No More Gout After 25 Years!

No matter what kind of health challenge you or a
loved one are experiencing, this story will provide
a little extra motivation and confidence.

This is a good account of one man’s struggle that
you can share with any of those people that you are
trying to motivate to take better care of themselves.
I have heard so often that when we try and get some
people to take a closer look at the concept of pH
Miracle balancing, we find that telling them our
story is one thing, but when people hear about the
successful challenges of other people, they seem to
take it a bit more seriously. So, feel free to pass
along Tom’s life-long struggle to anyone that you
think may benefit.

Dear Dr. Rob,

I’ve had twenty-five years of gout cured: I am 53
years young. I had my first gout attack at 28.

I tried all sorts of remedies that seemed to help
only to have them become less effective with time.
The slightest pain would put me into fear of another
acute attack. It was getting so bad that I would
spend 3 to 4 weeks in bed in excruciating pain. I
had to crawl to the bathroom. Gout was getting into
my elbows so I couldn’t use crutches. A bed sheet
laying on the inflammation was excruciating.

I had it for 3 weeks and then a month or two later I
had another 4 week attack. I heard of Dr. Young years
before I got serious about his program. I knew the
green smoothies that he talked about made me feel better
but I was so addicted to the S.A.D.(standard American
diet), especially sugar, that I couldn’t stomach greens.

The last gout attack hit me after eating a whole bag
of cookies. I couldn’t stay away from the refined
sugar no matter how hard I tried. I knew sugar would
torture me, yet I kept going back. It was worse then
any drug I could imagine. I always thought I could get
away with eating sugar, coffee, alcohol and other high
acid foods, but never could.

Finally, I picked up Dr. Youngs book “The PH Miracle.”
All the foods he claimed were acidic, I noticed triggered
attacks in me, including foods that many considered to
be health foods like mushrooms, spirulina, blue green

Also, I noticed that some foods that alternative health
books claimed I should not eat, never seemed to bother
me. Foods like tomatoes & night shade vegatables.
Although potatoes were one night shade, they did bother
me. Interesting enough, Dr. Young recommended avoiding
eating potatoes, especially white skin potatoes. For my
body, everything he said rang true.

So, after 3 weeks of torturous pain from another attack,
I ordered Dr. Young’s complete program of Liquid
colloidals, capsules, pH drops and greens along with
some healing soup recipes that Arnold sent me.

After starting the program, in two days I could get
out of bed. After a week, I could walk normally.
After completing the program I felt 10 years younger.
It was truly a miracle, although I still had an addiction
that I was having a hard time breaking. Every time
I had the least bit of sugar it flared up again.

Of course, that was in Dr. Young’s book also. True to
his words, the least little bit of sugar was like
throwing white gas on a fire. I erupted with another
gout attack and then back on his program I would go.
Back and forth I went until eventually the addiction
broke and I returned to health.

I still have a ways to go, but now I can enjoy life
again. I’m hiking, kayaking and doing the things
I love. I have a new life and bless the pH Miracle
Lifestyle and Diet Plan every day that I feel good.
I rarely have any desire for anything sweet. Just
the thought of eating sugar makes me gag. So thank
you Dr. Young, and my friend, Arnold Briones, and all
the people that help bring your products to me.


My deepest gratitude.


PS To learn more about the science of pH Miracle
Living, Eating and Thinking go to:

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Copyright Dr. Robert O. Young

7 thoughts on “No More Gout After 25 Years!”

  1. I am a fan of green smoothies and the Raw Vegan lifestyle. Eliminating acidic foods from my mom’s diet is what helped her arthritis. This is a great post, I can’t wait to read more. By the way, I noticed your favorite movies…I just finished watching the Firefly series and the movie Serenity…are you a fan?Cheers!Kristen’s Raw


  2. I have followed a vegetarian life style for the past 10 years. And now at 19 i am now diagnosed with Gout “not to mention I am female”. Although it does run in my family I am worried. Within the next week I’m going to go vegan then raw vegan.Do you have any advice?ps. I am and always have bin under weight. Looks like the myths on Gout don’t always apply


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  4. I have been drinking about 32oz.of green smoothie daily for about 3 months. I went to my diabetes doctor today and she was reading my lab results from a couple weeks earlier. She was was very startled to see that my gout reading was very high. It was non existent when I saw her three months before. Can this be from the Smoothies?


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