No More Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Sclerosis, Osteoporosis and Cancerous Conditions

One in every three American adults suffers from
an over-acid condition called arthritis. It’s
one of the countries leading health problems and
is the leading cause of disability in Americans
over the age of fifteen. Although numerous
pharmaceuticals are prescribed to ease the pain
of arthritis they do not cure arthritis because
they do not deal with the cause – an over-acidic
lifestyle and diet. Alkalizing foods and drinks
including plant antioxidants can reduce and even
eliminate the dietary and metabolic acids that
cause the inflammation that leads to irritation
and/or inflammation of the joints, tendons and
muscles. Bottom line, there is only one cause
of irritation, inflammation and degeneration of
the body tissues that leads to arthritis,
osteoarthritis, sclerosis, osteoporosis
and all cancerous conditions of the tissues and
that is dietary and metabolic acids that have not
been properly eliminated through urination,
defecation, perspiration or respiration.

The pH Miracle Living Lifestyle and Dietary Plan,
I sometimes refer to as the C.O.W.S. Plan will help
remove the dietary and metabolic acids that cause
all irritation and inflammation in the body and begin
the process of restoration and healing. The following
is an outline of Dr. Young’s C.O.W.S. Plan for
achieving ideal sustainable health and energy.

C = Chlorophyll

The most important thing one can do is to increase
the amount of whole organic green foods and drinks.
This would include cucumbers, avocados, broccoli,
celery, green papaya, green peppers, limes, kale,
collard greens, leafy greens, just to name a few.
I recommend 9 to 12 servings of fruits and veggies
everyday. Alkalizing fruits and vegetables are
great for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To help
meet your daily servings of fruits and veggies
I have created a whole food organic green
fruit and vegetable powder that can be added to
your soups, water, sprinkled on a salad or mixed
into your food. I have also created a liquid
chlorophyll which can be mixed in water, added
to soups or taken orally. Both of these products
are Young pHorever whole foods and can be ordered
through our website at:

O = Oil and Oxygen

The key to increased oxygen is to exercise for at
least 1 hour every day. This would include
walking, jogging, rebounding, whole body vibrational
exercising, swimming, yoga, just to name a few.
My favorites are jogging, yoga, and whole body
vibrational exercising. The benefits of
exercise are critical for improving blood
and lymphatic circulation for removing acids
from the connective tissues and joints that
can cause irritation, inflammation and degeneration.
When you are moving your body you are moving dietary
and metabolic acids out of the tissue that can then
be eliminated through the pores of the skin via
perspiration and/or through the mouth via respiration.

I also recommend drinking at least 3 to 4 ounces
or 125 ml of cold pressed organic Omega 1,3,5,6,
and 9 oils found in linseed oil, flax, borage, hemp,
avocado and olive oil. The pH Miracle Living
Center is offering an Omega 5 oil from
pomegranate and an Omega 1 from organic
avocados. The best source for Omega 3, 6 and 9
oils are from linseed, hemp and flax. We are
now offering the best source of cold pressed
organic Omega 3, 6 and 9 oil from linseed oil
from the green fields of England.
Please let us know by giving us a call at:
760-751-8321 if you are interested in
trying some of our cold pressed organic
linseed oil. We have it available in
capsules or pods or liquid.

For more information on our pomegranate oil or
avocado oil go to the following links:

W = Water

Drinking at least 1 liter per day of pure
alkaline water per 25 k of weight or 50 lbs. is
critical for maintaining the alkaline design of
the body. The best way to purify and alkalize
your water is with our latest Young Life Ionizer
5000, 6500, 7000 or 8500. You can learn more
about water ionization by going to the following

S = Salt and Sunshine

Without salt there is no life. Our blood is
salty, our sweat is salty, our urine is salty
and our tears our salty and for good reason.
It is salt that maintains the alkaline design
of your body. It is salt that keeps your heart
beating. It is salt that buffers dietary
and metabolic acids. It is salt that allows
energy to be transported throughout the body.
It is salt that allows you to move, think
and breath. It is salt that acts as the
glue that holds the spirit and the physical
body together. Salt is life. A no or low
salt diet is death! Go to the following link
to learn more about the importance of salt in
your diet and the kind of salt that is best to

It can also be said that without sunlight there
would be no life. I recommend at least 30 minutes
of direct sunlight every day to recharge and energize
the body with photons that are then converted by the body
into electrical energy.

The following are some additional whole food nutrients
that I recommend taking to buffer dietary and
metabolic acids and restore health and energy to
the joints, tendons, bones and muscles.

1) Glucosamine-chondroitin sulfate

A number of large-scale, double-blind clinical
studies have demonstrated the ability of these
two nutrients to alleviate pain and aid joint

2) Hyaluronic

The joint contains cartilage composed of
complex glycosaminoglycans, which aid in
joint health.One food nutrient that supplies
this vital substance is hyaluronic. This is a
component of connective tissue whose function
is to cushion, lubricate and buffer the dietary
and metabolic acids from the blood.

3) MSM

Also called methyl sulfonyl methane, MSM is a
natural form of sulfur found in living organisms.
Its main benefits are a reduction of inflammation
and the ability to penetrate many tissues, including
joints to buffer acidity.

4) Collagen type II

This is a major component in cartilage, and s
upplementation has demonstrated benefits in reducing
acidic pain and improving joint function.

5) Tart cherry extract

A number of studies have shown that concentrated
extracts of tart cherries improve joint function
and reduces dietary and metabolic pain.

6) The Spice Curcumin

This is one of the most powerful natural
anti-inflammatory substances known. Its effects
are comparable to steroids, without the acidic
harmful effects of steroids.

7) Quercetin

This is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and
antioxidant. When combined with curcumin, you
get a powerful anti-inflammatory or anti-acidic
effect because they each act on different
inflammatory biochemical pathways.

8) Linseed oil

Lineed oil contains a high concentration of
gamma-linolenic acid, which has significant anti-
inflammatory or anti-acidic properties. It also
moistens mucous membranes and the skin.

9) Natural vitamin E

Vitamin E, in natural form, has significant
anti-inflammatory or anti-acidic effects.

10) Magnesium oxide and sodium bicarbonate

Magnesium oxide and sodium bicarbonate are not
only powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory,
but they also strengthen the tissues and the
ligaments surrounding the joint. Magnesium
oxide and sodium bicarbonate have been shown
to reduce inflammation, while a deficiency
increases it. They not only slash hydorgen ions
or metabolic acids but they block the release
of inflammatory acidic cytokines as well.
A survey found that a dearth of magnesium is
one of the most common mineral deficiencies seen,
with 75% of the population lacking it. Chronic
illness and many medications worsen magnesium
and sodium bicarbonate loss.

I have created three very important mineral salts
of magnesium oxide called pHlush, sodium bicarbonate
called pHour salts and a broad spectrum of mineral
salts called pHlavor salts. Go to the following
links to learn more about the importance of
mineral salts.

11) Stinging nettle extract

This plant extract has been shown to have
powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Recent
studies have found it to be very protective of
the brain as well. It is often included in natural
supplements used to treat chronic prostate problems
for the same acidic reasons.

12 ) Glutathione from Avocado

The most powerful of all antioxidants of dietary
and metabolic acids that leads to inflammatory
and/or degenerative conditions. To learn more
about this whole food antioxidant go to the
following link:

These whole foods, natural antioxidants and
lifestyle recommendations will help you control
and eliminate the dietary and metabolic acids
that cause irritation, inflammation, ulceration,
and degeneration that lead to arthritis,
osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, sclerosis, and
cancerous tissue conditions.

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