Seven Steps To Eliminate Belly Fat

Americans have lived through many health crises
in the past but the latest threat, though largely
preventable, has silently grown to potentially
deadly proportions. America is in the grips of an
“acidic obesity epidemic,” and 65 percent of the
population is over-acid and thus over-weight.

Even those who may not consider themselves over-
acid and over-weight may be carrying a large amount
of acidic deadly belly fat, known to increase the
risk of heart disease in relatively slim, fit and
alkaline people.

Most people have a basic sense that being over-acid
and then over-weight is bad for their health, but
few appreciate just how dangerous being over-acid is.

My book, The pH Miracle for Weight Loss talks about
controlling and buffering excess acidity leading to
the body retaining fat as a protection is really simple
to reverse: Eat for health, not for pleasure. This is
not to say that a healthy alkaline diet has to taste
bad. But it is critical to keep in mind that the goal
is a diet that provides health and fitness. The loss
of excess acid fat will always come when you follow a
healthy alkaline diet.

Below are my seven steps for losing excess acidic fat
bound weight permanently! For a detailed discussion on
how to lose acidic fat bound weight read, “The pH
Miracle for Weight Loss” by Dr. Robert and Shelley

1. Eat lots of alkaline vegetables and fruits. Also,
eat a mixture of fresh organically grown vegetables
and fruits, which should all be cleansed thoroughly
to remove pesticides and herbicides with a mixture
of liquid sodium bicarbonate, called puripHy.

2. Avoid excessive complex and simple carbohydrates.
The four worst culprits are sweetened drinks
(sodas and fruits drinks), pasta, breads and high
sugar fruits like bananas and apples. While acidic
sugary desserts are bad, they are never eaten in as
high a volume as these four.

Breads and pastas are high on the glycemic or acid
index — a measure of how fast a carbohydrate is broken
down into the acid sugar and absorbed into the blood.
The faster acidic sugar enters the blood, the greater
the secretion of insulin and sodium bicarbonate — the
process that causes us to be hungry. Foods low on the
acid index are absorbed more slowly, like avocado,
cucumber, broccoli and leafy greens.

Your source of carbohydrates will be low sugar, such
as avocado, cucumber, broccoli, celery, parsley, leafy
greens, etc. Years ago it was observed that the Asians
ate a diet high in carbohydrates, yet they had a low
risk of heart attack and stroke. Now we know that’s
because they eat only carbohydrates that contain fiber
which adsorbs and absorbs dietary acids.

3. Avoid all animal proteins. All meats are acidic and the
worst are turkey, ostrich, pork and chicken. Organically
raised animals are not any better. Processed meats should
never be eaten, since most are heavily dosed with the
acid nitrite and injected with exotoxic and mycotoxic
additives. A recent study found that eating these
meats multiplies the risk for a cancerous pancreas
by 62 times.

It is not worth the risk to eat animal protein. Animal
protein contains over 350,000 pathological microorganisms
per gram and is never completely digested in the gut.
The acids from the animal flesh, which includes, nitric
acid, uric acid, phosphoric acid and sulphuric acid,
the high titers of microorganisms and the congestion it
causes in the small and large bowel the best choice is
to NEVER eat meat! You don’t need it! IF you want to
build a strong and healthy body then you need to
eliminate meat and start eating and drinking
chlorophyll from green plants. This is why I have
created the Young pHorever concentrated liquid
Chlorophyll. Add just a few drops to each glass of
purified and alkaline water.

4. Exercise. Over an extended period, no health and
fitness program will work without exercise. The beauty
of exercise is that not only are activating your
lymphatic system and pulling dietary and metabolic
acids out of the tissues while you exercise — you
are also opening the pours of the skin and sweating
out acids on your way to health and fitness.
I recommend daily jogging, rebounding and whole body
vibrational exercising.

5) Eating quality, pure alkaline green foods is important
for your overall health and fitness. For a complete
list of foods to eat freely and foods to avoid, read
The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, by Dr. Robert and
Shelley Young. You may also want to try a concentration
of organic vegetables and fruits. Just add to your
soups, salads, or water.

6) Drink every day pure alkaline electron rich water.
I have recommended drinking at least 1 liter or quart per
25 Kilos or 50 pounds of weight, per day. For less
the 5 cents a liter you can make alkaline electron
rich water with the Young Life Ionizers. For more
information go to:

7) Drink at least 4 ounces or 125 ml of mono or poly-
unsaturated fat every day. My favorite monounsaturated
fats are the Young pHorever Avocado and Olive oils.

A major key to losing belly fat is drinking lots
of monounsaturated fats. It is the first fat
the body utilizes, before the polyunsaturated
fat, for body energy and cellular construction.
Eating these oils daily will help you lose your
acidic belly fat faster.

4 thoughts on “Seven Steps To Eliminate Belly Fat”

  1. Dr Young,I m the only one in my family that have eczema.Why is that so?My family and i both eat the same thing but i am the only one have eczema.Is it because of my genetic?


  2. Eczema and other skin conditions can be related to gluten issues (e.g., sensitivity, celiac). It could be that your family has gluten issues also (they are genetic), but they have other symptoms as a result.


  3. Great stuff from you, man. Ive read your stuff before and youre just too awesome. I love what youve got here, love what youre saying and the way you say it. You make it entertaining and you still manage to keep it smart. I cant wait to read more from you. This is really a great blog.

    Acid Alkaline


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