Six New Dr. Young Formulations for Preventing or Reversing Type I and Type II Diabetes

“The symptom of diabetes and its complications
have become the fifth-leading cause of death in
the United States. Those doing diabetics are two
to four times more likely to either die of an
acidic heart attack or experience a stroke, and
cardiovascular dis-ease is the cause of death in
80% of diabetics who die prematurely. The dietary
and metabolic acids that cause diabetes are also the
primary acid that cause of kidney dis-ease,” states
Dr. Robert O. Young, a research scientist at the
pH Miracle Living Center

The good news is there are nutritional supplements
that can help you lower your blood acid or sugar
safely and naturally. Let’s take a look at several
known to help buffer the acids that cause diabetes:

1) CoQ10. CoQ10 has been shown to lower blood acid
glucose in diabetics by 30%. It also cuts the acidic
ketone bodies (potentially poisonous acids produced
by the body when metabolizing fats for energy) as
much as 30% to 59%. CoQ10 increases cellular energy,
is an antioxidant, reduces toxic acid levels in cells
and protects the heart and brain against dietary and
metabolic acids.

2) Chromium. When chromium levels are low, HDL levels
fall, insulin resistance develops and triglycerides
and total cholesterol both rise.

Chromium supplementation has been shown to improve
insulin receptor function. Studies indicate acidic
glycation byproducts (hemoglobin A1c) were reduced,
total cholesterol fell and the acid glucose returns
to normal in most people who took chromium. Other
phytonutrients known to have beneficial effects include
Panax ginseng, silymarin (milk thistle), l-Tyrosine,
Garcinia Cambogie, and cinnamon extract. A special
compound made from cinnamon called methylhydroxy
chalcone polymer has great potential for buffering
the acids that cause diabetes.

Dr. Young has created a formulation that combines HCA,
Chromium, and L-Tyrosine to curb appetite, reduce the
sugar acid and the cravings for sugar acid and cuts body
fat storage. HCA (Hydroxic citric acid) is an herbal
extract of the fruit of the Garcinia Cambogie plant.
A portion of the molecular structure of HCA categorizes
it as an acid. However, because of its abundance in
calcium salt, HCA is alkaline. This allows HCA the
ability to reduce body fat by reducing excess acidity,
thus inhibiting lypogenesis – the process by which
the body produces and stores fat used to bind acid.
Overall, HCA can help cut body fat storage by 75%.
As the acid and fat decrease, energy once used to
neutralize acidity is converted to energy for the
body. Cravings produced by acid overgrowth will
also diminish, curbing over-active appetites. The
mineral chromium is a co-factor that facilitates the
binding of insulin to the acid glucose and thus reduces
blood sugar acid levels. The amino acid L-Tyrosine is
a precursor for three major neurotransmitters,
generally out of balance in an overweight person.
L-Tyrosine helps the neurotransmitters signal the
brain to turn off the appetite. This will regulate
food intake, balancing metabolic rate, body fat
content and the blood sugar acid levels.

3) Omega-5 fatty acids. The ability of omega-5 oil to
lower the risk of stroke and heart attacks is well-known.
But it also possesses one other interesting property
that applies especially to diabetes: Omega-5 fats convert
the harmful very low-density lipoproteins (VLDL)
into LDL.

4) Aged garlic extract. Garlic extract improves the
alkaline terrain and also increases HDL cholesterol
while lowering total cholesterol.

5) Flavonoids. Diabetics are acidic, and flavonoids
from antioxidant fruits and vegetables are potent
acid neutralizers. Quercetin, hesperidin, curcumin,
luteolin, proanthocyanidin, naringenin, catechins
and artichoke extract are among those found to be

6) R-lipoic with R-Dihydrolipoic and C0-Q-10. R-lipoic,
R-Dihydrolipoic and CoQ10 are three of the strongest
and most versatile antioxidants in the body. They
exist in our every cell and tissue and are very
effective in lowering blood sugar acid and preventing
acidic diabetic complications — especially cardiovascular
and neurological problems. They also strengthen
immunity, improve energy in cells, protect brain
cells against neurotoxicity and removes excess heavy
metals, like mercury.

A number of studies have shown that they can correct
blood sugar acid in type-2 diabetics and improve or
even eliminate insulin need in insulin-dependent

Look for the release of this new synergistic
formulation of R-Lipoic, R-Dehydrolipoic and CoQ10
in the next 30 days.

For more details on how to lower your blood sugar
acid safely and naturally, read the best selling
“pH Miracle for Diabetes” by Dr. Robert and Shelley

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