The Prevention and/or Reversal of the Common Cold With Liquid Sea Salt Water

For parents worried about how to treat children’s
colds now that some medicines have been called into
question, the answer may be a spray of liquid mineral
sea salt water.

But first, before we treat a cold we need to know
what a cold is and/or what causes the common cold.

The answer is simple. A cold is the body’s way of
eliminating excess dietary and metabolic acidity
through the elimination organs (skin, lungs, bladder
and bowels) of the body in order to maintain the
delicate alkaline pH of the internal milieu or

The cause of the common cold is a consequence of
acidic lifestyle and dietary choices. It is NOT
caused by a virus. It is NOT something that you
catch. It is something that you do! Once again,
the common cold is caused by personal acidic
lifestyle and dietary choice. The cold is the
body’s way of bringing the body back from acidity
to alkalinity. The cold or even the flu is your
friend not your foe. Thank God for the cold and flu
and the body’s perfect way in dealing with poor
lifestyle and dietary choice.

For example, the lifestyle choices that may give
rise to the common cold include lack of exercise,
and mental or emotional stress.

The dietary choices that may give rise to the
common cold include increased amounts of sugar,
protein or alcohol.

The common cold is not a sickness. Over-acidity is
the sickness and the cold is the body’s way of
eliminating the excess acidity from the body fluids.

The cure is simple. Support the alkaline design
of the body through a process of alkalizing lifestyle
and dietary choices.

One of those choices to help buffer the acidity that
is causing the forced elimination of acids through
the various elimination organs is to increase the
ingestion of mineral salts – especially sodium.

According to Dr. Robert O. Young, a research scientist
at the pH Miracle Living Center states, “sodium is
the essential element for maintaining the alkaline
design of the body. It is the element that the body
uses to form sodium bicarbonate to help alkalize or
buffer dietary and metabolic acids. When the body
is sick it needs extra sodium for making sodium
bicarbonate to bring the body back to its alkaline

A nasal spray made from the Atlantic Ocean seawater
eased wintertime cold symptoms faster and slowed
cough and cold symptoms from returning among children
ages 6 to 10, researchers in Europe reported on Monday.

The researchers suggested that the salt water may
have a simple mechanical effect of clearing mucus,
or it could be that trace elements in the water play
some more significant role, though the exact reason
why such a salt solution works is not known, said
Dr. Ivo Slapak and colleagues at the Teaching Hospital
of Brno in the Czech Republic.

The study, published in the January issue of the Archives
of Otolaryngology, was paid for by Goemar Laboratoires
La Madeleine, Saint-Malo, France, which makes Physiomer,
the seawater nasal spray used in the investigation.

The authors said that while saline washes have long
been mentioned as a treatment for colds, scientific
evidence about whether they work is limited.

The report was published days after the U.S. Food and
Drug Administration said children under 2 should not
be given nonprescription cough and cold medicines
because they are too dangerous for that age group,
with deaths, convulsions and rapid heart rates reported
in rare cases.

According to Dr. Young, “the reason for increased
risk for children taking cough and cold medicines is
the acidic nature of the medicines which are laced
with sugar and/or alcohol. When parents give their
children these kinds of acidic medicines they are
just compounding the already acidic state of the child.
Taking cough and cold medicines is like trying to put
out an already raging fire with kerosene.”

U.S. health officials have not yet decided if the
widely sold medicines made by companies such as
Wyeth and Johnson & Johnson are appropriate for
older children, and have said they hope to have
a ruling covering appropriate use for children
2 to 11 later this year.

Dr. Young suggests, “the cold is not the
problem it is the acidic lifestyle and diet.
This is true for children and adults.
The cold symptoms are the body’s way of
eliminating the excess acidity brought on
by poor lifestyle and dietary choice. One
of the best ways to buffer dietary and/or
metabolic acid is with liquid mineral salts.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics has said
cough and cold products are ineffective for
children under age 6, and may also be risky.

According to Dr. Young, “all cough and cold
products are ineffective because they do not
address the true cause of the cold symptoms
and that is an elevated level of internal dietary
and/or metabolic acidity. When you take cough or
cold medications you do so with great risk because
they are simply contributing to already over-acidic

The Czech study involved 390 children with
uncomplicated cold or flu symptoms. Some of the
children were given standard treatments such
as nasal decongestants. Others received those
same medications plus the saline nasal wash,
which the authors said “preserves the
concentrations of ions and trace elements at
levels comparable with those of seawater.”

The study lasted for 12 weeks in the winter
of 2006. Children given the salt water spray
got it six times a day initially and three
times a day in the latter part of the study
when the investigators were looking at whether
it would prevent symptoms from redeveloping.

The noses of children given the spray were
less stuffy and runny the second time they
were checked, the study said. And eight weeks
after the study began, those in the saline
group had significantly fewer severe sore
throats, coughs, nasal obstructions and
secretions than those given standard treatments.

Fewer children in the saline group had to use
fever-reducing drugs, nasal decongestants and
mucus-dissolving medications or antibiotics,
the researchers said. In addition children who
used the salt spray were sick less often and
missed fewer school days.

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