HIV/AIDS A Thing of the Past!

Special Reminder: “Crazy, Sexy Cancer” will be
shown on Wednesday, August 29th, at 6 Pacific Time
and 9 Eastern Time on the Learning Channel.

Dr. Robert O. Young is part of this story of a young
woman fighting cancer.


As many of you already know, the pH Miracle Program
is a preventive, a therapeutic, and a maintenance
dietary and lifestyle regimen which addresses all
disease and most dis-ease found in humans.

One of the most debilitating health challenges known
to the planet is that which we refer to as AIDS, or
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. I have written
about that from time to time. At the present moment,
there continues to be a discussion or debate over the
legitimacy of the HIV test for AIDS as well as the
exact nature of AIDS itself.

The following is a series of letters shared by an
email group which is involved in the HIV/AIDS discussion.
These are people who have been friends and supporters
of Christine Maggiore and her brave march for love
and justice. Christine lost her little girl several
years ago to medical and administrative incompetence
and since then she has been ensnared in a legal battle
and the search for medical truth and freedom.

Christine’s websites are:





Friends of Christine,

Back a week or so ago, I wrote a letter to this team
exclaiming that not only was the HIV test a bunch of
baloney, a fact which we all knew anyway, but I also
exclaimed that there is now a cure for AIDS and every
other disease known to man, a fact of which I do not
believe many are aware.

I didn’t get much response, so I assume there was a
lot of snickering and head-scratching out there in
cyberspace, and I was more convinced than ever that
this is totally new information.

However, one bold fellow whom I have never met, Joe,
was kind enough to respond to me. He basically said,
as nicely as possible, that I was, perhaps, in so many
words, off my rocker. He said that he would need
verification, despite my effort to point the group
in the direction of information which would begin
the path towards verification. I pointed out the
website address of:

These are articles to help one begin to get up to speed
in the New Biology of Dr. Robert O. Young, among the
very top live and dry blood microscopist on the planet,
a cellular biologist, a nutritionist, and a man who
everyone should know about–even if just to argue
with him.

So, I assume that Joe was not only very busy but
probably not very much convinced about much of
anything that I said, despite the fact that he was
kind enough to write the “rebuttal” letter posted

Anyway, in my book, Joe was chalked up as a gentleman
and a good guy. He even later wrote to me privately
so as not to embarrass me. Now that is a REAL
gentleman. I was happy for him to take off the gloves
in private as he quickly explained that my purposely
general comments about Lipitor were “complete and
utter (expletive deleted.) I liked that. Now that’s
a man with whom I can communicate! And above all,
I did appreciate his keeping the ball in the air.

Joe also said that my interpretation about Lipitor was
wrong because “It had nothing to do with acid-alkaline
balance” and that I had not done the research on what
the drug does.”

Well, as a matter of fact, Joe was right. I have NOT
done any research on Lipitor. Nor have I done any
research on any other drugs. After years of watching
what drugs do, I am trying to forget how to spell drugs.

My new effort is to learn how to spell kohlrabi,
cabbage, rutabaga, cauliflower, and avocado. And I
encourage ALL OF YOU to stop doing any research on
drugs and start doing research on the cure for all
disease and most dis-ease.

It is spelled A-L-K-A-L-I-N-I-T-Y.

For those of you who have followed the thread, I will
respond to Joe’s comments below. I apologize for the
long week delay, but I have been in Sacramento trying
to get the ear of the governor of Kaly-fornia, the
Lieutenant Governor, the Secretary of Health & Human
Services, the AARP California chapter, and the publisher
of a Sacramento newspaper. It is the Governor of every
state in the union who will soon not be able to balance
their budgets because of the uninsured and
unprepared baby-boomers that will bankrupt many states
over the coming decades. It is THOSE governors who
should be interested in a “cure for ALL disease”-­no
matter what blather is espoused at the federal level
by the powerful FDA, AMA, FTC, ACS and all those who
take their marching orders, in one way or another,
from the pharmaceutical industry and the
head-in-the-sand, Pasteur-loving, western,
allopathic scientific medical community.

To save you the trouble of looking up my original
letter, here is what I said. I’ll place it in italics
if your computer will cooperate so you can skip it
if you remember what I said or if you simply want to
go right down below to read Joe’s comments.

