No More Obesity, Hypertension, Neuropathy, Acid Reflux, Kidney Dis-ease and Type 1 Diabetes

The following is a life changing and life saving
testimony of a man doing Type 1 diabetes, hypertension,
hypercholesterolemia, acid reflux, neuropathy, kidney
dis-ease and obesity who is now changing lives and
saving lives after saving his own life with Dr. Young’s
“New Biology” and “Nutritional Microbiology/Microscopy.”


Five years ago was the first time I had ever heard
the phrase – nutritional microscopy. Little did I
know what an impact it would have on my life. I
had just turned 47 years old, was 250 pounds, was
taking over 100 units of insulin a day, had high
blood pressure and neuropathy so bad that I couldn’t
feel my legs below my knees and my hands were
always asleep. I needed glasses. I had acid
reflux after every meal and the doctor said I would
have to go on dialysis within two years. I had
pretty much accepted a diabetic death sentence.

My college football days, where I could do anything
I wanted athletically, were all but a distant memory.
I was in pain. I was sick and tired. But then my
worst fear was realized…

On March 1st, my nine year old daughter was diagnosed
with type 1 diabetes. My wife and I weren’t going
to accept a diabetic death sentence for her. A
friend at church told my wife about a book, The pH
Miracle. My wife read the book that night and
the next morning said we needed to put these
principles into practice, which we did. She also
said we needed to get our blood analyzed by a
nutritional microscopist. Within five weeks the
three of us would travel to Minneapolis to hear
Dr. Young speak and see our blood under a

What we saw and heard was amazing. My wife’s blood
was normal, my blood was terrible (I saw yeast being
born out of a red blood cell), and my daughter’s
blood didn’t look very good. I knew then that I
had to learn how to be a nutritional microscopist,
so I asked if you would teach me. Three weeks later
I was at The pH Miracle Center in California, ready
to become a nutritional microscopy and discover
what I needed to know to help my daughter overcome

It had been ten short weeks since my wife first
read your book and for me to become a pH miracle.
I was now 178 pounds (and still am), I now take
around 20 units of insulin a day total, have no
need for high blood pressure medicine, have no
neuropathy, no acid reflux, no glasses and two
heathy kidneys. And best of all, my daughter, at
one point, had gone 21 days in a row without the
need for insulin. They were going to keep her
in 4th grade again, but now as a high school
freshman, has a grade point average of 4.4, on
a 4.0 point scale, in other words, she is

But that’s just where it begins. As a Dr. Robert
O. Young trained and certified nutritional
microscopist, I now had the tools necessary to
begin my journey of discovery and amazement. I
was now able to show people how the lifestyle
choices they made every day affected the quality
of their blood and determined their health and
wellness. I was now able to discuss how they
lived, what they ate, how they think, and how
they breathed and actively moved about, or
exercised. Because I am not a medical doctor,
I can’t diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or
prevent any disease of any kind.

As a certified nutritional microscopist, I educate,
demonstrate and monitor the effects of their
lifestyle choices on their health and wellness.
A nutritional microscopists identifies solutions
and empowers people with the knowledge to reach
their optimum health and wellness. I have traveled
to Canada and the United Kingdom, and throughout
the United States talking and doing nutritional
microscopy demonstrations. People have traveled
from all over the United States, and even from
Spain, Ireland, France and Africa to have me
demonstrate their live and dry blood. I have
helped people understand what they are doing to
themselves, with amazing detail.

I have been especially pleased with being able
to demonstrate that tragedy or trauma has on a
person, like how the death of a loved one 45
years ago manifest itself into the cancer
she’d survived just eight years ago. It was
like loosing a piece of herself when her dad
died, and not being able to replace it, or
return to balance, after all those years.
For another person, being able to demonstrate
how the tragedy of having seven miscarriages
had affected her quality of life, acknowledging
the tragedy to her and her husband provided
the validation to what they had been feeling.
And for another person, demonstrating how the
blood looked as a result of a brother stealing
$40,000 and moving half way around the world
affected his blood, also validated the reality
of feelings held deep within.

