Vaccines – A Clear and Present Danger

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,
the federal agency that oversees the U.S. Food and
Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recently
conceded the first vaccine-autism case.

This case was filed in the no-fault National Vaccine
Injury Compensation Program as part of the Autism
Omnibus proceedings in the U.S. Federal Court of Claims.

It was one of the first three cases chosen that
alleged Thimerosal in childhood vaccines
significantly contributed to a child developing

Clifford Shoemaker, of Shoemaker and Associates of
Vienna, Virginia, is the attorney of record in the
Hanna Poling v. Secretary of HHS (case: 02-1466V).

Experts filing on behalf of the petitioner, Hanna
Poling, included pediatric neurologist, Dr. Andrew
Zimmerman of Johns Hopkins University, and Maryland
geneticist and epidemiologist, Dr. Mark Geier of the
Genetic Centers of America.

This concession shows the dishonesty of the continual
media spin coming from public health officials and
others who maintain there is no evidence that
Thimerosal, or any other part of any vaccine, has
ever caused autism or, for that matter, has harmed
anyone in any way.

The facts are that the Vaccine Compensation Act has
already compensated over 2,000 individuals who proved
that they were harmed by vaccines, resulting in
settlements of nearly two billion dollars.

Additionally, hundreds of peer-reviewed
scientific/medical articles from some the
world’s best universities have long implicated
Thimerosal in vaccines as a causal factor in
neurodevelopmental disorders including autism.

Furthermore, in 2003, the U.S. House of
Representatives’ Government Reform Committee,
after a 3.5-year investigation, concluded that
Thimerosal caused the autism epidemic and that
the FDA and health authorities were guilty of
“institutional malfeasance” in covering it up.

Evidence supporting the connection between mercury
and autism include:

1. Published studies from the US and France
showing that urinary porphyrins, a biomarker
for body-burden of mercury, are elevated in
patients diagnosed with autistic disorders (

2. A published study by researchers at Harvard
University that found twice as much mercury and
oxidative stress in the brains of those with an
autism diagnosis as found in the brains of those
who were normal.

3. A study from the US showing a significant
relationship between increasing blood mercury
levels and an increased risk of a diagnosis of
an autistic disorder.

4. Numerous papers by independent researchers
showing a link between increasing mercury exposure
from childhood vaccines and the risk of a child
developing an autistic disorder.

5. Several papers showing that adding low levels
of Thimerosal to certain blood, brain, eye, immune,
liver and/or muscle cells poisons their cellular
mitochondrial pathways and can induce cell death.

Today, despite being banned in Europe and restricted
in 7 U.S. states, Thimerosal-containing flu vaccines
are still recommended for routine administration to
pregnant women and infants, with little or no warning
of the presence of this known poison in these and
other vaccines.

An immediate ban and recall of vaccines and other
drugs containing mercury, formaldehyde, alcohol,
formic acid, Hydrochloric acid and other nuerotoxic
compounds used in their production must be instituted
immediately to stop the epidemic of developmental
disorders, including autism, caused by the unsound
use of acidic toxic chemicals in medicine.

Sick and Tired – A Second Thought About
Viruses, Vaccines and the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis

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