Support Your Alkaline Buffering System for True Immunity

Current medical science has this theory that the
white blood cells provide some sort of immunity
from sickness and dis-ease.

Based upon my observations, I would suggest that
this theory is not accurate. In my thirty years
of microbiology and watching white blood cells (WBC)
I have never seen a WBC attack anything.

In fact the white blood cells and especially the
neutrophils are like pool sweeps swimming around and
through the body fluids helping to pick up cellular
debris to maintain internal environmental purity and

The true immune system providing true immunity from
states of over-acidity is the alkaline buffering
system. The alkaline buffering system manufactures
and secrets alkaline buffering agents to maintain
the delicate alkaline pH of the body fluids at 7.365.

True immunity from the alkaline buffering system is
what keeps us healthy and strong!

Four of the alkaline buffering agents secreted by
the alkaline buffering system are sodium,
magnesium, potassium, and calcium bicarbonate. I
refer to these alkaline buffering agents as the XCO4’s
or the pHour(TM) salts.

The main organ for manufacturing and secreting these
alkaline buffering agents is our stomach – an organ
of alkaline contribution NOT an organ of digestion!

The purpose of the stomach is to alkalize the food
and drink coming into the body and to fill up the
alkaline buffering organs and glands, including
the salivary glands, pylorus glands, pancreas and

The alkaline buffering system is the primary
immune system whereas the WBC’s play only a
secondary or supportive role.

A healthy alkaline buffering system or immune system
is the cornerstone to preventing dis-ease and leading
to a long, healthy life. Fortunately, we know many
things that will help support your alkaline bufferng
immune system.

Here are some things you can do:

* Drink plenty of pure alkaline 9.5 pH water to flush
out dietary and metabolic acids (1 quart per 30 to 50
pounds of weight).

* Eat at least nine to twelve servings of fresh
(washed) green vegetables and fruits a day.

* Avoid foods containing high acidity, such as meat
(especially chicken and pork), dairy (especially
cheese), grains, corn, high sugar fruits and fruit
juices, peanuts, soy sauce, vinegar, alcohol, coffee,
tea, and soda pops.

* Consume 500 milligrams of magnesium three times
a day.

* Take mineral salts daily.

* Eat liberal amounts of long chained poly-unsaturated
fats from olive, avocado, pomegranate, hemp and flax to
help buffer the acids of diet and metabolism.

* Each day, take 200 IU of vitamin E via mixed
tocopherols (natural form). Do not take in a gelatin

* Consume 1,000 milligrams of the pHour salts 3 times
a day.

* If you are over 50 or have a history of heart
dis-ease, take 300 milligrams of CoQ10 in extra-virgin
olive or hemp oil each day. This will strengthen your
heart and boost alkaline immunity.

* Taking 30 milligrams of zinc every day will improve
the body’s ability to heal wounds and stimulate
alkaline immunity. Zinc helps to chelate dietary and
metabolic acids from carbohydrates.

* Consuming 200 micrograms of selenium every day can
boost alkaline immunity.

* Take glutathione the most powerful antioxidant
that will help support your alkaline buffering system.

For more in-depth information on supporting the
alkaline buffering system and the alkaline design
of your body may I suggest the following books,
CD’s, DVD’s and health articles by Dr. Robert and
Shelley Young:


* The pH Miracle
* The pH Miracle for Diabetes
* The pH Miracle for Weight Loss
* Sick and Tired
* Back to the House of Health I
* Back to the House of Health II
* Doc Broc and the StoneHinge Cave Adventure – for
kids of all ages.


* The pH Miracle for Microscopy
* The pH Miracle for Men and Women
* The pH Miracle for Weight Loss
* The pH Miracle for Cancer


* The pH Miracle Movie
* The Harvard Lectures
* Shopping with Shelley I and II
* Back to the House of Health
* I-Motion


4 thoughts on “Support Your Alkaline Buffering System for True Immunity”

  1. There’s a saying, “Alkaline or die.” For over 20 years now, a certain doctor in Italy cures cancer by alkalizing it with baking soda solution.


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