A Common Acidic Chemical in Food Doubles Your Risk For Cancer

A common acidic chemical found in many cooked
foods can raise a woman’s risk of developing
acidic or cancerous tissues. A Dutch study
involving 120,000 people found that the acidic
chemical acrylamide doubled a woman’s risk of
developing a cancerous uterus or ovaries.

Acrylamide is caused by frying, grilling,
barbecuing or roasting meats and potatoes.
Acrylamide happens when the acids of the
food are crystallized with the fat of the food.

It is also found in other acidic cooked foods
such as bread, coffee, and breakfast cereals.
The study found that eating 40 milligrams a day
of acrylamides — the amount found in a single
package of potato chips or a serving of French
fries — was enough to double a woman’s risk for
an acidic or cancerous state.

The European Union now advises people to avoid
burnt toast and French fries because of their
high levels of acrylamide. They also recommend
more home-cooking, because foods cooked at home
contain lower amounts of the acidic cancerous-
causing chemical than fast foods, processed
products and restaurant meals.

Back in 2000, blackened toast and charred meat
were found to have acidic chemicals that contributed
to the risk of a cancerous condition, and in 2002,
several products, including Kellogg’s Rice Crispies
and Pringles potato chips were found to have higher
levels of the acid, acrylamide that international
safety limits permitted.

According to Dr. Robert O. Young the answer is
simple, “maintain the alkaline design of your
body and you will prevent ALL sickness and

2 thoughts on “A Common Acidic Chemical in Food Doubles Your Risk For Cancer”

  1. This is totally truth so there is other truth because it not only affect women but also men because those acids, and frequent habit to Buy Cialis increase the risk in men to get prostate cancer.


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