An Email From An Alkalizing and Energizing Medical Doctor

One of my Microscopists, Rosalyn, recently wrote
me and said:

Dear Dr. Young.

Conrad, a physician, has been my friend and client
for a few months now. He has some comments to make
about The New Biology which you can read below.
Would you please go over Dr. Conrad’s observations
and give us your wisdom. Blessings, Rosalyn

From: Dr. Conrad
Subject: RE: Understanding the Common Denominator
for All Health and Dis-ease!

Dear Dr. Young,


First, as a physician alkalizing and super-hydrating
and also spending over $600/month to do it, I would
like to address some of the comments in Dr. Sobota’s
“Common Denominator for All Health and Dis-Ease”
email that you sent to all of us on Monday, August
20, 2007.

Since you printed Dr. Sobota’s letter without comment,
I assume that you must agree with most of it. I
included the first paragraph of that lengthy
dissertation below my letter. And yet, I can also
relate to a good part of it. But as a practicing
physician, I must ask, “what is it inside of me that
does not seem to tolerate a narrative that has so
many competing elements with my own original belief
system and education?”

Second, I have been living this pH Miracle lifestyle
for 5 months, now. Although I have lost 15 lbs. which
I didn’t really need to lose and have also become
weaker, I still experience some element of muscle
pains, psoriasis and other dis-eases. That is not
to say there hasn’t been improvement in these areas,
but just that the progress is slow, with some rebound.

The mind-set of probably most Americans is “fix me
quickly”. If you then say to them: “no alcohol,
caffeine, soda, eggs, dairy, vinegar and you have
to drink a whole lot of water,” you better also tell
them that they will be going to the bathroom every
hour or more. In that case, I think that the
alkalizing diet can be a “hard sell” to many,
even those with significant dis-ease.

Is all the medical scientific literature wrong?
Is that really possible? Perhaps traditional
science it is “right” based on the average American
diet or the world diet. Perhaps if you are willing
to be very patient and “radical” like the pH Miracle
diet, only then is modern medicine to be seen as
more of a curse than a cure.

What about trauma and plastic surgery? What about
the scientific method? And how has scientific method
been applied to the alkalizing regimen?

I sincerely hope the New Biology is correct, not only
for myself but for everyone who is willing to radically
change their eating and drinking habits. But for those
who won’t or can’t, modern medicine is a blessing.

Lastly, to eat in an alkalizing way, one must either
spend a lot of time preparing food or hire someone
to do so. And that’s one more impediment.

Dr.Conrad Smith M.D.

From: The pH Miracle Living Center
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2007 1:02 AM
To: Dr. Conrad
Subject: Understanding the Common Denominator
for All Health and Dis-Ease!

Dear Dr. Conrad,

As a follower of the pH Miracle science, both
theory and clinical practice, for some time I
have felt a growing need to write this review
because, first, there have been some rather
confused discussions about “The pH Miracle for
Weight Loss” including the entire pH acid-alkaline
balancing science. Yet, it is not complicated.
The beauty is that Dr. Young’s science has clearly
articulated the infrastructure for understanding
the long sought common denominator for all health,
disease and dis-ease.

….snip letter from Sobota…..

Then, I sent back this letter to Rosalyn and
Dr. Conrad Smith:

Dear Friends Rosalyn and Dr. Conrad,

Thanks, Rosalyn, for forwarding Dr. Conrad’s
thoughts and questions. As a scientist and
clinician, it is, of course, difficult to address
his comments without asking many questions.
And as your new friend, Dr. Conrad, I would be
glad to talk at greater length if you feel the need.
I read your thoughts a couple of times. I can
relate. And despite a lack of information, I can
also respond at a certain level.

Dr. Conrad, when you say you have been “living
this lifestyle for 5 months,” I only have a general
idea of what that means. It always seems to mean
different things to different people–even though
it often means something much more disciplined to
me than to some of the people I talk with.

For instance, do you mean one avocado per day or
four? You may be juicing every morning, or you
may be juicing every other morning, or just one
day a week. Of course, I like everyone to juice
every day. It leaves less margin for error, right?

You may be exercising twice a week or you may be
exercising aerobically 30 minutes every day. I
would really need to know lots of things to put
it all into my intuitive computer which is
connected to 54 years of my earthly observations.
As a physician, you understand that whole issue.

