Dr. Robert O. Youngs’ Cancer Research Validated by British Scientific Study

“A new MRI technique using sodium bicarbonate could
detect a cancerous condition before tumor formation
or tissue degeneration. This experimental alkalizing
test measures tissue acidity and could gauge if
medical or natural treatments are actually working,”
according to Dr. Robert O. Young, a research scientist
at the pH Miracle Living Center.

A new imaging technique that relies on naturally
occurring baking soda or sodium bicarbonate
in the body could help pinpoint a cancerous condition
earlier and quickly gauge if treatments are working,
British researchers said on Wednesday.

The non-invasive method uses magnetic resonance
imaging to measure changes in alkaline pH — or acidity —
in tissue that is often the hallmark of a cancerous
condition and other conditions such as heart dis-ease
and strokes, said Kevin Brindle of the University of
Cambridge, who led the study.

Currently there are no safe ways to measure tissue pH
levels in humans but doing so is important because
tumors, for example, are far more acidic than surrounding

According to Dr. Young, “the urine pH is a simple and
an inexpensive way to determine the acid/alkaline pH
of the body tissues. When the morning urine pH is
below 7.2 this indicates tissue acidosis and a
potential for a cancerous condition in the body

“You are imaging not just tissue structure but tissue
function,” said Brindle, whose study is published in
the journal Nature. “We wanted to measure tissue pH,
which is a surrogate for dis-ease.”

“Disease is the expression of an over-acidic body.”
states Dr. Young

The researchers injected mice with a tagged form of
sodium bicarbonate — an alkali more commonly seen in
baking soda — that occurs naturally in the body and
balances acidity of the body, Brindle said.

They used MRI to see how much of the tagged sodium
bicarbonate was converted into carbon dioxide within
the tumor. In more acidic tumors, more bicarbonate
is converted into carbon dioxide.

“The body tissues use sodium bicarbonate as a primary
buffer to maintain the natural alkaline design of the
tissues and to prevent degeneration of that specific
tissue,” states Dr. Young.

The researchers measured pH levels using an emerging
technique called dynamic nuclear polarization that
boosts MRI sensitivity more than 10,000 times.

The method developed by GE’s GE Healthcare unit
involves cooling down molecules to near absolute zero
and then warming them up quickly — a process that
keeps them polarized and easier to detect as an

“MRI can pick up on the abnormal acidic pH levels found
in cancerous tissues and it is possible that this could
be used to pinpoint where the disease is present and
when it is responding to treatment,” Brindle said.

The next step is testing the technique in humans in
early stage clinical trials expected to start in 2009,
he added in a telephone interview.

According Dr. Young, “hyper-alkalization of the body
tissues with sodium bicarbonate is the safest and most
effective and natural way of reversing ANY cancerous

To learn more about hyper-alklization of the body
tissues and preventing or reversing a cancerous
condition listen to The pH Miracle for Cancer.


The pH Miracle for Cancer by Dr. Robert O. Young

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