Birth Control Pills Are Acidic and May Cause Bone Loss

Taking oral contraceptives can lower a young women’s
bone density according to research by LMU Professor
of Natural Science Hawley Almstedt and Oregon State
University Professor of Natural Science
Christine M. Snow.

This is the first study to analyze 18-25 year
old women oral contraceptives and bone density.
It is critical for women to develop strong bone
mass during their adolescence. Although women’s
peak bone development occurs at the age of 16,
women’s bones are still developing during their
late teens and early twenties.

Oral contraceptives create a barrier in young women’s
bodies, affecting their ability to fully develop
high bone mass. Therefore, women who take birth
control pills between 18 and 25 will have lower bone
density than those women who do not take oral
contraceptives, according to the study.

Why do oral contraceptives cause bone loss?

Because, oral contraceptives are acidic and can
compromise the delicate alkaline pH balance of
the body fluids causing the release of calcium ions
from the bones to buffering the increased acidity
from the drug. This happens as a natural response
to increased acidity to maintain the delicate pH
of the blood at 7.365.

The increased acidity in the blood and tissues from
the oral contraceptives leads to low bone density which
could then lead to Osteoporosis, a skeletal disease,
affecting 44 million people in the United States, 80
percent of who are women. One of the best ways to
prevent Osteoporosis is to for the body to build high
bone mass during youth with a high pH alkaline diet of
green foods and green drinks. Exercise and nutritional
supplementation with green fruits and vegetables are
also critical factors that influence peak bone mass.

The research examined 98 women in two groups; those who
took oral contraceptives and those who did not. The
researchers measured the women’s bone density at the
hip, whole body and spine by Dual-energy x-ray

Their research, titled “Oral contraceptives use in young
women is associated with lower bone mineral density
than that of controls,” was published in “Osteoporosis

My research indicates that the best way to build and
maintain healthy bones is to build healthy blood.


Because healthy bones are a product of healthy blood
in an alkaline environment.

The best way to build healthy blood is with foods and
drinks that are bio-identical. Those foods and drinks
that are bio-identical are high in chlorophyll and
are alkalizing to the blood and tissues. Since the
chlorophyll molecule is bio-identical to the hemoglobin
molecule, green foods and drinks are the best for
building blood and in turn making healthy body cells,
including bone cells.

To learn more about the importance of green
foods and green drinks in your diet go to:

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