How To Protect Against A Cancerous Colon

All cancerous states, especially a cancerous colon
have strong links to lifestyle and diet, in terms
of both prevention and causation.

Without a doubt, Americans consume more acidic causing
carcinogens than just about any other population in the
world. As a whole, our diet is high in carcinogenic
acidic trans fats, cancerous-causing nitrosamines,
nitrites, phosphuric acid, uric acid, sulphuric acid
from animal proteins and tumor-forming acidic sugars
that spoil and rot plant, animal and human cells, like
a banana. And worse yet, we eat dangerously low amounts
of fiber that buffers and absorbs dietary and metabolic
acids, alkaline vegetables and alkaline fruits.

Finally, recent evidence indicates that glutamate,
found in MSG and other food additives, is a powerful
catalyst for spoiling cells and the increase of
cancerous tissue. That is, glutamate is acidic and
can spoil cells where ever it settles in the tissue,
making it much more deadly.

Generally speaking, it takes decades of nutritional
abuse before the colon begins to rot and spoil.

The first changes occur within special clusters of
spoiling fermenting cells found in the lining of the
colon. These are called aberrant crypt foci. The more
of these you have, the more likely you are to develop
a cancerous colon. Why? Because spoiling cancerous
cells will spoil other healthy cells making them
cancerous much like a rotten spoiling acidic apple
placed in a bushel of healthy apples will spoil all
the healthy apples causing them to become rotten, acidic
and cancerous.

Several nutrients have demonstrated the ability to
buffer or neutralize these acidic cancerous cell
clusters. The most impressive acidic neutralizers
of dietary and metabolic acids are:

1) Glutathione

2) Conjugated linolenic acid from pomegranate (CLA)

3) Bicarbonate of salts from sodium, magnesium,
potassium and calcium.

4) Avocados and Avocado Oil

Sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium buffers the
acids that can cause cancerous cells in those who
maintain a high acidic diet of meat, dairy and sugar.

Research shows that glutathione, a tri-peptide,
extracted from avocados, can powerfully suppress
many types of acids that can cause the rotting of
cells leading to a cancerous state, especially
a cancerous colon.

Also, spices such as cumin and turmeric which are
staples of Indian cuisine have been thought to
account for the significantly lower incidence a
cancerous colon within the Indian population.

Avocado oil, a mono-unsaturated fat, has been shown
to powerfully inhibit the development of cancerous cells
as well as the growth of cancerous cells that have
already developed.

Research shows that the oil CLA from pomegranate also
powerfully suppresses cancerous cells in the breast and
colon. As little as 1,000 mg. a day will be effective.
This special oil regulates immunity and directly
suppresses cancerous cell formation in the colon.
DHA and omega-3 oils also suppress cancerous cells
in the colon.

Three flavonoids that provide powerful protection
against cancerous cells in the colon are quercetin,
silymarin and ellagic acid.

A tremendous amount of recent evidence demonstrates
the dramatic anti-cancerous effects of ellagic acid.
It is a flavonoid found in most berries (especially
the meeker raspberry), pomegranate and purple grapes.
The dose is 1,000 mg. twice to three times a day.

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