Someone Is Trying To Kill Me!

The following story, “Someone Is Trying To Kill
Me,” is a classic reminder that the quality and
quantity of ones life is in direct relationship
to ones daily lifestyle and dietary choices.
This is the message of Dr. Robert and Shelley
Young as they share their “New Biology”
and the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet.

Health and vitality is a consequence of choice
just like sickness and disease. When we begin
to see the truth that cancer, heart dis-ease,
diabetes, depression, heart attack, stroke,
low energy, pain, obesity, etc., are the
consequences of lifestyle and dietary choice
then maybe we will begin to stop doing cancer,
heart dis-ease, diabetes, etc. with our lifestyle
and dietary choices.

As stated so eloquently by Robert Louis Stevenson,
“There will come a time when we all sit down to the
banquet of our consequences.”

“The cure for all sickness and dis-ease will not
be found in its treatment but is found in its
prevention.” Dr. Robert O. Young.

“If you want to be healthy and strong then you have
to make lifestyle and dietary choices that will bring
you those consequences,” states Dr. Young.

“Life is all about choices that lead to consequences.
We can choose health or we can choose sickness and
disease. With each thought, with every move, with
each word spoken and with every food or drink
ingested we determine the quality and quantity of
our life,” warns Dr. Young.

And, now for our story . . . . . .

On the morning of his 42nd birthday, Crabwell Grommet
awoke to a peal of particularly ominous thunder.
Glancing out the window with bleary eyes, he saw
written in fiery letters across the sky: “Someone
is trying to kill you, Crabwell Grommet!”

With shaking hands, Grommet lit his first cigarette
of the day. He didn’t question the message. You don’t
question a message like that. His only question was,
“Who?” At breakfast, as he salted his fried eggs,
he told his wife, Gratia, “Someone is trying to
kill me.”

“Who?” she asked with horror? Grommet slowly stirred
the cream and sugar into his coffee and shook his
head. “I don’t know!” he replied. Convinced though
he was, Grommet wasn’t going to the police with
his story. He decided that his only course of action
was to go about his daily routine and hope somehow
to outwit his would be murderer.

He tried to think on the way to the office but the
frustration of making time by beating red lights
and switching lanes occupied him wholly. Nor once
behind his desk could he find a moment, what with
handling phone calls, urgent emails, and the many
problems and decisions piling up as they did every

It wasn’t until his second martini at lunch that
the full terror of his dilemma struck him. It was
all he could do to finish off his Lasagna Milanese.
“I can’t panic,” he said to himself, lighting his
cigar. “I must simply live my life as usual.” So he
worked until seven as usual, studied business reports
as usual, and took his usual two capsules of Seconal
in order to get his usual six hours of sleep.

As the days passed, Crabwell stuck fully to his
routine. As the months passed by, he began to take
a perverse pleasure in his ability to survive.
“Whoever is trying to get me,” he’s say proudly
to his wife, “hasn’t got me yet. I’m too smart
for him.” “Oh, please be careful,” she’d reply,
ladling him a second helping of her tasty beef

His pride grew and he managed to go on living for
years. But, as it must to all men, death came at
last to Crabwell Grommet. it came at his desk on
a particularly busy day. He was 53.

His wife demanded a full autopsy. But it showed
only emphysema, arterioscleorosis, duodenal ulcers,
cirrhosis of the liver, cardiac necrosis, a
cerebrovascular aneurysm, pulmonary edema, obesity,
circulatory insufficiency, and a touch of lung

“How glad Crabwell would have been to know,” said
the widow smiling proudly through her tears, “that
he died of natural causes.”

The moral of this story can be found in the words
of Dr. Phil, “When we choose the behavior, we choose
the consequences.”

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