The 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic, Drugs and Vaccines

A report comparing how well the city of St. Louis
survived the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 versus
those living in Philadelphia has uncovered some of
the reasons that St. Louis fared significantly

Most importantly, St. Louis officials took steps
sooner than Philadelphia did to limit the symptoms
associated with the flu once the first cases were

However, St. Louis did not act by doling out drugs

and vaccines; instead, officials enforced shutdowns
of public schools, churches and other places where
people congregate and very likely may be exposed,
while quarantining those with flu like symptoms
from the healthy.

Because Philadelphia officials delayed their
preparations by two weeks, the death toll in that
city was more than double that of St. Louis. More
than 700 out of every 100,000 Philadelphians died
during the 1918 flu epidemic (a total of more than
12,000) versus 347 per 100,000 in St. Louis.

The CDC noted that 'those who used non-pharmaceutical
measures effectively were able to mitigate the impact
of the severe pandemics, and this is consistent with
some of the 21st-century simulation models.'

Dr. Young has suggested that the cure for any disease
is found in its prevention not in its treatment. And
prevention is found in maintaining the alkaline design
of the body.

Here are a few preventative alkalizing suggestions:

1) Never take antibiotics, they made from bacteria
and fungi and are all acidic.

2) Never take anti-fungal drugs, they are all acidic.

3) Never get a vaccination, they are all acidic.

4) Before taking any nutritional supplement or drug
make sure there are NO acidic ingredients.

5) Eat an alkaline diet - Read The pH Miracle and
The pH Miracle for Weight Loss.

6) Live an alkaline lifestyle - Read The pH Miracle
and The pH Miracle for Weight Loss.

7) Always drink alkaline water (at least 1 liter per
50 lbs of weight).

8) Take antioxidants.

For more information on antioxidants go to:

9) Eat alkalizing salt daily.

10) Exercise daily.

11) Take an infared sauna daily.

12) Test your urine and saliva pH daily.

13) Maintain your urine and saliva pH over 7.2 and
if you are dealing with a serious challenge maintain
your urine pH over 8.

14) Have a one hour lymphatic massage at least
once a week and if financially possible everyday.

15) Monitor your live and dried blood at least four
times a year.

To find a microscopist go to:


Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
April 6, 2007 (Free Full-Text PDF)

New York Times April 17, 2007
(Registration Required)

Tuscaloosa News April 17, 2007

Sick and Tired 1999

The pH Miracle 2002

The pH Miracle for Diabetes 2004

The pH Miracle for Weight Loss 2005
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'Miracles happen not in opposition to nature, but in opposition to what we know
of nature.' St. Augustine

'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic'
....Arthur C. Clarke

'There are only two ways to live your life. One, is as though there are no
miracles. The other is as though everything is a miracle.' Albert Einstein

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