There are many things that I just don’t know about
your situation, and so it is impossible for me to
make many specific comments. That is why, Dr.
Conrad, when you work with your own patients, I
suspect you prefer to do so face-to-face so you
can continue to blend your medical art with your
medical science. I find that many people are
“slow” to rebound to their original health,
especially when they are older, and especially
when their social circumstances “force them” to
deviate from the plan from time to time. Again,
I don’t know either of these parameters in your

And when it comes to healing our patients, we have
to remember that after all is said and done, there
is much to suggest that it is the love and wisdom
of the personal helping agent that heals as much
as the advice extended or the potions administered.

It’s hard to operate on oneself out of a “cold sterile
book” no matter how soft and cuddly the author tries
to make it sound.

I am hoping that the “$600 per month” figure you
mention is somewhat higher than the average. I am
hoping that even before they read our books, everyone
is already drinking healthier water from some sort
of bottled or purified source. We know the problems
with most municipal water systems.

Then if people are already buying water from stores,
and then when they anti-up for one of my water
machines (which alkalizes, mineralizes, ionizes,
structures and purifies the water all at once),
they actually end up paying only 10 cents per
gallon or so over time. These people will actually
be saving substantial money by not paying $1 to
$5 per gallon for inferior water in a store. And
they don’t have to be lugging water jugs around either.

I also know for a fact that many people who have been
on the pH Miracle diet for awhile do not feel a need
to see a doctor any more. Or they do so very rarely.
They feel very much in control of their health.
I do suspect that a few people go in to see the ole
family doc just to gloat a bit, a human ritual from
lower consciousness that, I hasten to add, I do not
recommend. 🙂

And many New Biology adherents also tell me that
they take pH books to their doctors to try and help
their long-standing doctor friends “expand their
thinking.” I have long said that it’s better to
“expand the box” than to think “outside the box.”

Many of New Biology adherents are saving thousands
of dollars each year because clinical visits and
tests have diminished. Very few are still taking
any kind of expensive, acidic, and the Trojan horse
of pharmaceutical drugs.

So in the long run, for the great majority of people,
I know that the pH miracle diet will save them a ton
of money. It will also save the insurance companies
from claims, save insureds from skyrocketing premiums,
save corporations from sick days and diminished
productivity, save children from sick days and
missed school, save the elderly from a greatly
diminished quality of life, and save the governor
of any State from nightmares every year when the
State’s budget comes around.

Here in the State of Kaly-fornia, I see that our
smiling governor finally marshaled the forces to
pass a budget a couple of months late. And to do
so, he had to cut 700 million dollars from some
of the people who need help the most. It was sad
that that was the price of finally arriving at

I only hope that our governor will sit down with
me one day soon and let me begin to help him solve
the present health crisis and the even greater
health crisis just ahead. It is no secret that
our federal and state governments have very
serious problems given the present, broken-down,
allopathic, pharmacy-controlled, health model.

Just about every State governor in America is
wondering how they are going to pay the health
care and long-term-care for the millions of
baby-boomers who are turning 60 this year–the
same boomers who will live many more quantity of
years with much less quality of years. I talk
to senior citizens from time to time who are
actually taking more than a dozen medications!

Those unconscionable drugs are the reason that
Big Pharma dominates the New York Stock Exchange.
Forget the Fortune 100. Just look at how many drug
companies are on the Fortune 10! It’s mind-boggling.

Dr. Conrad, if you are losing more weight than is
healthy for you, then we would have to take a look
at your diet. Obviously, your weight has something
to do with calories as well as pH balancing. Some
alkaline foods have more calories than others.

Some have more protein for muscle building than others.
And so on. We could talk about that.

If we could ever get the WEGOS (the western God of
science) to begin conducting serious research into
New Biology, we may find all sorts of interesting
relationships among:

a) the trillion of cells in the body,

b) the power of the various quality of sensory input
as it relates to the function of the bodily cells,

c) the impact of emotional states and the psychological
power of the mind,

d) the possible benefits of controlling the mind and
stilling the senses,

e) the impact of the intellect and its complicated
belief systems and bodily function, and

f) the varying results of different levels of
consciousness or “spiritual states.”

There is already evidence that people who calibrate
over 600 on David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness
can heal themselves while eating food that would not
seem to be balanced according to the percentages of
acid-alkaline food and drink that I recommend.

