Happy Healthy Feet

Human feet are amazing. The feet contain a quarter
of the bones in the body. Each foot has 26 bones,
33 joints and more than 100 tendons. But like the
rest of the body, feet eventually begin to feel the
effects of daily wear and tear and especially from
an over-acidic lifestyle and diet.

Foot problems are common in women, particularly with
advancing age. Years of frequent high-heel wear can
permanently damage tendons in the heel. Shoes that
fit too tightly can cause problems. The December
issue of Mayo Clinic Women’s Health Source covers
common concerns about feet and what might help:

Blisters: They are caused by the friction of shoes
over the skin. Blisters shouldn’t be popped.
Instead, applying moleskin or a bandage helps.
A blister that breaks should be washed, treated with
antiseptic ointment, like coconut oil and covered
with a bandage.

Bunions: These are misaligned big toe joints where
the big toe slants toward the second toe. They can
become swollen and tender, especially if aggravated
by tight shoes. Wearing wider shoes, as well as
using cushioning pads or shoe inserts, may help.

Corns and calluses: These thick, hardened layers of
skin develop where the shoe frequently rubs the foot.
Moleskin or padding may help relieve discomfort.
Corns and calluses should never be cut at home.
Instead, seeing a podiatrist is advised.

Hammertoe: A toe, often the second, bends like a claw.
Hammertoe usually results from a muscle imbalance,
but it can be worsened by ill-fitting shoes or
hosiery that’s too tight. Wide shoes and one
size longer can help.

Heel pain: The cause is stretching or tearing of
the band of tissue that runs along the bottom of
the foot due to localized acidity (plantar fascia).
Pain can worsen with lack of proper arch and heel
support and stretching before exercising. Ice
massage, gentle stretching of the arches, and
arch-support inserts can help relieve tension.
Splinting or physical therapy could be recommended,

Ingrown toenails: Often improper clipping causes
toenails to grow into the skin. Nails should always
be clipped straight across. A doctor can remove
ingrown nails that are painful or infected.

Joint pain in the ball of the foot: Called
metatarsalgia, this condition is commonly caused
by wearing high heels. Pain can be relieved by
applying ice to the foot and avoiding further
stress. Shoe inserts, such as metatarsal pads,
shock-absorbing insoles and arch supports,
may help.

Pump bump: This is the common term for a bony
enlargement on the back of the heel. Shoes with
rigid backs or straps can aggravate the bump.
Pain can be eased by avoiding shoes that aggravate
the condition or using a pad to cushion the heel.

You can also detox the feet from localized
acidity that may be causing sore or painful
feet with Accuped Detox Foot Pads.

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