My letter read:

Friends of Christine,

On a couple of scores, it is somewhat amazing to me,
while reading the intelligent email thread below,
that despite the insights shared as to the nature of
the HIV/AIDS phenomenon, there is still so much
confusion, unclarity, and lack of up-to-date awareness
of the advancement of health science.

I have not been a part of the “AIDS” discussions over
the years until I recently had reason to talk with

I have news for everyone. There does not have to be
further pain and anguish because the answers to the
“AIDS” phenomenon is published and is well within
the public domain. You no longer need to be held
captive by the grasping pharmaceutical industry and
their morally bankrupt remedies.

The TRUTH is out there in the universe. One can
find it in several places….and it needs to be
inside the conscious awareness of all of us.

I started out by saying “couple of scores.” But I
only have time to discuss one of them right now.
Later, I may write about the relatively new Truth
Technology or Truth Science as I see this information
applying to the discussions about “AIDS.” There is
now a way to tell the truth or untruth of anything–
any diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, options­ anything
that has a trace of energy in the universe.

This is very important new information, especially
in fighting disease and health challenges. You can
read about it by going to
There, Dr. David Hawkins explains how you can access
truth at a level that turns the study of spirit or
levels of consciousness into legitimate science.
Many believe that Dr. David Hawkins has written the
most important books in 2,000 years.

The other thing that more or less surprised me is
that some or many or maybe even most of those involved
in this important HIV/AIDS effort appear not to know
that the “AIDS” death sentence is over. I shudder
when I hear us still discuss the “death march” and
so on.

At least it is over for those who understand what I
am saying and are willing to incorporate New Biology
into their lives and their life-style. And it is up
to those of us who DO KNOW that our anguish is over
to point this out to the others.

I do not have “AIDS.” I don’t even think that I know
of anyone right now who has been diagnosed with “AIDS.”
But I have information that is important, and I believe
it is my responsibility to share this information-
especially given my surprise at some of the recent
posts on this topic.

When you read the trail of 150 years of science as
first espoused by Dr. Antoine Bechamp, a scientist
who disagreed with Louis Pasteur and his germ theory,
you will quickly understand that ALLLLLLLLLL allopathic
medicine rests on an incorrect theory.

The body is NOT designed to function on highly acidic
fuel. And yet, our “entire world” feeds us acid–and
lots of it. And this same “acidic ingestion phenomenon”
also feeds the HIV/AIDS phenomenon with acid…..just
as it feeds all disease and most dis-ease.

“AIDS” is undoubtedly many hundreds of different
“disease entities.” No two cases of AIDS seem to be
exactly the same thing. There are hundreds of gross
differences as well as subtle nuances of symptoms,
symptom-clusters, and variations on the progression
of the problem. Aids has so many different looks
that it is easy to make the case that there is no
such thing as AIDS simply because it is so poorly
conceptualized, understood, diagnosed, and treated
by western science.

So it is not just the HIV test that is abominable.
The entire “AIDS” concept from start to finish is
one continuous scam brought about by varying levels
of scientific error, educational lockstep, clinical
incompetence, research myopia, journalistic group-think,
medical ego mania, turf wars, power-struggles,
good-ole-boy alliances, pure and unadulterated corporate
greed, and all of it bound up in a capitalistic society
anchored within a moral continuum involving non-existent
to insufficient integrity.

It is now clear to those who have bothered to look.
Our bodies are alkaline by the design of creation….
by the design of Our Creator….. by the design of
Mother Nature….by the design of Divine Providence.
You choose the world that fits your understanding of

Our bodies are NOT designed to run on acid fuel. Recall
your chemistry….acid is pH 0 – 7 and alkalinity or base
is pH 7 – 14.

You body ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES a primarily alkaline
fuel input. But ALL those suffering from AIDS (and
every other disease known to man) feed their sensitive
bodies with the wrong fuel. Instead of an alkaline
diet, we feed it acid. Meat is acid. Cigarettes
are acid. Sugar is acid. So are oranges, apples,
eggs, most grains, all beer and alcohol, most fruit,
vinegar and salad dressings containing vinegar,
most desserts, soda pop, and on and on and on.

