No More Pain and No More Arthritis!

The following is an unsolicited testimony
of a 43 year old male diagnosed with a rare
form of arthritis.


Dear Dr. Young,

Thanks for your emails.i have a great success
story to tell you. I am 43 and have always been
very fit and healthy. About 3 years ago I
started to get pains in my left knee. The knee
swelled dramatically and under advice of a Doctor
I received cortisone injections to reduce the

This was then followed by pains in my shoulder
which was very quickly followed by the other
shoulder. Eventually I couldn’t raise my arms
more than 3 inches.

The Doctor sent me for blood tests which showed
my C Reactive Protein and Plasma Viscosity was
off the charts.

I went through the conventional system who eventually
after much head scratching diagnosed me as having
a rare form of arthritis which was attacking my

They prescribed a cancer drug and bi-weekly blood
tests to ensure my liver wasn’t going into failure.

By this time I was unable to play golf, run or do
any sport.

They informed me their was no cure and if I didn’t
take their drugs I would be in a wheel chair within
5 years.

I asked my Doctor’s if diet made any difference
and they said absolutely NO!

I took the Doctor’s prescribed drugs for about 3
months until my liver was not happy and became very
sick from the drugs.

I came across the acid alkaline argument via a living
health CD of an interview with you and Tony Robbins.

I decided on my own to stop taking the drugs and
follow your pH Miracle Living lifestyle and diet.

I have followed the pH Miracle Living lifestyle and
diet ever since and have been on your program for
about 9 months.

I am sure you can guess the rest of the story!

I’m now back playing golf and my blood tests
are completely normal.

The best news of all is I have NO PAIN and

I am a pH Miracle indeed.


Martin Miller


As someone that looks to improve their health we
are pleased to offer you this free audio, an
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“There are only two ways to live your life.
One, is as though there are no miracles.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
Albert Einstein

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Copyright © 2007 by Robert O. Young, Ph.D.

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