The Acid Botox May Lead To Nuerological Dis-Ease

The toxic acid Botox, the popular treatment to counter
facial wrinkles, can move from the face to the brain.
A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience found
that the active acidic ingredient in Botox — botulinum
acid toxin — moved into the brainstem brain of rats
within three days of injection.

Remnants of this acidic poison also moved from the
hippocampus on one side of the brain that controls
spatial navigation and long-term memory, to the
hippocampus on the opposite side of the brain.
Researchers also found that the toxic acid Botox
remnants in areas connected with hand-eye coordination.
The effects were still present six months later.

“The idea that there could be some transmission of
this to the central nervous system needs to be
followed up,” said Matthew Avram, director of
Massachusetts General Hospital’s Dermatology, Laser
and Cosmetology Center.

The acidic toxic Botox has been used to smooth facial
wrinkles and to treat other health problems since it
was approved for use in 1989. Sales topped $1.2 billion
worldwide in 2007.

According to Dr. Robert O. Young, a research scientist
at The pH Miracle Living Center, states, “Botox is
the acidic urine or exotoxin from a bacteria. The idea
of injecting an acidic poison from bacteria into the body
tissues is unbelievable to me and may be a contributing
factor for neurological dis-ease such as Alzheimer’s,
Parkinson’s, seizures, and sclerosis. Any acid,
including the acid Botox could potentially turn
ones brain into swiss cheese and should be avoided
at all cost. A more natural and healthful way to
reduce or eliminate wrinkles is to alkalize,
energize and hydrate the skin with and alkaline
lifestyle and diet. The skin is a product of the
blood and the blood is a product of the lifestyle
and diet. When you have healthy blood you will
have healthy skin and the best way to have healthy
blood is to have an alkaline lifestyle and diet.”

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hydrating the skin, read The pH Miracle and The
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3 thoughts on “The Acid Botox May Lead To Nuerological Dis-Ease”

  1. Dr Young,After you intro the benefits of liquid chlorophyll in your blog,i have been using it.and my skin complexion become normal like others.But now i have been stop using it.And the condition of my skin is become red and inflame again.Even i run for 30 minutes and play badminton for about 1 hour,my skin condition is still the same.What do you suggest me to do?I m sick of my skin being itchy and having eczema.


  2. Dr. Young, I am fascinated by your research and the Acid-Alkaline theory. Sorry this has nothing to do with this particular post- but I am curious though- how does the Acid-Alkaline theory relate to the Free radical theory? From your description of what acids does to our body, it sounds awfully like free radicals. If it’s the same thing, does it mean antioxidants like OPC helps alkalize the body? I’d appreciate any comment you have. Thanks.Joe Hu


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