No More Heart Attacks or Strokes

Unlike most medical doctors, natural healers do not look to pharmaceutical companies as their first line of defense against heart disease. Instead, they turn to natural means of lowering risk.

If a patient has angina caused by acid bound cholesterol forming blockages to the heart, a cardiologist might use angioplasty to compress or remove the blockages, and prescribe a statin drug to lower cholesterol.

But in addition to the risks involved in the procedure itself, results are often temporary and the blockages return in a few short months because the main cause of the blockage has not been dealt with – dietary and metabolic acid.

Acidic Statins also cause stage 4 acidic side
effects, including severe muscle pain or weakness and
sleep disturbances.

A natural healer would prescribe lifestyle and dietary
changes to restore blood flow to the heart by naturally
lowering acid bound cholesterol and decreasing acidic
artery-clogging deposits. Below are the steps that a pH
Miracle Life Coach might use to lower acidity and thus
lower cholesterol levels to protect the body from
heart attacks and strokes. I refer to this plan as
the C.O.W.S. Plan which is an acronym which stands
for a lifestyle and diet of chlorophyll, oil, oxygen,
water, salt and sunshine. To be truly healthy you need
to start eating like COWS.

1) Chlorophyll – A diet high in green vegetables and
green fruits. I also recommend fresh green juices and
liquid chlorophyll in alkaline water everyday. You can
add the liquid chlorophyll to your green juices or
green powders. A man, woman or child should drink at
least 1 liter of green drink for every 25 kilos of
weight or 50 pounds. I have created the first
liquid chlorophyll fresh from alfalfa grass, without
alcohol, chemicals or sugars that can be added to
water, green drinks and green shakes. You can order
this liquid green by calling 760-751-8321. It comes
in a 4 ounce bottle and is 100% pure and organic.

2) Oil – I recommend at least 2 to 3 ounces or 100 to
150 mL of cold pressed omega 1, 3, 5, 6, and 9 oils.
My favorite is the avocado oil and the pomagranate oil.
I also recommend flax, hemp, pumpkin, olive, primrose.
sesame and borage oil.

3) Oxygen – The best way to increase oxygen is through
exercise. The second best way to increase oxygen is
with sodium, magnesium, potassium,calcium
bicarbonate, and potassium hydroxide.

4) Water – The single most important thing that one
can do is to drink more 9.5 alkaline pH water and
at least 1 liter per 24 kilos of weight or 50 pounds.
The best drinking water is purified, alkalinize, and
energized. You can learn more about the right kind
of water to drink by going to our website at:

5) Salt – Without salt there would be no life. Salt
is the catalyst of electron transport. It is what
keeps your heart beating and energy flowing to every
anatomical element that makes up every cell. I
recommend eating at least 1 gram of salt for every
5 kilos or 10 pounds of weight. The best salt in the
world is whole, unprocessed sea salts in a colloidal
form. Such a salt exists and is called pHlavor by
Young pHorever.

6) Sunshine – Just like salt without sunshine all life
on earth would cease to exist. I recommend at least
1 hour of daily exercise and the best way to get 1
hour of exercise is while you are walking, jogging,
bicycling, swimming, running, playing tennis,
rebounding, etc. outside in the sun. The sun releases
photons which the body converts into electrical energy
via the eyes and skin. This is a natural and
effective way to energize the body.

The following are some additional ways to help keep your
body and heart healthy from dietary and metabolic acids:

1) High fiber diet – A daily high-fiber intake would
include five to ten grams of soluble fiber. This
also helps to keep the bowel clear of undigested food
and acidic toxins which are adsorbed and absorbed by
the fiber. I would also recommend magnesium oxide with
sodium bicarbonate in a product I call pHlush.

2) Co-Q-10 – Research has indicated that taking Co-Q-10
everyday may help to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

3) Nuts – All nuts, but especially walnuts and almonds,
contain heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E
and soluble fiber. Studies have shown that people who
eat nuts twice a week lower their risk of heart disease
by 30 to 40 percent.

4) Plant Sterols – Sterols, which are found naturally
in many plant foods, decrease the amount of acidic
bound cholesterol absorbed by the body. The most
important and the most powerful plant sterol of comes
from green fruits and vegetables, such as avocado and

5) Glutathione – the most powerful antioxidant for
buffering dietary and metabolic acids that can make
your heart weak. I would suggest 1 to 2 teaspoons of
liquid glutathione every day to keep your heart and
body healthy and strong.

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