The Benefits of Liquid Colliodal Sapphire

Precious and semi-precious gemstones emit
concentrated rays of strong, pure ‘Chi’

For example, ruby emits hot, red rays and is
used to mediate dis-ease arising from cold
and dampness.

Tibetan and Indian Doctors employ the heat
of Ruby to deal with problems like varicose
ulcer, low blood pressure, low libido,
constipation and anemia – these are all
cold dis-eases.

Ruby raises the skin and body temperature,
increases the metabolic rate and circulation
and also increases muscle tension. Ruby is
beneficial for clients with a large, heavy
body type and a slow and cold physiological

In contrast, emerald emits cold green rays
and is used to mediate dis-ease arising from
too much heat – burns, contusions, anorexia,
diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach
ulcers, cystitis and eczema are some examples.

The green rays of Emerald lower skin and body
temperature, reduce libido, slow the metabolic
rate and circulation and relax muscle tension.

Anyone can confirm these effects by monitoring
the client’s pulse or using thermometers or a
blood pressure meter, before and after treatment
with Gem medicines.

The following is a list of the various precious
and semi-precious gemstones and their healing

Gem Color Energy and Healing Properties
Ruby Red Hot, heating, drying, energizing,
Pearl Orange Cooling, moist and harmonizing,
Coral Yellow Warm, enlivening, cleansing
Emerald Green Cold, unifying and solidifying,
Topaz Blue Cool, soft, satisfying,
Diamond Indigo Stimulating, invigorating
and clarifying, antiseptic, antidepressant
Sapphire Violet Cool, tranquillizing, soothing,
analgesic, sedative, antispasmodic
Chrysoberyl Infra-red Soft, deep penetrating
heat, drying, energizing
Zircon Ultra violet Coldest ray of all,
used in cases of excess heat.

The types of gems used by Robert O. Young, Ph.D., D.Sc.
are those used traditionally in holistic medicine
throughout India, Tibet, the Middle East and Europe.

Gems are reservoirs of pure radiating energy!

The white light from the Sun has a broad spectrum,
made up of seven bands of frequencies. These color
bands can be seen in a rainbow. Gemstones emit
concentrated rays of pure color. The light of the
Sun or color therapy lamps only just penetrate the
skin, their beneficial effect has to be carried
deeper by the blood.

When we stand in front of a coal fire, invisible,
low frequency infra-red rays pass through the
body. Infra-red creates the feeling of heat in
the body by speeding up the electron activity
inside the atoms of tissue and bone marrow as
the rays pass through.

All warm-blooded animals enjoy the input of
energy from infra-red rays. Cold weather slows
our vibrationalrate, our muscles go tense, we
shiver, using up electrons of energy in order
to generate heat.

Infra-red rays raise our atomic vibrational
rate and relax our endocrine system.

The concentrated rays of gemstones influence
cellular activity at an atomic level where
gross chemical drugs cannot penetrate.

The beam of a hospital’s Ruby laser is several
times hotter than the surface of the Sun. It
vaporises molecules on contact and can cut
through almost any substance. Many crystalline
materials can transform energy from one level
to another.

Lasers are a dramatic example of the power of
gemstones. Gemstone rays can pass through the
body and influence cellular behavior in a similar
way to infra-red rays. The color of the gem
stone determines its effect on the living

Natural crystals or gemstones?

Most people confuse crystal therapy and gem
therapy, thinking them to be the same. Quartz
crystals do not have much color and their
energy is non-specific.

The energy of large crystals can be pleasant
or irritating depending on who is using the
crystal and what it is being used for. For
this reason crystals have to be continually
cleansed and purified. Quartz crystals are
not ascribed any specific medicinal properties
in the textbooks of traditional Indian medicine,
although they are mentioned.

Quartz crystals act as amplifiers and are
dependent on the of the integrity of the
therapist using them.

Gemstones have stable, inherent medicinal
properties that anyone can use. These properties
are independent of the person applying them.
Therefore their use is consistent and repeatable.

Gemstones give superior results over natural
crystals or geological samples. The more luster
and ‘fire’ emitted by the gemstone, the more
effective for health benefits.

Listed below are some of the most commonly used
Gemstones developed by Dr. Robert O. Young for
restoring health, energy and vitality. These
energy supplements are available on our website at:

The Liquid Diamond is the first of the following
energy supplements being released. We are now
releasing Liquid Sapphire with Vanadium and
Liquid Sapphire.

LIQUID SAPPHIRE is recommended for alopecia,
backache, dandruff, dysmenorrhea, earache,
eczema, gout, headache, inflammation, laryngitis,
lumbago, neuralgia, neuritis, orchitis, otorrhea,
Diabetes, Parkinson symptoms, pericarditis,
pharyngitis, psoriasis, vertigo. Blue Sapphire
‘Chi’ is cool, tranquillizing, soothing,
analgesic, sedative and antispasmodic.

Combining natural healing with the energy of
gemstones can influence the cohesion and
vibrational rate of cells, organs or glands.

The levels and the quality of the ‘Chi’ energy
in gemstones can be increased and its quality
adjusted and controlled through a colloidal
process and then released when ingested to give
you increased health, energy and vitality.

Liquid Colloidal Sapphire with Vanadium
Liquid Colloidal Sapphire
Liquid Colloidal Diamond
4 ounce bottle
Price: 59.00 plus S&H each
Take 10 to 15 drops under the tongue


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