Acids Are The Cause of Overweight and Underweight

We all know that multiple trips to the acidic buffet
for fatty acidic fried foods and sugary acidic
deserts will pile on the pounds of protection. But
no matter how carefully you watch your diet, stealth
saboteurs may be making it difficult for you to
shed extra pounds of acids. Several of the most
common diet saboteurs you may not suspect — and how
to counteract them — are:

1. Lack of Sleep. Recent research has shown that a
lack of sleep stresses your body physiologically and
causes the body to store the acids into fat more.
Counteract by getting eight hours of restful sleep
each night.

2. Stress. Stress throws the body into survival mode
where metabolism slows and the body stores fuel. In
addition, it dumps metabolic acids into your system,
such as cortisol and other hormones, which tend to
cause weight gain in the abdomen. Fight stress by
exercising, deep breathing and relaxation techniques.

3. Medications. Many prescription drugs are acidic,
including some used to treat depression, migraine,
blood pressure, and diabetes can cause weight gains
as drastic as ten pounds a month! Other acidic
medications, such as steroids and oral contraceptives,
can also cause weight gain as the body uses fat as
a buffer for acidic drugs. If you’ve had weight gain
with no change in lifestyle, check your medication
and talk to your doctor. You may want to consider
a more alkaline lifestyle and diet.

4. Lack of Alkaline Hydration. The body needs water
and the right kind of water to flush acidic waste
products from diet and metabolism. If the body
is not receiving adequate alkaline hydration acids
cannot be eliminated and are therefore stored into
the fatty acids. The body will also retain fat from
the diet to store excess acids from lifestyle and
diet not being eliminated because of a lack of
alkaline water consumption. You may want to
consider increasing your alkaline water consumption
to 1 liter per 30 pounds of weight to begin
detoxing the body of excess acidity.

To learn more about losing dietary and metabolic
acids retained by the fat of the body or in the
connective tissues causing obesity and symptoms
of fibromyalgia dread The pH Miracle for Weight
Loss by Dr. Robert and Shelley Young.

According to Dr. Robert O. Young, a research
scientist from the pH Miracle Living Center
states, “fat is not the problem with over or
underweight – it is the acidic waste products
from our lifestyle and diet. The body retains
fat to park excess acids away from the organs
that sustain life. Therefore, the retention of
fat on the body is a natural protection mechanism
to sustain and preserve life. If one is overweight
or underweight then the treatment is simple – get
off the acidic lifestyle and diet and the body
will naturally and easily lose all the excess
weight or start gaining healthy weight. It is
important to remember that the only cause of
excess weight or underweight is an acidic
lifestyle and diet.”

One thought on “Acids Are The Cause of Overweight and Underweight”

  1. Hello Dr. Young,In your book “pH Miracle for weight loss” you have before and after photos of a woman that lost 90 lbs in 90 days. I was wondering, in addition to strictly following your nutrition and supplementation program, how much exercise did this woman do and what type (aerobic, strength training, etc) did she use?Thank you Sir.Stuart.


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