The entire breakfast bar I just visited at a very nice
hotel (and it would be any and all hotels) was almost
totally acidic….sweet rolls, coffee, tea, sugar,
fake sweeteners, waffles, maple syrup, fruit cocktail
in heavy syrup, strawberry topping, reconstituted eggs,
bacon, sausage links, white toast, muffins, raisin
brain cereal….and so on. Granted, a healthy person
who needs 20% acid in their diet could have had raisin
bran and milk. That’s what I ate. Milk is only
slightly acidic, although it has other downsides.
I could have had strawberries as they are only
slightly acidic, but these were in a heavy sugary
sauce-quite acidic.

Nonetheless, a healthy person need not give up all
acidic food. Thus, I went back to my suite and ate
the slightly alkaline cantaloupe, some almonds, and
a greenish-yellow banana. In three days, however,
that same banana will become acidic as it ripens.

Tomorrow, I won’t even go to the breakfast bar. I’ll
just cook some quinoa and top it off with little
tomatoes, avocado chunks and pHlavor Salts.

A person with “AIDS” should give up all acidic food
until the many, many symptoms of “AIDS” have disappeared.
One cannot destroy what we call AIDS or any other
disease….on an ACID diet.

Other things, besides food, also create acid. A toxic
pillow with toxic material from the Monsantos of the
world can hurt you. Thus for about 1/3 of your life,
your eyes, ears, nose and mouth conduct some sort of
unconscious love affair with these pillows….pillows
stuffed with God-only-knows-what inside of them…..!!!

Also, one of the greatest creators of acid is STRESS….
fear, anger, worry, frustration, sadness, alienation,
guilt…and so on.

The solution to these health problems starts with
an understanding of New Biology which demonstrates
that the body is ALKALINE by DESIGN and ACIDIC by

How do we know the body is ALKALINE by design?

We know because we are born with a slightly alkaline
blood of pH 7.365. If the blood goes even a few points
in either direction, you are very sick. Worse, you are
dead or near dying if your blood drops as low as a
neutral pH of 7.0. Yet, all the foods that I mentioned
earlier are acidic….or below pH 7.0. It’s like your
body temperature. The pH can’t vary much without chaos
to your body.

Even the water that most of us drink is 7.0 (neutral)
or below. Municipal water systems are atrocious.
So, if we drink a gallon of water every day like good
little boys and girls…..are we helping ourselves?
No, because the water should be at least at the level
of the blood or higher. Below that, we have only managed
to create more work for our body to try and maintain
a blood of pH 7.365.

What does it mean when I say that the body is acidic by
function? It means that everything we do—walk, talk,
work, play, think, breath, sleep, dream, and write
emails-everything we do burns energy and leaves an acidic

Everything we do creates acid.

So if just everyday living creates acid, and if we also
eat 95% acidic food from America’s grocery stores, if
we breath acidic air, if we wear acidic synthetic fabrics,
if we curl up under a 45% acidic polyester blanket, and
if we also live in our automobile filled with acidic
synthetic materials oozing molecules into our air space…
what magic of the body could possibly maintain our blood
at its required level of pH 7.365?

Well, it really can’t. The body can not easily do
that, especially over time. But it certainly tries.
And just as the Energizer bunny eventually stops
functioning properly, so does our bodily system get
bogged down and depleted.

Make no mistake. The body is reasonably self-correcting.
The human body is sufficiently brilliant, ingenious,
and adaptive—not to mention sacred—that it can
manage to keep us around for a period (it can continue
to house our spirit) while we inadvertently work at
poisoning ourselves…and our blood.

How does the body compensate or adapt itself in service
of the blood….you might ask?

Many ways. The body leeches important base minerals…
alkaline minerals….from the bones, for instance.
It needs the alkalinity that we are not giving it,
and so it steals it from our own bones, tissues,
ligaments, cartilage, and so on.

Meanwhile, the body stores the acid to keep it away
from the blood. For instance, it stores the acid in fat.
The body creates acid-fat. Ten pounds. A hundred pounds.
Fat is acid shielded from the rest of the body…and
specifically shielded from the blood.