Likewise, being able to educate someone about
how their aura, spirituality, intuition or
sixth sense had either encircled them with
protection or how it had allowed them to reach
out to others, directing them to their life’s
work to help others similarly situated or less
unfortunate. And for me personally, discovering
that a neck injury while playing college football
was a contributing factor, along with later severely
cutting my fingers at work, in me becoming a person
with the symptomologies of diabetes.

And, not that this topped them all, but being
able to demonstrate to the top doctor in the
largest health care provider in the state had
had surgery to his hands or feet when he was
between the ages of 10 and 14 and finding out
that he had had surgery to his hand when he was
12 was quite rewarding, even though he decided
that they couldn’t support nutritional microscopy
because it was probably 7 to 10 years ahead of
where they were at. He did say, “Nutritional
microscopy satisfied the fascination of the
American public to know all their own medical
stuff.” This statement came only after he
admitted that he had “hoped to see a bunch of
bologna so he could ridicule me right out of his
office, but that it was all right out of medical
school.” He even said, “Nutritional microscopy
is highly visual, and that it provides the
evidence necessary for anyone willing to change,
to actually change away from their bad habits to
those habits of optimum health and wellness” and
agreed that, “it could be used to help determine
which specific treatment protocol is best, be
it pharmaceutical, chiropractic, naturopathic,
diet, supplementation or just by actively moving
about or breathing.”

Others have described what I do as a nutritional
microscopist as someone being able to provide
executive wellness programs. When you speak about
wellness, and making healthy lifestyle choices,
you must address nutritional microscopy, for it’s
ability to define your lifestyle habits and their
effects on the quality of your blood, which
determines your health. Anything less is simply
cookie cutter health risk assessments that define
wellness as how many doctor’s appointments they
can make because of their blood pressure is
elevated, or some other such numbers.

I can tell you this, Dr. Young’s, “Nutritional
Microscopy” is the best thing I have ever done.
I am passionate about helping others understand
what’s going on in their body and I believe there
will soon be a great need for certified
nutritional microscopists, to assist doctor’s
determine at what stage of imbalance their patient’s
are in, as well as corporate wellness directors
assessing and improving the health and wellness
of their corporate setting.

Please let anyone thinking about attending your
BASIC “Nutritional Microscopy” class from June 16th
through the 21st, and the Advanced “Nutritional
Microscopy” course from June 23 through the 28th,
know that they can call me and discuss the true
value of being a Dr. Young trained certified
“nutritional microscopist.” Taking the Basic and
Advanced Nutritional Microscopy course is the start
of a truly amazing journey, one that I look
forward to with every “nutritional microscopy”
appointment I make. For me personally, every
appointment I make teaches me something more
about how I can help my daughter to be healthier
and more well-balanced.

I can’t thank you enough, Dr. Young, for all that
you have done for me and my daughter.

To your health – in abundance,
Jeffery A. Arnson
Certified “Nutritional Microscopist”
Past President of the International Microscopy
Personally trained by Dr. Robert O. Young
Living Water Microscopy Services
2574 Sun Valley Drive, Suite 200
Delafield, WI 53018

“Nutritional Microscopy” enables you to see for
yourself how the lifestyle choices you make
every day influence the quality of your blood
and determine your health and wellness, by
identifying solutions to reach optimum health
and wellness, monitoring changes to your
lifestyle (how you live, eat, think, breathe,
exercise, and supplement) and correlating those
changes with the quality of your blood, empowering
you with knowledge to make the choices that lead
you to optimum health and wellness.

“Nutritional Microscopy” provides the evidence
necessary to make healthy, informed decisions.

Wellness is all about lifestyle choices. Be
informed and be well.

To learn more about “Nutritional Microbiology and
Micrscopy” or to sign up for Dr. Young’s Basic and
Advanced Microbiology and Microscopy Class on June
16th through June 28th, 2008 go to:

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