Doc Broc on Fox News

You now have the chance to teach your children
the value of eating healthy alkalizing foods
with the help of Doc Broc and his trusty sidekick,
the AvoRado Kid.

The following link is a free video of an interview
of Shelley Young, Adam Young, the authors of this
incredible book and Doc Broc, himself in person,
on Fox News!

Listen and/or read all about how Doc and the AvoRado
Kid enter the Stone Hinge Cave, meet up with the
Meaty Meanies, and rescue Luscious Lettuce. Produced
in full-color and hard back cover, complete with a CD
that contains music, sound effects and character

Recipes for kids of ALL AGES are also offered. Both
you and your child or grandchild will love this
adventurous tale as Doc and Lucious seek to find
the River of Life – the blood.

Order your kids a copy today of Doc Broc and the
StoneHinge Cave Adventure and receive a Doc Broc
Coloring book ($4.95 value) FREE.

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