Everyone Has A Story

Everyday I am blessed to receive inspiring
emails of human trials and triumphs that move
me to tears. I am continually reminded of how
fragile life is and the importance of making
good alkaline lifestyle and dietary choices.

I would like to share with you two emails
from a man named Frank, that I hope will inspire
you or a loved one to make better alkaline lifestyle
and dietary choices. My hope is that you will
embrace and live the pH Miracle lifestyle and diet
so that you might enjoy the blessings of incredible
health, energy and vitality, free from all sickness
and dis-ease.

In love and healing light,

Dr. Robert O. Young


Dear Dr. Young,

Good morning and thank you for your reply and your
kind words. You can absolutely share my story with
the community, but as you were reading my email,
here’s what you did not know and I want to go back
around three years ago to set it up and share it with
you. It is pertinent and an important health lesson
for people out there to understand. Everyone has a

Three years ago I was laid off from my job as a
supervisor at Brookhaven National Laboratory.
Having a house, bills, and child support to come
up with every month I had to either look for a job
in the same line of work or change my career.
Ironically three months came and went and my
ex-wife who was having health problems with her
digestive system was admitted into the hospital.
She was bleeding and had around three cups of
blood a day from her rectum. She was diagnosed
with IBS, irritable bowel syndrome.

I will never forget being told that she may not
make it off the table, because she became septic
after her first operation and had t be rushed in
again for an emergency surgery. I decided that I
wanted to bring my two girls who were about 8 and
11 at the time, to come up and see her; quite
possibly for the last time. It was then and there
that I decided to pursue to sign up and study to
become a RN, I wanted to make a difference.

Long story short, fast forward to today: she has
had approx. 17 operations and over millions of
dollars in bills; with each operation a piece of
her digestive system removed. Her journey went
from a community hospital, to Stony Brook Hospital,
to L.I. Jewish Hospital and then to the Cleveland
Clinic Hospital, the #2 rated hospital for this
kind of condition, when after the head doctor at
L.I. J said that he couldn’t help her. She has
been in and out of the hospital for three years
now and at times for months at a time. The operations
consisted of removing her colon, giving her an
ilieostomy bag, creating a J-pouch out of her
intestines, having that not heal properly and
after becoming septic again, having that removed.
Her intestines were wasting.

And yesterday, September 25, nearly three years
later she had a major surgery and has been in
the hospital for two months now. The doctors had
to go in again and hopefully find where she was
seeping out from and stop it or remove other parts
of her small intestine. The doctor in charge told
her to pray. I guess even to doctor’s there is a
place where science ends and God begins. Anyway,
she had all of her small intestines removed and
has to be on TPN her whole life now, the doctors
“think” she had Chrohns dis-ease. She is not even
40 years old!

So why did I tell you all this? Simple. Your email
this morning, “How To Protect Against A Cancerous Colon.”
My wife’s illness could of been prevented. Our
lifestyle and the foods we eat were killing us.
It was an amazing coincidence that this morning
I opened up your email and there were my answers.

Get to the children early. Teach them that whenever
you eat something, your body looks at it and will
use it to metabolize for the nourishment to sustain
life or be used for its abuse. Use or abuse, one or
the other, and we are the gatekeepers. Our immune
system is working 24/7 to fight the foreign substances
in our food! Our bodies systems are all working hard
to get us back in balance, and hopefully it will, and
if it doesn’t, it is when we get sick and have health
problems. Do the lifestyle change now and help
yourselves to be healthy.

I want to again thank you for all your important
information and for your work and also for
instructing me on how to live healthy. One day next
year I plan to come and do the three day retreat
and come out to see you.

Be well,



Dear Frank:

Thank you for your email and for standing up for the truth.
Congratulations for becoming an RN and your desire to help
people with their health.

I also want to thank you for your sincere desire to share
the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet.

Please share with the middle school children that a
healthy body is alkaline body and a sick body is an
acidic body and the foods that heal and the foods that

All of this information is updated in our latest
book, The pH Miracle for Weight Loss.

I hope this helps. Let me know if there is anything else
I can do.

Kindest regards,

Dr. Robert O. Young


Dear Dr. Young,

I am a senior nursing student and am graduating
this December and plan to continue my studies and
specialize in anesthesia as a CRNA in the years
ahead. I also am a avid believer in the power of
proper nutrition and your work and wish that
people would respect their bodies so that they
can avoid the hospital altogether. I have applied
the pH Miracle to my life, lost 30 pounds in 30
days a little over 2 1/2 years ago and kept it
off as well as eliminating my joint pain and
helping me understand what exactly is going on
in the body as we metabolize and utilize foods.

The reason for my email is that myself and 9
other students in my clinical group are doing a
presentation to middle school students on the
importance of proper nutrition to combat obesity,
diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension,
digestive problems and inflammation and I would
like to include information regarding the pH miracle.
And because I am a “nut” when it comes to nutrition
they chose me to do the presentation with their
help of course. I plan to show visuals as part of
the presentation, such as showing them the amount
of sugar an average child eats, what 10 lbs of fat
looks like, as well as some graphic pictures
(within reason) of people who have let themselves
go and are hospitalized because of poor nutritional

As part of informational items, i would like to show
pictures of your photos which you have on the web
regarding your blood analysis. I want to particularly
focus and show what blood looks like from a diabetic,
obese, cancer and client with digestive problems.

May I use them or could you supply me with some other
photos from your microscopy course which really would
be beneficial.

I also would like to show them and tell them about
the pH Miracle and would like to bring a little fish
tank in (with one of those little plastic fishes that
move around) to teach them your fishbowl metaphor.
Please let me know if you can help out in anyway.

It is so frustrating during this course to have to
listen to the professors stressing the food pyramid
and to educate our clients with the pyramid. At my
last teaching project presentation in front of my
class I basically tore it up and said it was garbage,
only to see my instructors look at me like deers in
the headlight. I pointed out that isn’t it amazing
that the body hasn’t changed but the pyramid changes
every 5 years depending on what industry wants to
lobby harder. I also showed several food pyramids
from different countries, anyway you get my point.

After I become a RN I will stress proper nutrition
to my patients and teach them to question old
paradigms, turn off American idol, the reality shows
and get into the reality show of their own life and
the reality that they need to respect their bodies,
avoid hospital stays and become educated on what
makes their body tick.

Well I thank you for your time and I hope you can help.

Be well and God Bless you and your family,

Keep up the good work.



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