And yet, there are less than a thousand people on the
planet who calibrate over 600, and so I believe my
science will be applicable for another century or so.
Maybe one day we will learn a lot more about “mind
over matter.”

And for me you make a somber point when you suggest
that the medical scientific literature may be right
based on the average American or world diet. But I
would not give up my position quite that easily.

I would rather argue, in a friendly and understanding
way, of course, since I’m a good guy, that the
scientific literature is still wrong because it was
based on foundational information that was incorrect
when they first bought into Pasteur’s germ theory.
Western medicine then proceeded to build 150 years
of convoluted technology on top of a theory which
I predict will necessarily tumble one day because
it’s built upon the clay of Louis Pasteur’s
“science” if not on the moment-to-moment direction
of his monumental ego.

However, I hasten to add, as some historians have
it, that Pasteur’s ego may have begun to abate
towards his latter days when he is reported by
some to have revised or perhaps even recanted his
germ theory!

And your logic, friend Conrad, is at least mildly
suspect. When you say the so-called “modern
medicine” might be right based on our diets, I
would ask you the following:

1. Do we allow the speeding driver to continue
driving at 100 m.p.h. just because he has been
driving that fast for so long and because so far
he has had only minor accidents and because so
far the physics of the roadways have not achieved
their final victory?

2. Do we allow the head-strong child to continue
drawing on the wall just because he enjoys it and
because the once perfect wall is already compromised
and we have been doing an adequate job of touching
up behind him?

3. Do we really allow the proverbial drunken
sailor-on-leave to have another bottle of brandy
because, after all, he is already drunk out of
his mind and he should be able to “sleep it off”
in the morning?

Well, I am not advocating a law forbidding
chocolate sundaes, birthday cakes, or orange
groves. I am however, advocating more research
and public education. I am advocating laws that
provide incentives for people to learn about
and apply preventive nutrition and lifestyles
rather than much more expensive and dangerous
surgery, drugs and radiation.

And is eating the greens of the earth really all
that “radical” to use your word? I believe that
it is the allopathic medical interventions based
on cutting, burning, and the use of poisonous
potions that I deem to be “radical.” So far,
I have not found a pharmaceutical prescription
drug to be anything other than acid. And I have
never heard of overdosing on broccoli.

I am only advocating that we find a way to return
to a course of water, salt, chlorophyll and fat
that Mother Earth provides for us and which course
allows us to stay in a healthy balance between
our complex mind-body-spirit vessel and the physics
of Mother Earth. Meanwhile, we’ll be in better
“harmony” to try and understand our relationship
to the entire universe.

And you are 100% right about the “hard sell”
issue–at least for many people. We both know
the type of person who sucks on a cigarette
in his hospital bed following lung surgery.
If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

And if you think eating healthy is unattractive,
wait until you see that acidic hospital food…. 🙂

Next, I would NOT say that “all the medical scientific
literature is WRONG.” I would say that their THEORY
is wrong. Much research is brilliant in terms of
its methodology, analysis and discussion. I have
problem with their literature review. If they were
really to do a good job of controlling for the
important independent variables, somewhere back a
few decades ago the literature would suggest
controlling for alkaline/acid levels. Well, I
won’t hold my breath.

The allopathic system, counting the gross revenues
and capital assets of doctors, medical employees,
hospitals, clinics, med schools, laboratories,
equipment, educational investments and so on….
would easily climb into the many trillions of
dollars. Everything I speak and write about is
a threat to a good part of all of that. So, Lord
help me. Just give me a simple fight with City
Hall any day. Because for now, there are days
when it feels like I’m in conflict with the
whole world.

Dr. Conrad, I know what you are trying to say
when you say that modern medicine is a blessing.
And many philosophical and spiritual systems or
thought processes suggest that EVERYTHING is good,
everything is God’s work, and everything is as it
should be. I see much to commend that way of
viewing the world. Certainly in this spiritual
framework there are no mistakes. The universe is
unfolding according to a blueprint which we could
not imagine even if we were to expand our minds
a thousand percent. So I don’t lose any sleep
over other theory and practice.

Dr. Conrad and Rosalyn, be well, keep at it, call
me if you like. Come join us in California for
a retreat one day soon.

Til then,

In Love and Light,

Robert O. Young, Ph.D., D.Sc.

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