize the planet… continue to count
on us.

Love, Rosalina Hom

I’ve lost 42 pounds and have kept it off.


Life and death are consequences of choice. Metabolic
acidosis is not something you get it is something
that you do!

Here in America we think we need health insurance and
more medicine to protect our health. I believe that we
do not need health insurance or more medicine. I believe
what we need is more education and personal empowerment.

I believe that here in America and around the world
we lack the knowledge of how to maintain the alkaline
design of our body and that is why dis-ease is epidemic.

In the Old Testament it states, “My people perish
because of lack of knowledge.” Just like the children
of Israel who wandered and died in the wilderness – I see
the same thing happening today in America and around the
world – people wandering and dieing in the wilderness
because of lack of knowledge.

My hope and prayer is that you will join us and become
part of our alkaline community and empower yourself
and the people you love with the truth of
“The New Biology(TM).”

In love and healing light,

Robert O. Young Ph.D., D.Sc.

Not part of our alkaline community? go to:

Copyright © 2007 by Robert O. Young, Ph.D.

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