The pH Miracle for Diabetes is 100% Effective in ALL Case Studies

The following is an unsolicited testimony on
significant changes in blood sugar, weight,
pulse, A1C, and blood pressure when following
the pH Miracle for Diabetes Lifestyle and Diet.

Based on my own clinical research on diabetes I
have found that increasing fluid alkalinity
and reducing tissue acidity will lower blood
sugars and A1C, improve blood pressure and
pulse and help reduce excess acidic weight in
100% (Yes I said 100%!) of ALL Type I and
Type II diabetics.

My hope is that the pH Miracle for Diabetes
will stop being a secret and will become
the foundation for a cure for the millions
of diabetics around the world!

In love and healing light,

Robert O. Young Ph.D.


Dear Dr Young:

The following results have accured since sending
you my last report. I wanted to make sure that the
pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet was not a hype. Let
my blood sugar levels, blood pressure, pulse and
weight speak for themselves.

Date: Time Sugar Level Blood Pres Pulse Weight

10/29/07 169 mg/dl 128/66 67 ?
10/30/07 131 mg/dl 151/80 52 318 lbs
10/31/07 430AM 99 mg/dl 145/76 59 317 1/2 lbs
11/01/07 530AM 109 mg/dl 148/78 60 311 lbs
11/02/07 730AM 102 mg/dl 153/85 61 307 lbs
11/03/07 715AM 98 mg/dl 150/78 60 307 lbs
11/04/07 800AM 85 mg/dl 151/78 49 307 lbs

I went to the University Health Care Utah Diabetes
Center at 800 AM on 2 Nov 07 to keep appointment to
have my exam and blood work done. My last A1C was
8.4. Today it was 7.3. Weight was down six pounds.
My records show weight down eleven pounds. My blood
sugar showed around 116 mg/dl at the facility. The
Center inquired what I was doing to make these drastic
changes in my blood work and weight. I told them
what I had read and the theory behind it and had shown
them your book “The pH Miracle for Diabetes”. They were
very impressed and wanted to get a copy. They thought
the blood pressure would go down with the weight loss.

This is what has happen to the best of my knowledge
and I thought you would like to know.

I have not used any products other than those supplements
that are listed in The pH Miracle for Diabetes.

Thank you Dr. Young.

Best regards,

Gordon Herrick

3 thoughts on “The pH Miracle for Diabetes is 100% Effective in ALL Case Studies”

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