Seven Dirty Words To Die or Live By

If there’s something positive about the death of
celebrities, it’s that they create opportunities
to educate the average Jane and Joe Public about
how an acidic lifestyle and diet causes dis-ease
and disease that also affect them.

In the recent cases of the great, beloved journalist
Tim Russert and the iconic, counterculture comedian
George Carlin, there is a window of opportunity to
let people know about the risks of an acidic lifesytle
and diet and how it causes heart dis-ease, which
remains the nation’s No. 1 symptom of men and women,
and what they can do to prevent it.

“As a country, we need to change our focus to
prevention of dis-ease and disease by increasing
research funding for how lifestyle and diet is
the true cause of atherosclerosis, stroke, heart
and other disease symptomologies,” states
Dr. Robert O. Young, of the pH Miracle Living
Research Center.

“Advances in heart research and changes in the way
physicians manage heart disease have turned it into a
chronic illness. Modern acidic therapies, such as
statin drugs and acidic aspirin, have increased not
decreased the risk for atherosclerosis, stroke and
acidic heart attacks, ” states Dr. Young

That includes Russert, who was being treated for
heart disease. He would have wanted us to debate
heart disease, to bring it out into the open for
full disclosure, to go on record, and then to go
back and vote for change.

“Did Russert work too much? Yes. Did he have an
acidic diet? Yes. Could anything have been done
to prevent his fatal acidic heart attack? Absolutely!
A cucumber a day instead of statin drugs and
aspirin, would have been the right choice.
Maintaining the alkaline design of the body is
the only treatment for preventing atherosclerosis,
stroke and heart attacks,” states Dr. Young

Carlin, who had multiple acidic heart attacks and
certainly would have benefited from an alkaline
lifestyle and diet, once said “death is caused by
swallowing small amounts of saliva over a long
period of time.”

“Unfortunately Carlin was dead wrong about what
causes death. The problem is not swallowing saliva.
The problem is swallowing acidic saliva at a pH less
then 6.8 caused by an acidic lifestyle and diet.
A person does not die from a stroke or a heart attack.
A person dies from acidic lifestyle and dietary choices
that lead up to the stroke or the heart attack. The
truth is the stroke or the heart attack is a consequence
of daily lifestyle and dietary choice! You don’t get
a heart attack – you have to do it with your thoughts,
your words and your deeds.” states Dr. Young.

Some of us were dealt a genetic hand with weak hearts
in spades. Family history or should we say family acidic
lifestyles and diets, in fact, is the largest
risk factor for heart dis-ease and disease.

Even then, we can live longer, healthier lives by
adjusting to an alkaline lifestyle and diet which
can prevent ALL sickness and dis-ease or disease.

In a fashion that might make Carlin smile, here are
seven dirty words about acidic heart disease:

1) Diet — acidic dairy, acidic animal proteins, coffee,
tea, vinegar, soy sauce, soft drinks, alcohol, all
sugar, including high sugar fruits and sugar substitutes
are all acid forming in the body and are known to
contribute to weaken blood vessels and the heart muscle
that leads to stroke and heart dis-ease.

2) Genetics — African Americans, Hispanics, native
Americans all have higher rates of high blood pressure
and heart disease. Most genetic weakness is triggered
by an acidic lifestyle and diet. Get off your acidic
lifestyle and diet and the genetics is no longer a

3) Stress — working too much, dramatic personal lives,
worrying, depression are all acidic contributing lifestyle
factors, also feeding acid forming stress with too much
alcohol and other acidic drugs. (Carlin reportedly
went through drug and alcohol rehab in 2004)

4) Smoking — the acids in smoke are sugar and nicotine
which constricts blood vessels and strains the heart
and lungs leading to stroke and heart dis-ease.

5) Inactivity — the heart is a muscle that needs to
be exercised to move out metabolic acids that break it
down; even moderate activity is helpful, and losing
10 pounds of acid can reduce your cardiac risk. My
best advise is get off your pHat acid and go to health
with one hour of daily exercise.

6) High blood pressure (over 160/90 – ideal is less then
140/80) with a high pulse rate (over 80 beats a minute –
ideal is less then 70 beats per minute) — leads to
undue acidic stress on a variety of organs, including
the heart; combined with other acidic risk factors it
increases the chance of an acidic stroke or heart
attack by over 300%.

7) Denial — saying “it won’t happen to me,” without
changing your acidic lifestyle and diet to an
alkaline lifestyle and diet guarantees you won’t see a
decrease in your risk for a stroke or heart attack.

“I can debate it all day, but there’s nothing funny
about a stroke or a heart disease caused by an acidic
lifestyle and diet. We have had two perfect examples
this week,” states Dr. Young.

“If these seven dirty words about stroke or heart
dis-ease and disease ring true for you, then read
the pH Miracle for Weight Loss. It’s not too late
to do something that will decrease your risk of
dying prematurely from an acidic stroke or heart
attack, and improve and prolong your life with
an alkaline lifestyle and diet. In fact, these
seven dirty words of advise also apply to ALL
sickness, dis-ease and disease including cancer,
diabetes, MS, Parkinson’s, osteoporosis, just to
name few,” states Dr. Young

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