Germs Do Not Cause Disease, Dis-Ease or Infection

Over the last 25 years I have been researching
the pleomorphic or changeable nature of matter
and the evolution of the microbe or germ. I
am quite satisfied to state after all these
years that microbes or germs are nothing more
then the biological transformation of a physically
or emotionally disturbed plant, animal or human
cell and are not species specific.

In lay terms, I am stating that the germ, like
E-coli, anthrax, streptococcus, etc. are the
evolutionary forms of what use to be a healthy
plant, animal or human cell and are not the cause
of this evolutionary transformation or dis-ease or
infection but the consequence of an altered or
compromised environment within that organized matter.

We can see this evolutionary transformation of matter
every day in the rotting or spoiling of our fruits
and vegetables over time. It is not the microbe or
germ that causes the rotting or spoiling but the
physical reality of what happens to matter when it
is physically or emotionally disturbed.

Once we understand that the microbe or germ is not
a primary species of matter but an evolutionary
transformation of matter then we can understand
that germs of any kind do not and cannot cause
disease or dis-ease or infection of any kind.

Therefore all germs are the physical evidence, where
ever they may be found, of decaying, fermenting,
or changing matter and not the cause of the decaying,
fermenting, or decaying matter.

Ask yourself this question? What comes first the
germ or infection. According to current
medical savants the germ proceeds the infection
by invading the cell and disrupting its normal
healthy state. This is the classic “Pasteuring”

Now for the truth! Neither the germ or the infection
comes first. What comes first is a physical,
emotional or spiritual disturbance which then gives
rise to cellular evolutionary transformation and
the birth of the microbe or germ.

Evolutionary transformation or pleomorphism of any
plant, animal or human cell will produce acidic toxic
waste products which current medical savants confuse
as an infection. There is NO infection – there is
only an outfection. Germs are secondary evolutionary
forms of matter of what use to be a healthy plant,
animal or human cell. Germs are the evidence the
cell is being recycled. Therefore germs are born
in us and from us. There is no invasion of germs and
there is no infection only a cellular pleomorphism and
a subsequent outfection. Any airborne germ can only
contribute to a state of acidic imbalance but cannot
cause ANY specific disease, dis-ease or infection!

To try to kill the germ using current medical thinking
with toxic acidic drugs, like antibiotics, can only
eventually bring premature death to the whole of the
organism! Just as you cannot put out a fire by pouring
kerosene on the fire you cannot change the germ or
the acidic environment by ingesting an acidic toxic

The key then to health and longevity is to
provide an external and internal environment
or terrain that will maintain the healthy
organized state of the primary plant, animal
or human cell. We need to stop treating
disease, dis-ease and infection and start
bringing cleanliness, purity and alkalinity
to the fluids of our body. This has been
the nature of my research and has lead me to
the conclusion that the plant, animal and human
body are alkaline by design and the health and
longevity of the plant, animal and human cell
that makes up that specific organized body is
eternal or infinite in nature, if this alkaline
design is maintained on a daily basis. Life,
energy, health, sickness, disease, dis-ease and
death are in our control with our personal
lifestyle and dietary choices. The world does
not need more medicine. What it needs is more
education and personal empowerment!

“Even Pasteur himself had some doubts about the
method he invented, going so far as to recant his
theory on his deathbed, saying, ‘the terrain is
everything, the germ is nothing.’ Swayed by newer
studies of internal pH and the nature of
microorganisms as the body moves from an alkaline
pH to an acidic pH, Pasteur made the connection
between the onset of disease and the health
of our own internal flora,” states Amelia Glynn
in her article “Pasterization Nation, April 2008,
Common Ground Magazine.”

Once you understand the key to health, energy
and longevity is in maintaining the alkaline
design of the body the next step is to implement
an alkalizing lifestyle and diet. I call this
lifestyle and diet program the COWS Plan which
is an acronym that stands for:

C = Chlorophyll – from fruits, vegetables, grasses
and leaves.
O = Oil and Oxygen – from seeds and nuts like hemp,
flax, almond, avocado, exercise and deep breathing.
W = Water – alkaline water with a pH of 9.5
S = Salt, sunshine and sleep – mineral salts
from the sea, sunshine for Vitamin D (at least
30 minutes daily) and adequate rest (at least
6 to 8 hours a day).

The chlorophyll I recommend is 100% organic and
can be found at:

The oil that I recommend is plant based and
100% organic and can be found at:

For increasing oxygen I would recommend daily
exercise up go 60 minutes a day:

The water that I recommend is purified, ionized
9.5 pH water and can be found at:

The mineral salts I recommend can be found at:

In the words of Gandhi, “you must be the change
you want to see.”

A few days ago I sent out an email entitled,
“Someone is Trying To Kill Me.” This email
could be entitled, “Someone is Trying To Heal Me.”
That someone is YOU! You are either killing
yourself with your lifestyle and diet or you
are healing yourself with your lifestyle and
diet. It is your choice. You are free to choose.
I hope and pray you choose wisely.

In love and Light,

Dr. Robert O. Young

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