What Happened to That Imaginary Avian Flu Virus and Epidemic?

What Happened to That Imaginary Bird Flu Epidemic?

The strain of bird flu that can be deadly to humans
appears not to have moved through the world with
migrating flocks of wild birds, despite scientists

Thousands of wild birds were tested in a wide variety
of countries. There was no sign of the virus at all in
Africa, and only sparse detections in Europe. It is
unknown to scientists why bird flu is not spreading in
the wild more widely and quickly. (But not unknown to
us when we understand the New Biology)

More than 13,000 wild birds were tested since February
in the Netherlands, a major bird migration route. None
have carried the virus. The EU has started to ease
restrictions in recent months, but continues to strictly
regulate poultry in farms near wildlife water reserves
and river deltas.

Despite all those ‘Chicken Little’ warnings from so-called
‘health experts,’ that rumored bird flu epidemic — predicted
to kill some 2 million Americans — turned out to be a whole
lot of hot air.

When you know the true cause of dis-ease, which is the
over-acidification of the blood and tissues due to an
inverted way of living, eating and thinking, then you
understand this imaginary bird flu virus has more to do
about selling more drugs and making more money for big
business then protecting our health.

The colds and flus that we experience during the year is
the body’s alkaline buffering system removing excess
acidity out of the body through urination, perspiration,
respiration and defecation.

Colds and flus ARE NOT CAUSED BY A VIRUS! They are caused
by dietary and metabolic acids – especially the acid

If you want a cold or a flu this coming NEW YEAR eat more
acidic sugary foods and drinks, animal proteins and alcohol.

To protect yourself from the symptoms of excess tissue
acidity that can cause the aches and pains we associate
with colds and flus, may I suggest the following:

1) Drink 1 glass of pHour salts with 1 scoop in 4 to
6 ounces of distilled or purified water 3 times
a day.


2) Drink 3 to 4 liters of fresh or powdered green
fruit and vegetable juices every day.


3) Take 4 capsules of pHlush or magnesium oxide 3 times
a day with alkaline pH water or green juices.


4) Take a spray of pHlavor salts in the mouth 6 to 9
times a day.


5) Eat 9 to 12 servings of green vegetables and fruits
every day.


6) Eat 2 to 3 ounces of unsaturated fat from hemp seed,
flax seed, borage seed, olive, avocado, primrose, and
fatty fish, every day.


7) Do not eat foul of any kind. They are highly acidic
as applied in their name.

8) Stay away from all pork products.

9) You can eat fatty fish like, trout, sea bass,
salmon and tuna. The oils in fatty fish will buffer
dietary and metabolic acids.

10) Remember dairy is scary. Dairy contains lots of
lactose sugar which becomes lactic acid in the body.
Lactic acid is one of the major causes of cancerous
tissue, especially breast and prostate cancer.
So stay away from ALL dairy products.

11) Ideally all alcohol beverages, soda pops and
soda water are highly acidic and should all be
avoided to prevent any sickness or dis-ease.

12) Remember stress is 3 times more acidic then
the food you eat. A high percentage of heart
attacks are caused by a thought attack. So relax
and enjoy life in the moment.

13) Get adequate rest – at least 8 hours a day.

14) Avoid coffee, tea, chocolate and tobacco.

15) Drink fresh ginger tea with fresh squeezed lemon
juice in alkaline pH water.

16) Drink alkaline 9.5 pH water daily, when drinking


17) Avoid eggs. They contain over 37,500 pathological
microbes per egg and pollute the blood. This activates
the immunes system to clean up the cellular pollution
which can take up to 72 hours.

18) Exercise daily for at least 1 hour each day and
sweat, sweat, sweat! When you are sweating you are
moving dietary and metabolic acids through the pores
of the skin and protecting the delicate alkaline pH
of the body!


19) Laugh out loud daily.

20) Each day take time out of your day to meditate
and/or pray.

For more information on the truth about viruses, colds
and flus read our books, Sick and Tired and the Second
Thought About Viruses, Vaccines and the HIV/AIDS
Hypothesis and The pH Miracle Series of books.
Sick and Tired and The pH Miracle book series can be
found at your local book store or on our website at:



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5 thoughts on “What Happened to That Imaginary Avian Flu Virus and Epidemic?”

  1. H5N1 has spread into Africa.It has been found in birds in Benin, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Djibouti, Egypt, Niger, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan and Zimbabwe. In each of these areas people are in danger of infection.There has been human-to-human transmission in Indonesia and Pakistan among other countries.There was no time limit for the virus to become a pandemic. And the danger has not passed. The virus is continuing to evolve and spread.


  2. wow, hard 2 tell U are a Dr. Yes, viruses do exist- they change all the time. I think maybe U are in denial about Bird flu – cause then U’re research would be all in vain. Now – I see how complicated U’re regimine is… most animals don’t have 2 eat like that 4 optimum health, why should humans? Plus U’re pushing merch …that explains it some.


  3. H5N1 avian flu: Spread by drinking water into small clusters: Human to human and contact transmission of influenza occur – but are overvalued immense. In the course of Influenza epidemics in Germany recognized clusters are rarely (9% of the cases in the season 2005). In temperate climates the lethal H5N1 avian flu virus will be transferred to humans strong seasonal in the cold via cold drinking water, as with the birds feb/mar 2006. Recent research must worry: So far the virus had to reach the bronchi and the lungs in order to infect humans. Now it infects the upper respiratory system (mucous membranes of the throat e.g. when drinking and mucous membranes of the nose and probably also the conjunctiva of the eyes as well as the eardrum e.g. at showering). In a few cases (Viet Nam, Thailand) stomach and intestine by the H5N1 virus were stricken but not the bronchi and the lungs. The virus might been orally taken up, e.g. when drinking contaminated water. The performance to eliminate viruses of the drinking water processing plants in Germany regularly does not meet the requirements of the WHO and the USA/USEPA. Conventional disinfection procedures are poor, because microorganisms in the water are not in suspension, but embedded in particles. Even ground water used for drinking water is not free from viruses. In temperate climates the strong seasonal waterborne infections like norovirus, rotavirus, salmonellae, campylobacter and – differing from the usual dogma – influenza are mainly triggered by drinking water dependent on the drinking water temperature (in Germany minimum feb/mar – maximum august). There is no evidence that influenza primary is transmitted by saliva droplets. In temperate climates the strong interdependence between influenza infections and environmental temperatures can’t be explained with the primary biotic transmission by saliva droplets from human to human with temperatures of 37.5°C. There must be an abiotic vehicle like cold drinking water. There is no other appropriate abiotic vehicle. In Germany about 98% of inhabitants have a central public water supply with older and better protected water. Therefore in Germany cold water is decisive to virulence of viruses. In hot climates/tropics the flood-related influenza is typical after extreme weather and natural after floods. Virulence of Influenza virus depends on temperature and time. If young and fresh H5N1 contaminated water from low local wells, cisterns, tanks, rain barrels or rice fields is used for water supply water temperature for infection may be higher as in temperate climates. Dipl.-Ing. Wilfried Soddemann eMail soddemann-aachen@t-online.de http://www.dugi-ev.de/information.html Epidemiological Analysis: http://www.dugi-ev.de/TW_INFEKTIONEN_H5N1_20071019.pdf


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