Going Strong at 79 Years Young!

I hope you will read my following letter
to Dr. Robert O. Young.

Everything in my letter is factual and the
way I live now is really miraculous.

Things have changed for me and are getting
better every day. The diet is now more
liberal since I am now in alkaline balance.

Dr. Young is a microbiologist, biochemist
and naturopathic doctor, not a medical
doctor, but he is better than any medical
doctor I have ever known.

I recommend his book, “The pH Miracle,” which
only costs $14.95, and is worth much more, if
you use its information.


If you are diabetic or need to lose or gain
weight, he has two other books,
“The pH Miracle for Diabetes” and “The pH
Miracle for Weight Loss.”

Some diabetics who go on his program are
able to throw their insulin away.


Ben Conley



Dear Doctor Young,

I started the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet the
first of August this year. I am 79 years of age,
with brain fog terrible, groggy all the time,
just full, felt really bad, terrible pain in
my legs, hardly able to walk, and pain everywhere.
My medical doctor said it was just being old.
He could only offer mind altering drugs.

In less then two weeks after going on the pH
Miracle Lifestyle and Diet the brain fog was
gone and now I am just as alert as 40 years

In six weeks the leg pain was totally gone and
now I take a good mile to two mile walk every
day, with no pain. No hip pain anymore either.
No Pain AT ALL!

I feel great especially after a little exercise,
and then great all day. I am getting physically
fit and stronger.

My cholesterol is down 25 percent.

I sleep better.

I am sexually active again!

I am telling everyone about this rebirth.

Oh yes, though I wasn’t really overweight,
my pants are now so loose in the waist that
I;m having to buy new ones, 2 inches in the
waist smaller.

I weigh five pounds less.

Thank you Dr. Robert and Shelley Young for
showing a young old man how to live well

I am on this pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet

Ben Conley
8201 Sands Point Drive
Houston, Texas 77036

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