The Safety of Cell Phones and Senator Kennedy’s Brain Cancer

Senator Ted Kennedy’s diagnosis of a malignant or
an acidic brain tumor is, once again, stirring
debate over the safety of cell phones. Kennedy’s
brain tumor, called a glioma, is the type critics
have associated for years with the use of cell phones.

Prominent neurosurgeons have stated they do not use
cell phones held next to their ears. “I use it on
the speaker-phone mode,” said Dr. Vini Khurana, a
prominent researcher and an associate professor of
neurosurgery at the Australian National University.
“I do not hold it to my ear.” Dr. Sanjay Gupta,
CNN’s chief medical correspondent and a neurosurgeon
at Emory University Hospital admitted that, he too,
used an ear piece.

CTIA — the Wireless Association and the FDA both
say that studies show cell phones are not a health
risk. Other experts disagree. They point to research
that indicates a link between cell phones and three
types of tumors: glioma (the type Senator Kennedy has);
cancer of a salivary gland near the ear called the
parotid; and acoustic neuroma, which is a tumor
found near the ear. An Israeli study published last
year found a 58 percent increase in risk for parotid
tumors among people who relied heavily on their cell
phones. And a Swedish study found the risk for
glioma and acoustic neuroma doubled after ten years
of heavy use.

Since cell phones are relatively new, there hasn’t
been a chance for long-term studies that will settle
the question of whether there is truly a link between
cell phone use and brain tumors. Some critics express
particular concern for children who begin using cell
phones as kids and continue throughout their lives.
“More and more kids are using cell phones,” said
Dr. Paul Rosch, clinical professor of medicine and
psychiatry at New York Medical College. “They may be
much more affected. Their brains are growing rapidly
and their skulls are thinner.”

Dr. Khurana admits that cell phones are convenient
and can save lives in an emergency, but he says
that “there is a significant and increasing body of
evidence for a link between mobile phone usage and
certain brain tumors,” adding that malignant brain
tumors are “a life-ending diagnosis.

“It is anticipated that this danger has far broader
public health ramifications than asbestos and smoking,”
he said.

Dr. Robert O. Young, a research scientist from the
pH Miracle Living Center states, “all cell
phones emit electro/magnetic fields that can be
harmful to the blood and tissues. There are two
fields that are emitted from electrical appliances
or cell phones – an electrical field and a magnetic
field. The magnetic field is the most dangerous and
damaging to body cells. The Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) has stated that magnetic fields in
excess of 3 milligause or mG are harmful to humans.”

“My research indicates that all remote or cell phones
emit in excess of 3 mG with most remote and cell
phones emitting in excess of 50 mG and some over
100 mG. The company offering the best service with
the lowest electro/magnetic field is Verizon with
an mG less then 5 mG within 3 inches of the cell
phone and 0 mG when the cell phone is held 12 inches

Dr. Young also recommends, “that you protect yourself
from harmful electro/magnetic fields by sitting
at least 10 feet away from a television, 2 to 3 feet
from a computer screen, avoid using a hair dryer which
gives off over 20,000 mG,(If you use a hair dryer then
use an extension tube. Do not hold the hair dryer
next to your head. The hair dryer emits over 20,000 mG
and is one of the most acidic appliances ever
created by man) live far away from power stations and
lines, and do not drive an electric car which emits
over 150 mG to 300 mG in the driver seat. (Electric
cars may not emit visible pollution but they do
emit an invisible pollution that may cause sickness
and dis-ease).”

“The electro/magnetic field may be the most dangerous
form of invisible acidic pollution ever created by
man,” states Dr. Robert O. Young

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