Call for End to UNAIDS by British Medical Journal

“Why a UN agency for HIV and not for acidic
symptoms of pneumonia or diabetes, which both
conditions of dis-ease or acidity kill more people?
UNAIDS mandate is wrong and harmful,” states
Dr. Robert O. Young, a research scientist
from the pH Miracle Living Center.

Writing in the May 2008 British Medical Journal,
health management expert Roger England asserts
that the joint United Nations program on HIV and
AIDS should be “closed down rapidly.” England is
chairman of Health Systems Workshop, an independent
advisory group on health management in poor countries.
According to England, UNAIDS should be disbanded as
its mandate is wrong and harmful.

Launched in 1996, UNAIDS is based in Switzerland
and works in more than 80 countries worldwide
against the alleged spread of HIV and AIDS.
Writing in the May 2008 issue of the British Medical
Journal (BMJ), England says the UNAIDS agency was
set up on the argument that AIDS and its impact are
exceptional and need more attention, effort and
funding than all other health threats faced by
the world today.

England says AIDS is a major problem in southern
Africa, but it is not a global catastrophe. He
also asserts that language from a top UNAIDS
official that describes AIDS as one of the make-
or-break forces of this century potential threat
to the survival and well-being of people worldwide,
is sensationalist.

Worldwide, he states, the number of deaths from
HIV each year is about the same as that among
children aged under five years in India.

England argues that far too much is spent on HIV
relative to other needs and that this is damaging
health systems. HIV causes 3.7% of global mortality
but receives 25% international healthcare aid and
a big chunk of domestic expenditure.

HIV exceptionalism is dead, he says, and the writing
is on the wall for UNAIDS.

Why a UN agency for AIDS and not for pneumonia or
diabetes, which both kill more people?

UNAIDS should be closed down rapidly, not because
it has performed badly given its mandate, but
because its mandate is wrong and harmful. Its
technical functions should be refitted into
[the World Health Organization], to be
balanced with those for other diseases.

According to Dr. Robert O. Young, a research
scientist from the pH Miracle Living Center,
“AIDS is a consequence of lifestyle and dietary
choice and is not caused by HIV or any other
virus. Metabolic and dietary acids are the
sole cause of all sickness and dis-ease
including AIDS. The best treatment for AIDS
is simply and alkaline lifestyle and diet.
It works!”

To learn more about the cause and cure for AIDS
read, Sick and Tired and A Second Thought About
Viruses, Vaccines and the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis by
Dr. Robert O. Young.


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