To protect us, the body also creates acidic tumors,
cysts, polyps, bumps and masses, caked intestines with
many, many pounds of gunk for which I have no name.
Some corpses of U.S. citizens, at autopsy, have had
as much as 40 pounds of ACIDIC gunk found stored in
their gastrointestinal system….all because of the
body’s desperate effort to cope with the ONSLAUGHT of
our acidic lifestyle and keep it from the tissues and

I will quote here one of my favorite passages from
The pH Miracle by Dr. Robert O. Young and Shelley
Redford Young. It can be found on page 13, and for
me, it pretty much summarizes what I am saying:

” We’re starting from the premise that of all the
balances the human body strives to maintain, the most
crucial is the one between acid and base (alkaline).
The body will go to great lengths to maintain the
appropriate, slightly basic, nature of its blood.
But it is all too easy and far too common for body
tissues to become acidic. Such an imbalance sets
the stage for chaos, opening the door to sickness
and disease. Overacidification of body fluids and
tissues underlies all disease, and general “dis-ease”
as well. For one thing, it is only when it is acidic
that the body is vulnerable to germs–in healthy base
balance, germs can’t get a foothold. Furthermore,
acids are the expression of all sickness and disease.
In short, good health requires a body in proper
acid/base balance. Proper diet (like the one laid
out in this book) is the only way to ensure that.”

For instance, in reading the recent emails,
when Joe says:

“the earth is a toxic wasteland,”…. I translate that
in my head to “the earth is a toxic wasteland of
ACIDIC material.”

“We use alcohol and drugs to numb our emotional pain,”….
to me means “we use ACIDIC alcohol and ACIDIC drugs to

“We lack enough omega-3 fatty acids”…translates to
me as we lack the alkaline from appropriate fats to
keep our brain functioning….”

“Worst of all, we take toxic pharmaceutical
“medications” ……says to me “we take acidic

“…essential metabolic processes….” to me means
a pH acid/alkaline balanced metabolism…”

” Lipitor….causes neuromuscular destruction”
means that “Lipitor, a highly acidic and synthetic
material, eventually causes an acidic build-up in
the neuromuscular area of the body that brings
about its destruction….” and so on.

In other words, New Biology has isolated the common
denominator in ALL disease processes. That common
denominator is the acid-alkaline balance. Thus,
there is ONLY ONE DISEASE and you may simply call
it acidosis. There is only one CURE and it is
called ALKALINIZATION or acid-alkaline balancing.

up to you.

I would like nothing more than for one or more
wealthy individuals fighting against AIDS to step
forward with the funds to conduct the large scale
study that will stun the allopathic medical community.
I know enough establishment doctors (MDs) who are
sufficiently disillusioned with western medicine,
at medical schools like Harvard, who would help us
set up the research structure.

MONEY IS THE ONLY OBSTACLE. I would like to see
100 people suffering from AIDS, randomly chosen
from a large population, go on a 100% alkaline
diet. Matched against them would be 100 AIDS
victims with their normal dietary regimen.

The results would set the medical world on its

Next, we would do the same thing with, for instance,
Parkinsons. Then breast cancer. Then liver cancer.
Then Alzheimers. Then arthritis. You get the
picture. The health system worldwide would be
revolutionized throughout the world in little more
than a decade.

All of the early research could be accomplished in
just a few years. Meanwhile, you and I can alkalize
our system in a few weeks or months. And if you have
AIDS, you will begin recovering very quickly.

One of the reasons that the research could be done
so quickly is that balancing ones acid/alkaline
system WORKS SO QUICKLY that symptoms are often gone
in weeks or just a few months.

If you want to learn more about how to be disease
free and become vibrant, clear and energetic for the
rest of your natural life, then I would direct you
to both: and to

Be well.

Patrick M. Sobota, Ph.D.

So that was my letter. I wasn’t trying to pick on
Joe by using his examples. I had chosen them at
random from the thread of this topic so I could
explain how as I read I constantly “translate” in
my head western scientific verbiage and thought
processes. I do this so I can maintain my sanity
and not tear up allopathic books and journal

Below was Joe’s kind and timely response to my
somewhat lengthy dissertation. I will interleave
my comments taken from the New Biology of
Dr. Robert O. Young as regards acid-alkaline
balancing to achieve optimal health. I will
also italicize my comments so your eye can quickly
pick out the transition from Joe’s words to my

Subject: acidity, alkalinity, etc
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 11:09:57 -0400


First, Christine has asked us to limit the thread
to the addresses; Please in the future use reply
or reply-all to this email. Thanks.

