Ask Dr. Young – High Blood Pressure and Hair Loss

The following is an unsolicited pH Miracle testimony
and a health question concerning brittle nails and
hair loss.


I’m happy to say that I have been off of high blood
pressure meds since March 28 this year (after having
been on them for more than 15 years)! My pressure
readings aren’t exactly where I want them yet on
arising, but with a more alkaline diet, your
supplements (pHour salts, imflamex–for bursitis–,
multi vit/min, greens & pH drops) and exercise daily
(walking or treadmill or recumbent bike and rebounder),
the numbers come down during the day. Thank you for
the work you do!

Here lately I notice that my nails are brittle and
breaking and I’m combing out a lot of my hair. Can
you recommend any supplements that might help me
with that?


Dear Beatrice:


From Dr. Young:

To improve the health of your hair and nails you need
more chlorophyll, minerals salts – especially silica,
alkaline water and 2 to 3 ounces of long chain poly-
unsaturated fats – avocado oil, olive oil, hemp oil,
flax oil, primrose oil, just to name a few. I would
also suggest our Young pHorever Shampoo and

Don’t forget to leave the shampoo in for 5 to 10
minutes and you do not have to rinse out all the
conditioner. You will find that coconut and
avocado that are contained in the shampoo and
conditioner will help the quality and quantity
of your hair.

I call this plan C.O.W.S.

C = chlorophyll – Liquid Chlorophyll
O = oil and oxygen – avocado oil and pomegranate oil
W = water that is alkaline at 9.5
S = sea salts – pHour salts, pHlush salts, pHlavor
salts and Zip Spice Hunter salts. Also, I would
suggest ordering the Young pHorever shampoo and

To order the C.O.W.S. Plan Nutritional Products for
high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, weight gain,
weight loss, anti-aging and hair loss, go to:

PS Don’t forget to exercise for 1 hour every day. May
I suggest whole body vibrational exercising. To learn
more go to:

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