Meat and Diet Soda Will Make You Sick, Tired, Depressed and Fat

People who eat two or more servings of red meat
a day are much more likely to develop conditions
leading to heart disease and diabetes, U.S.
researchers reported on Tuesday.

Eating two or more servings of meat a day increases
the risk of suffering from a cluster of risk factors
known as metabolic syndrome (latent tissue acidosis)
by 25 percent compared to those who had only two
servings of meat a week, the researchers reported in
the journal Circulation.

The symptoms of metabolic syndrome (latent tissue
acidosis) include excessive fat around the waist,
high cholesterol, high blood sugar and high blood

According Dr. Robert O. Young, a research scientist
at the pH Miracle Living Center states, “eating
meat increases dietary acids of nitric, uric,
phosphuric and sulphuric acid which leads to the
following conditions:

1) Increased body fat to park excess dietary acid
to protect the organs that sustain life.

2) Increased blood cholesterol to buffer or
neutralize increased dietary acidity to protect
blood vessels and prevent internal bleeding.

3) Increased blood acidic blood sugars from
the breakdown of body cells due to excess
acidity, and

4) Increased high blood pressure as a result of
the body chelating excess dietary acids with
alkaline compounds, such as sodium, potassium and
calcium that have not been properly eliminated
through urination, defecation or perspiration.”

The study also found that diet soda consumption
was linked to these elevated risk factors for heart
disease and diabetes, echoing the findings of a study
published in July.

“When we found that diet soda promoted risk we
were surprised,” said Dr. Lyn Steffen, an associate
professor of epidemiology at the University of

“But then we thought about other behavior patterns,”
she added in a telephone interview.

“It may be associated with compensating for eating
higher calorie food. People may say, ‘I can eat
this cookie because I am drinking this diet soda.”‘

Dr. Young states, “the acidic ingredients in soda pop,
including diet soda, that can make you sick, tired,
depressed and fat are carbonic acid and sugar.”

Lots of acidic meat, acidic fried foods and acidic
diet soda add up to heart disease, the researchers said,
and the conclusions add to a swelling body of evidence
linking fast food with unhealthy lifestyles.

Steffen’s team examined the diets of 9,514 people in
a study funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood
Institute. In a departure from related studies, this
one went into a detailed look at precisely what people
were eating.

Most were aged 45 to 64.

Based on a 66-item food frequency questionnaire, the
volunteers were categorized into two groups: those
with a “western-pattern” acidic diet, heavy on processed
meat, fried foods, red meat; and a more alkaline
“prudent-pattern” diet with more fruit and vegetables,
with small amounts of fatty fish.

After nine years, nearly 40 percent of those involved
developed three or more of the factors linked to
metabolic syndrome (latent tissue acidosis), they wrote.
This was clear even when smoking and exercise were
factored in.

To learn more about healthy alkaline eating to prevent
or reverse the symptoms of diabetes, heart dis-ease,
high cholesterol or over or under weight read:

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2 thoughts on “Meat and Diet Soda Will Make You Sick, Tired, Depressed and Fat”

  1. Dr. Young, please expound on this a little more.Was the 40% mentioned at the end, the total which encompassed BOTH dietary groups OR was it only linked the those on the WESTERN diet group?If the latter, how well did the “prudent” group do?Could you also give us a hint of the 66 “foods” studied? As we rarely eat most of what other Americans eat, it will be useful to see what they gauged this on.Also, do you have a further bibliographic reference or online URL for the study, its name and when it was done?Thanks!Em


  2. Meat does not leave you sick and tired depressed and fat.Fatty meat will leave you fat not lean meat. Sweeping generazlizatons like this are what makes nazi thought police invade your lifestyle, and dangerous to freedom and free thought.That’s what america does: meat potatos and vegetables. Asia does rice, Israel does lentils, we do meat. Get over it.Eating a diet with no enzymes is what makes you fat diabetic and unhealthy. Most overcooked meat has no enzymes in it. Meat that is lightly or moderately cooked with some red still in it contains high amounts of digestive enzymes to properly digest all of it and all of the fat that comes with it. If you are getting fat eating meat then eat leaner meat; and more raw or lightly cooked vegetables with it.American meat is processed with hormones which is the danger to your health not the meat itself.Eating an imbalanced diet of mostly meat: such as a burger with a pop is a prescription to illness or an early death. But meat must have digestive enzymes of some sort to digest it properly. Enzymes eat up the fat that is ruinous to your body all by themselves you dont have to do any work in eating a diet high in enzymes.But the intolerant liberal thought police who are proposing a vegetarian diet now for america; are doing so in the name of health and tolerance; and are doing so without proper study. But thats how liberals always come: bearing tainted gifts but with a smile.A sedentary lifestyle produces body fat and my guess is that sedentary book nerd liberals who think they know better than anyone are suffering themselves from the things they preach against and seek to enforce a lifestyle our of their own guilt and lack of knowledge.Pop is a killer: no question. The preservatives in it are actually from petrochemicals, and that has to categorically end. But do not proceed to tag meat with pop, or meat with a diet that is lacking in enzymes or meat that is fatty by nature such as hot dogs or high fat hamburger.The ignorance of liberal thinking amazes me, but the problem is that they proceed in their sweeping diet generalizations, to make us all fall under fascist mandates.


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