Second, I think we’ll need a bit more verification
of the line of reasoning that all people need to do
is to change their diet and then everything will be
fine. I’d like to know, for instance, how animals
in the wild (mammals and reptiles), who rarely get
ill, survive so well despite the fact that they eat
very acidic foods that are similar to those that
we eat (although I must admit they don’t cook their
meats and vegetables).


Many such animals migrate to clay lakes and eat
their fill in order to buffer the acids from the
foods they eat. In fact, they risk their lives to
eat clay! There exists a great documentary from
BBC on the animals of the Amazon. They all eat
a smectite clay on a daily basis to buffer acids.

And how are there people in the world (I’m a prime
candidate) who eat many of those terribly acidic
things and rarely, if ever, get ill?

Joe, you are apparently a fellow with very strong
and healthy blood. Maybe you are blessed with good
genes and heritage to boot. Yet, “strong blood”
does not mean that your are healthy. How many
times do we hear of the guy in perfect shape,
out running his daily 5 miles, who drops dead of
a heart attack. No symptoms. No evidence.
Picture of health. Nothing had been picked up
by his doctor, etc. etc. Yet, a live blood
examination or a dried blood examination will show
us the evidence of our poor dietary and lifestyle
choices. It is those poor and misguided dietary
choices that are, perhaps, Joe, hidden away quietly
in your body. I have personally seen many people
with no apparent symptoms do a live blood analysis
and be “blown away” by evidence of serious health
challenges which had not yet manifested outward
symptoms and which had not been identified by
examinations performed by western science.
The simple fact is that nobody gets away with
eating acid for long. It’s just a matter of time
for all of us.


The centenarians of Okinawa eat terribly acid foods,
and live very long, healthy lives. I have been ill
just once in the last 10 years, and it was because
I was in a situation where I was vitamin C deficient
and let myself get physically run down
(sleep deprivation).


Quantity of life is not the same as quality of life.
In our country, most people in the 60’s are on one
or more drugs. By 70, two or three drugs, by 80,
4-5 drugs. My wonderful aunt at 93 is on 11 drugs.

Holy cow!

She’s alive, but she often feels miserable.
The Okinawan’s live long, but they are not necessarily
all that healthy. If they would eat a more alkaline
diet, who knows? Maybe they would live to 200
years old.


All mammals and reptiles except for humans, primates,
guinea pigs, the red bat, and a couple of other small
animals, produce prodigious amounts of ascorbate
(a mildly acidic substance, I might add) in their
livers or kidneys, at a rate thousands of times as
much as most humans ingest. This relative ascorbate
deficiency is, in turn, the primary cause of
cardiovascular disease (see references below). It
is the belief of many naturopaths that it is
antioxidant (aka ascorbate) status that is the main
determinant of health, not acidity or alkalinity.

Furthermore, stomach acid and bile – dumped into our
duodenum by the bile duct – are horrifically acidic,
and must be in order for proper digestion to take place.


Because of fermentation, we have lots of ascorbate in
our system. Also, an equal amount of bicarbonate is
created in the stomach, pylorus glands, bile, the
pancreas, and the intestines to alkalize the food in
preparation for biological transformation into new
blood in the small intestine. The required pH for
making healthy new blood out of the food we eat is


I would like to see some definitive research that
shows the health/illness history of people who follow
your “alkaline” regimen, how many of them succumb to
the ordinary diseases of humankind (colds, “flu”,
cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, etc.)
when compared, for instance, to people who consume
an ordinary human diet along with high levels of
antioxidant supplements (vitamin C, grapeseed extract,
quercetin, etc.) to compensate for the fact that
their livers cannot synthesize ascorbate.


