No More Chronic Hives – A Personal Testimony

The following is a personal testimony of Fran
who over-came chronic hives by following the
pH Miracle Living Lifestyle and Dietary Plan.


Dear Dr. Young,

Please excuse my interruption in your day but I
must tell you my story how the pH Miracle saved me.

I’m 42 years young today and at the age of 20 I
started breaking out in head to toe chronic hives.
I just had a baby and was given antibiotics, plus
I was catherized several times which I believe
introduced bacteria (acidity) into my body.

I suffered for many long years with no help.

I took Seldane like candy. I’m sure I mixed it
with erthromycin and grapefruit juice. I’m grateful
that I’m not dead. I managed to go into some sort
of remission after practically starving myself to

Everyone kept telling me that it was my nerves. I
always felt like it was something inside my body
not my mind. I desperately began seeking information
and learning as much as possible about allergies
and nutrition.

I had two more bouts with the chronic hives and the
3rd time I discovered the miracle, the pH Miracle.

I went to a naturopathic doctor and through testing
they found that I was very high in citrobacter braakii,
and enterobacter cloacae with off the chart numbers.
I was also very low in good bacteria. My doctors
approach was to kill the bad bacteria using herbs like

I stayed patient, nothing happened. I cleansed, I
detoxed, I did a rotation diet to determine if I
had food allergies. Still nothing happened.

I was skinny, weak, and covered in head to toe hives
with my lips swelling, my eyes swelling. I was one
huge miserable mess.

My sister then gave me the book, The pH Miracle.
I gobbled the information down and immediately began
following the plan. I dedicated myself to a 100%
alkalized diet. I did not know if I would survive
without meat but I did! I felt stronger each day,
my skin became softer, my color came back, my mind
became clear, and the hives disappeared.

I was healed!

Not only did I go 100% alkaline but I replaced all
my good bacteria with a good quality probiotic.
That was the magic that restored my health.

Now, I finally know the answer to why I used to break
out in hives, which I have a long history of since
infancy. My dis-ease caused me to be extremely
chemical sensitive but now that my health is restored
my body can handle the acidic world bombarding me.

I strive towards a naturally, organic lifestyle today
and I have Dr. Young to thank for bringing this
information to the public. I will forever be grateful
for all of his hard work and perseverance.

I have dreams to open up an organic cafe for Alkalinians!
I’m not sure if the world is ready but I’m setting the
stage now. Thank you for your letters and dedication.

Loyal Believer in pH Miracle Living,

Frän L. Turberville
26115 Upton Cove
San Antonio, TX 78260

PS To become part of Dr. Young’s alkaline community
go to:

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2 thoughts on “No More Chronic Hives – A Personal Testimony”

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