Hot Rocks Lymphatic Massage DVD and Massage Oil

As the perfect compliment to an Alkavorian(TM)
Lifestyle, Hot Rocks Lymphatic Massage(TM) accelerates
the elimination of acidic wastes and residues from
the blood and tissues. One hour of effective Hot
Rocks Lymphatic massage through proper strokes
(going toward the heart) and short, pressured,
lymphatic pumps can move as much lymph fluid
through the body as a sedentary person can move on
their own in 24 hours.

Using the hot stones along with the lymphatic strokes
sends penetrating heat into the muscles, increasing
circulation and fresh oxygen. Therapeutic Hot Rocks
Lymphatic Massage is extremely soothing and takes the
body to a deeply relaxed state. Long flowing strokes
going in the same direction as the one way lymph valves
assures new lymph plasma replacing old lymph plasma,
creating a cleansing effect and a refreshment to the
body. Acidic fluids are then, not allowed to linger
in joints and connective tissues causing inflammation.

This type of massage can leave a person feeling more
rested, revived, more limber, and more energetic.
Also noted are greater sense of well being, heightened
emotional balance, less depression and mood swings,
hormonal balancing, and natural appetite control.

The massage can enhance any weight loss or fitness
program, and is ideally used for cellulite reduction.
The massage should be experienced at least once a week,
and even better twice or three times a week, depending
on each individuals condition.

The Hot Rocks Lymphatic Massage(TM) is ideal for aiding
in eliminating symptoms of conditions such as arthritis,
carpel tunnel syndrome, lupus, chronic fatigue, headaches,
and fibromyalgia, just to name a few.

The pH Miracle Center announces the release of their new
Hot Rocks Lymphatic Massage DVD with Shelley Redford
Young LMT, performing a complete Hot Rocks Lymphatic
Massage(TM) on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii.
Also included on the DVD is a complete overview
Power Point presentation on the Lymphatic System
of the body. Currently the DVD is being offered with
an accompanying bottle of pH Miracle Young pHorever
Lymphatic Massage Oil(TM) including cinnamon to help
increase circulation and make this unique massage
even more pleasurable. The Hot Rocks Lymphatic Massage(TM)
is the same massage offered at all pH Miracle Retreats
held in Valley Center, Ca.

This DVD is designed to train licensed massage
therapists on the proper procedure of the Hot Rocks
Lymphatic Massage(TM), while also offering educational
material on the Lymphatic System. This is a tool
that anyone can give to their existing licensed
massage therapist, when requesting this type of
massage to be done.

Call the pH Miracle Center at 760-751-8321 to order
your Hot Rocks Lymphatic Massage(TM) DVD with your free
bottle of pH Miracle Young pHorever Massage Oil(TM)

You can also order on line at:

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