Well, they don’t get anything but longer years of
health and vitality. And as you suggest, so would
I like to see that “definitive research.” That’s
what I proposed in my letter. Dr. Young has reported
in his many books the hundreds of case studies and
thousands of testimonials over the years. He has
also conducted some small scale studies. BUT WHO

Does anyone think for one minute that the $400 billion
cancer industry, four times larger than the automobile
industry, is going to try and discover if organic and
alkaline vegetables might soon replace 25,000
oncologists, hundreds of hospitals, thousands of
clinics, and decimate the entire pharmaceutical

The pH Miracle Plan has worked for well over 100,000
folks in 72 countries around the world. This week,
please watch the documentary this Wednesday about
“Crazy Sexy Cancer” on the The Learning Channel
on Wednesday evening, August 29th. I think it is
early on the west coast. Dr. Young appears in that
fascinating documentary. It tells the story of
how a woman with cancer survives. Dr. Young
will also be featured in a major documentary
by a well-known, Academy Award winning producer,
which will compare the different anti-aging
lifestyles and diets which will includes the
pH Miracle Plan.


Kind regards

The next day, Joe added another paragraph that he
had meant to include in the letter above and my
comment is posted below his addendum.
He said:

Addendum: I meant to add that rate of ascorbate
production in animals is hundreds of times that
of typical human ingestion of this nutrient in the
industrialized countries, not thousands. Typical
human ingestion is 30-60 mg per day in the US,
and typical production of ascorbate in animals
is 3000-14000 mg per day when scaled to adult
human body weight. Ascorbate ingestion in the
developing countries can be as low as just a few
milligrams per day. This is the cause of Sudden
Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and astronomical
rates of infant death (as high as 50% in some
regions of Africa). See Kalokerinos,
Every Second Child.



I have several thoughts. First, ascorbate is a waste
product of the degeneration of matter. Ascorbate is
what happens when human cells ferment. We have lots
of ascorbate in our system. SIDS and those astronomical
death rates are caused by way too much acid from the
wrong diet, the wrong breast milk, the wrong baby
formula, the wrong water, and an entirely wrong
nutritional and dietary regimen. Almost all the stuff
we ship over to developing countries amounts to garbage.
Plenty of it comes from our foreign “aid” and the
“good will” of many world foundations. Almost all
of it comes from a food industry which feeds us lousy
food which is 95% acidic. What we should be sending
third world impoverished countries are ways to alkalize
and ionize their water systems, organic vegetables
flash frozen, and supplements which will help them
conform to the alkaline design of their body.

Lastly friends, I have a sobering and telling comment
or two to make. Over the years, Dr. Young has had
plenty of well known M.D. medical scientists who
have privately vouched for his science. And yet
their medical hospitals, medical schools and
research laboratories are not about to test the
theories of a man whom they think must be a
fruit-cake because he doesn’t believe in Louis
Pasteur’s germ theory. We have a multiple trillion
dollar medical industry set up based on the germ theory.
Can we blame those M.D.s because they did not want to
risk their jobs, grant funds, and reputations to “go
to the mat” to fight for Dr. Young’s research funding?
I don’t think so.

Imagine if I came up with a few drops of formula that
we could add to water to make our automobiles run on
my solution. And we could sell it almost as cheaply
as water. Would my life be safe? How long would I
live? I don’t know. I do know that such an energy
product would be considered disruptive technology.

Dr. Young’s science is also disruptive technology,
and it is here now. It will seriously disrupt
economic stability for awhile.

Further, a few years back, Dr. Young did have a well
known western medical establishment that agreed to
test the pH Miracle dietary Plan on AIDS patients.
However, when they contacted the AIDS patient-candidates
for the research, they could not find any patients who
were willing to go off their medication to try for a
cure. I assume that among other things, a good deal of
fear was operating.

There are many social, psychological, cultural and
economic secondary gains for many of the problems
and illnesses that are present in our society. I am
working on ways to identify the funds and the
locations to conduct the randomized, large scale,
double-blind, placebo-controlled, studies that are
needed to convince the western scientific community
that they have gone down the wrong path.

My invitation still stands. If you have ideas,
contacts or can open doors to help us create a
venue for appropriate research into New Biology,
I would love to hear from you. You too may wish
to help fund pH balancing programs, research and
education across the planet. If so, please contact
me at I would be happy to discuss
how we might collaborate to accomplish the goals
that Dr. Young began articulating more than two
decades ago. It is time to bring New Biology into
the full light of the human race.

Be well.


Patrick M. Sobota, Ph.D.

Many thanks to Dr. Sobota and to Joe and their

Robert O. Young, Ph.D., D.Sc.

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