Breast Cancer Linked To Abortion, Birth Control and HRT

A new UK study says that induced abortion is the
“best predictor” of cancerous breasts, and calls
the current widespread incidence of breast cancer
“epidemic.” The study appears in the Fall edition
of The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons,
and is authored by Patrick Carroll, M.A., who is
the Director of Research for the Pension and
Population Research Institute in London.

The study is based on data collected in eight
European countries: England and Wales; Scotland;
Northern Ireland; the Irish Republic, Sweden;
the Czech Republic; Finland; and Denmark. The
national cancer registration data in each of
these eight countries was correlated with
comprehensive abortion data on file. The study
made special note of the fact that such detailed,
reliable data is not available in the United States,
asserting that “official abortion statistics in the
United States and France are known to understate
the numbers of legal induced abortions.”

The forecasts for the increase in cancerous breasts
in the eight countries studied are huge and they
are dire. In England and Wales, for instance, the
cases are expected to explode from the 39,229 cases
reported in 2004 to over 65,000 in 2025, an increase
of more than 66 percent. Similar trends are forecast
in the other seven countries.

The study lists seven known factors which either raise
the risk of breast cancer or lower it.

Factors that raise the risk:

* Induced abortion. Induced abortion is given as
the number one risk-raising factor, especially when a
woman has never given birth to a child because, the
researchers said, such an abortion “leaves breast
cells in a state of interrupted hormonal development
in which they are more susceptible.”
* Hormonal contraceptives
* Hormonal replacement therapy (HRT)

Factors that lower the risk:

* Bearing children
* Giving birth at a low age.
* Higher fertility — giving birth to a larger
number of children.
* Breastfeeding

The study concludes that the increase in breast
cancer rates is tied first to an increase in
abortion rates, and second to lower fertility
(fewer births). For the immediate future, the
study said a further increase in cancerous breasts
is to be expected because women who are now older
than 45 have had more abortions and fewer children
than previous generations.

The breasts also become cancerous as the body
throws metabolic and dietary acids into the the
fatty breast tissue to help maintain the alkaline
design of the blood.

To lower risk of cancerous breasts one would need
to reduce metabolic and dietary acids through an
increase in alkaline foods and drinks, exercise,
rest and relaxation, and reduced emotional stress.

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